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An electricity and gas price comparison search is fast and easy with GoSwitch. Compare Dodo power and gas plans with other leading retailers to find competitive energy rates for your home or small business.

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About Dodo Power And Gas

Dodo Power and Gas combine as one of Australia’s largest energy providers. As a leading retailer, Dodo is fully integrated into generation, distribution and retailing.

Dodo Power and Gas diversification include energy products such as heating, cooling and hot water solutions. Dodo is also one of Australia’s largest green energy retailers, so consider renewable energy when choosing a new energy plan.

Dodo Power and Gas regularly update customers regarding the latest energy plans. You can compare them with other retailers in the market using the handy GoSwitch search feature to ensure you are on a competitive plan.

Service Areas of Dodo Power And Gas
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Dodo Plans

Dodo energy and gas plans are in demand in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and other Australian regions. The pricing is right, the service is reliable, and Dodo offers a range of ways to save on gas and electricity bills. Begin personalising your Dodo plan with features that include:

  • No lock-in contracts
  • Flexible payment options
  • No disruption to your service
  • No exit fees
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Finding your best Dodo plan

Dodo is a major energy retailer. Dodo offers competitive internet plans for customers in Melbourne, Sydney, South-East Queensland, and other areas along with electricity and gas. In fact, by combining electricity, gas, and internet with Dodo, you are guaranteed significant monthly savings.
The many Dodo plans provide lots of options for tailoring your home or small business energy usage. The first step is to compare plans in your local area using the GoSwitch search engine. Simply type in your postcode and get your real-time energy usage search started.

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Comparing Power with Dodo rates and plans by state and territory

Australians move a lot, so it’s good to know you can take Dodo power & gas with you to a new home in another state. GoSwitch partners with some of Australia’s leading energy providers, and Dodo always ranks close to the top in any gas and electricity usage search in:

  • NSW
  • QLD
  • SA
  • VIC

Compare Dodo value against the market offer and competing energy prices, and don’t forget Dodo internet service to secure an even better deal.

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Dodo Electricity plans

GoSwitch takes every electricity plan saving opportunity into consideration before offering you choices from the best available deals. For example, we understand Dodo electricity usage options that can be personalised for your style of household, such as:

Low electricity usage: Suitable for a solo person who spends most nights and weekends at home and uses one washer/dryer load per week.

Medium electricity usage: A good contract for 2-3 people who do up to 4 loads of washing per week and are at home some nights and weekends.

High electricity usage: Most commonly for 4+ member households where appliances are used often and someone is usually home.

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Dodo electricity prices

The electricity or gas plan you choose will naturally affect your energy bill. Residential customers take advantage of Dodo incentives in lots of ways, including:

  • Flexible time-of-use tariffs: peak, shoulder, and off-peak
  • Direct debit and credit card payment options
  • Greenpower renewable energy
  • Special one-time discounts
  • Competitive supply charges
  • Contactable over the phone on business days
  • Easily switch to alternative Dodo plans
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Dodo Power and Gas rates

Energy usage naturally fluctuates during the year as heating and cooling appliances are utilized. It makes sense to include both gas and electricity in the equation, so you can take advantage of each energy source’s strengths. Whether you appreciate gas oven home-cooked meals in winter, or a blast of chill air to cool down on a hot summer afternoon, Dodo puts the power in your hands.

Average monthly electricity rates in Sydney, for example, are just under $120 per month. Gas rates are close to $57 per month. Take advantage of incentives for combining gas and electricity in a bundle deal, and use energy your way.

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Dodo natural gas

Natural gas is a huge resource in Australia, and Dodo connects with the supply and delivery network every step of the way. Natural gas basic plan information with Dodo includes step-down supply charges for people who use more gas. Make sure to use our comparison search tool to find out if natural gas is available in your neighbourhood.

It is normal for summer and winter usage charges to vary markedly, although the cost of gas compares favourably with electricity for household and small business consumption. The opportunity to combine gas, electricity, and internet on a single invoice is another reason people are switching to Dodo.

Renewable Energy

Everyone is looking for renewable energy advantages. From governments and industry to energy providers and users, we all have an opportunity to correct the fossil fuel imbalance. By including energy from renewable sources as part of your billing equation, you are helping to give back to the planet as part of the sustainable solution.

Solar power energy plans
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Is Dodo right for you?

At GoSwitch, we allow you to compare plans from several energy providers. Our reputation is built on your satisfaction, so we want you to be comfortable and satisfied with your new energy contract. Dodo is a trusted retailer of electricity, gas, and broadband services, in partnership with major Australian companies such as Energex and Vocus.

Getting connected

With Dodo, getting connected may be as simple as upgrading your present Dodo contract. Dodo makes it easy to remain informed and updated regarding special offers and the latest deals. With a little coordination of services and suppliers, you can have gas and electricity connected at your new home the moment you walk in the door.

If you are moving house, and connecting for the first time with Dodo, take advantage of the convenient GoSwitch service. You can even speak with a call centre energy specialist who will guide you every step of the way. Get a better energy deal safely, securely, and profitably with GoSwitch.

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Why use GoSwitch

GoSwitch is an energy industry specialist. We are Australia’s favourite energy price comparison service, and the GoSwitch search engine is used by countless Australians to save money on annual power bills. If you are less than impressed with your current plan or are looking for a better deal, you have come to the right place at GoSwitch.

At GoSwitch, we constantly monitor available energy deals. Our industry reputation for success allows us to negotiate exclusive deals with highly regarded energy suppliers, and the savings are all yours to keep. We take all tariffs, rebates, discounts and incentives into consideration, so you get the right deal for your home and lifestyle.

FAQs about Dodo Gas and Power Gas Plans

In a deregulated energy market where people make their own decisions, so many faithful Dodo customers couldn’t be wrong. Dodo continually presents innovative incentives and special deals for new contracts, while older energy users are also treated to money-saving choices for long-term service provider satisfaction.

GoSwitch lets you make that decision. Every household and small business is different, requiring tailored energy usage solutions for optimum savings. Dodo pricing is consistently well below the NSW and Victorian default offer, and with many contract variations available for electricity, gas, and internet, Dodo is extremely popular.

There is no ‘always’ best energy plan, although there is an energy plan out there that is best for you. With GoSwitch on your side, finding the right plan is fast, convenient, and performed in real-time so you can take advantage of the latest deals, savings, and incentives. Before searching, it’s worth asking yourself a few questions about:

  • The type of dwelling you live in
  • The size of your home
  • The number of household residents
  • The way your home is used: quiet, busy, variable?
  • The times you and other family members are home
  • The availability of a smart meter, natural gas, and broadband connections

Initially solely an internet service provider, Dodo has since taken the Australian energy market by surprise with highly competitive electricity, gas, and bundle energy deals. Dodo is a fully owned subsidiary of Vocus Communications and is based in Melbourne.