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Now is the right time to compare prices and take advantage of the cheapest electricity Queensland offers. Retailers entice customers with incentives, cheap energy deals and special rates, and the free GoSwitch comparison service is the sure way to secure a better deal for your home and lifestyle.

Compare Electricity in Queensland

It has never been easier to compare the plans of energy providers in Queensland. With GoSwitch, a search of your local postcode will locate competitive electricity retailers in your area, plus detailed information about the various energy deals on offer. You can then refine your search for a personalised energy plan, all from the comfort of your own home. Here are some initial considerations.

  • Ensure the new plan will save you money by comparing the conditions, costs, and benefits
  • Understand all conditions related to discounts and incentives
  • Check for various bill payment options
  • Check for exit fees and other charges
  • Check for time-of-use savings and bundle deals
  • Examine your contract periodically to remain informed about money-saving opportunities
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How Electricity works in Queensland

Electricity prices in Brisbane and South-East Queensland are overseen by the Australian Energy Regulator. However, the deregulated energy market means retailers compete strongly for their share of business, and customers are the big winners.

Energy users are free to choose their retailer. People living in highly populated areas such as the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast have a number of retailers to choose from, including GoSwitch partners AGL, Energy Australia, and others. Australians are people on the move, so if you are looking for a new provider or electricity market advantages, make a savvy start to your search using the handy GoSwitch energy price comparison service.

Compare electricity providers with GoSwitch

It takes only a few minutes to compare providers with GoSwitch. Our powerful search engine does the math for you to discover great power deals in Brisbane and regional Queensland. Here is how it works.

  1. Enter your postcode
  2. Enter if you use solar panels for feed-in tariffs
  3. State your preference for electricity, gas, or bundle deals
  4. Select your property type (home or small business)
  5. Select an energy usage profile for your home

The GoSwitch system uses this information to locate energy deals in your local area. GoSwitch works in real-time to inform you of the latest incentives and advantages from highly competitive energy retailers. If you are ready to switch retailers, your GoSwitch service assistant can guide you every step of the way. Our service to you is 100% free, and the savings are all yours to keep.

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What are electricity tariffs?

‘Tariff’ is another word for charge (cost). Energy distributors and retailers offer a range of usage charges and rates. Electricity tariffs can include:

  • Supply charge from regional distribution networks
  • Usage charges: peak, shoulder, and off-peak electricity rates
  • Controlled load tariffs for independent appliances such as a water heater
  • Single rate tariff for 24/7 certainty of energy usage
  • Solar power feed-in tariff for a power-grid refund

Tariffs are not the only costs associated with your bill. There are a lot more ways GoSwitch can help you refine your search and save on energy bills.

Moving house

Moving house is a busy time, and things can get stressful. Fortunately, energy companies understand the equation, offering same-day connection at your new residence. You should first find out if electricity, gas, or solar is presently connected. Check also to see if there is a smart meter installed so you can take advantage of flexible electricity usage savings.

If your move includes changing to a new electricity or Brisbane gas retailer, you will need to make sure all outstanding energy bills are paid. This doesn’t include your present billing cycle. With the coordination of service providers overseen by expert GoSwitch assistance, you will appreciate a comfortable and powered-up new home from the moment you move in.

Connect Electricity to Your New Home

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Tips when choosing a electricity retailer

A lot of electricity retailers boast of the cheapest electricity in Queensland, but a value-added personalised plan is often the better option. Here are a few questions worth asking your provider.

  • Are discounts for the duration of the plan, or just as a sign-on incentive?
  • Are there plans with no exit fees?
  • Can I bundle electricity, gas, and internet together?
  • Can I use the same plan when I move house?
  • Can I use solar panels for feed-in tariffs?
  • Can I claim rebates?
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Understanding Solar Energy and power

Solar energy and Queensland are a perfect match. The Sunshine State boasts the ideal climate for optimising solar energy power generation, and the Government is on board with plans for renewable energy alternatives. Solar power is a supplemental power source on the rise, with lots of advantages.

  • Money-saving: Apart from the installation cost, solar power is free energy for your home, with lower ongoing power bills.
  • Reliability: Queensland has reliable sunshine and a warm climate that is perfect for solar panel efficiency.
  • Security: Sunlight is for everyone, and solar panels on your roof are efficient harvesters of solar energy.
  • Value: Property owners and investors look for value-added home features that attract target buyers. Solar energy solutions add value to a home.
  • Feed-in tariffs: Sell excess stored electricity back to the grid and turn your solar energy solution into a profitable investment.
  • Performance: Today’s best solar units are highly efficient energy conductors. Some solar panels perform at close to 100% capacity for years of reliable service.
  • Renewable: Solar power is environmentally friendly. This free power source can play a positive role in the reduction of harmful emissions.
  • Government incentives: Queensland and Australian governments offer financial incentives for the installation and use of solar panels in the home.
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Electricity concessions

Electricity bills continue to rise. Fortunately, there are a range of concessions and rebates available for retirees and those on lower incomes. If energy bills are stressing you out, explore the rebates offered by GoSwitch retailer partners. Rebates and concessions can include:

  • Low-income household rebate
  • Family energy rebate
  • Seniors energy rebate (seniors discount)
  • Gas rebate
  • Life support rebate

Small savings add up, and rebates are one more way GoSwitch can help you tailor a plan that suits your style and budget.

Smart meters

There are different ways you can be charged for the gas or electricity you use. A smart meter provides flexible time-of-use electricity billing options. Your power usage is calculated periodically, with the tariff (charge) appearing on your bill. Here are the most common electricity and gas meter types.

  • Accumulation meters: Also called flat-rate meters, this type of meter keeps track of your total electricity or gas usage.
  • Interval meters: these meters record how much power is used every 30 minutes. Different energy tariffs can apply at different times of the day or night.
  • Smart meters: Information recorded and relayed includes energy consumption, voltage levels, power factor and current. Smart meters send energy usage information directly to your retailer.
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Energy Providers in Australia

Finding the best energy deal with GoSwitch

The best energy deal is the one that suits you. GoSwitch is the go-to energy price comparison service in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and other Australian regions, so you can have confidence in your electricity deal. GoSwitch partners include:

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Compare energy rates and plans in three simple steps

We take the stress out of energy deals at GoSwitch. There’s no need to spend days aimlessly searching through the fine print when you can appreciate immediate energy plan results, plus the opportunity to refine your search. Here are the simple steps to take with GoSwitch.

  1.  Energy usage profile: Start by making a GoSwitch energy usage profile.
  • The type of home you live in
  • The postcode of your home
  • The appliances you use, and when you use them
  • The number of people living at the residence
  • The type of household: busy or quiet?
  1. Check the details: You will be provided with a range of plans that may suit your household. Check the details and compare the most competitive rates.
  2. Accept an offer: If you are satisfied with the cheapest electricity rates or a new residential customer offer, we can take care of the switch on your behalf, at zero cost to you.

GoSwitch earns a commission from retailers when we establish new electricity deals. Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction, and we are in the business of finding the cheapest electricity in Queensland including in Sunshine Coast for you.

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Features to look for in your next energy plan

Electricity comparison isn’t difficult with GoSwitch. Our search tool identifies contract features and compares them against competing plans. We examine the fine details in order to provide the big picture, and the opportunity for you to save hundreds of dollars annually. If features such as lower usage rates, reference price discounts, time-of-use saver options, no exit fees, and direct debit payment discounts are your thing, GoSwitch can make it happen.

How to reduce your bill

The most important step in reducing your bill is to choose the right electricity plan for your home and lifestyle. The free GoSwitch power comparison tool will show you the plans from some of Australia’s leading energy retailers. Additional ways to cut energy costs include:

  • Use insulation in the ceiling, floor cavity, and walls of your home
  • Install insulated glazing on windows, or use curtains to control heat entering the home
  • Turn off lights, appliances, and power points when not in use
  • Install LED lightbulbs wherever possible
  • Check your water cylinder occasionally to make sure it is heating efficiently
  • Keep your home dry and free from dangerous mould or mildew
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Does switching cost you money?

Switching with GoSwitch is designed to save you money. It is as easy as comparing the pricing of your current retailer with the offers of competing retailers. There is zero cost for using the GoSwitch service, and you can even speak with an energy specialist to ensure you are getting a great deal.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Electricity In Queensland

The number of electricity suppliers in Queensland is growing, and they are all aiming to be the cheapest. However, there are lots of ways apart from the market offer for streamlining you energy contract, and the cheapest may not be the best for you. At GoSwitch, we help you tailor a plan that suits your style.

This will depend on your location, electricity distributor, and other factors. Queensland is a huge state, and electricity is first distributed by major networks overseen by Ergon Energy, Energex and other companies. The high voltage power is then transformed into mains electricity, with energy plans offered by local retailers. Partner with the best by using the GoSwitch price comparison service.

The cheapest deals change week to week. It’s a far better idea to connect with trusted and well-known providers such as Energy Australia, Dodo, and AGL. GoSwitch partners are chosen based on price, service, and customer satisfaction.

Let GoSwitch take the weight off your mind by doing the comparison for you. Our service is free, and the new contract decisions are all yours, but we guarantee to save you time on your search, with the potential for big savings with a better Queensland electricity plan.