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Comparing electricity providers in Victoria has never been easier than with GoSwitch. Electricity travels from power stations to suppliers and energy retailers before reaching customers, and GoSwitch investigates every tariff, rebate and incentive available for you along the way.

Choosing from the Best Energy providers available

You will have noticed that energy in a deregulated market is highly competitive. This is a very important consideration during your search for a better value energy plan. As a safety net, the Victorian Government delivers Victorian Default Offer certainty.

However, simply by entering your postcode in a GoSwitch search, you get real-time access to the latest deals below the market offer from highly regarded energy companies. GoSwitch partners include:

  • Energy Australia : A major energy provider in South-East Australia, EnergyAustralia has assisted more than 150,000 customers in lower electricity and power bills.
  • OVO : Launched in 2009, OVO offers 100% renewable energy as standard. Appreciate carbon-neutral green energy for a healthier planet.
  • AGL : A leading energy service provider, AGL has a 184-year history of delivering gas, electricity and telecommunications services to customers across Australia.
  • Blue NRG : Blue NRG provides tailored energy services for small and medium-sized businesses. This could be the cost-effective company you are looking for.
  • Dodo : Dodo Power and Gas is a leading Australian energy provider. As a major retailer, Dodo is fully integrated with electricity, gas, and internet services.
  • 1st Energy : Since 2014, 1st Energy has been offering great power deals in Victoria and other Australian states, and the future looks bright.
  • Sumo : Sumo delivers on all fronts, such as no lock-in contracts. Proudly Australian owned, Sumo will uncover savings opportunities on your power bills.

Other reputable energy suppliers and retailers include Ausnet, Lumo, GloBird Energy, Origin Energy, Power Shop, Alinta, CovaU Energy, Diamond Energy, Red Energy, Jemena Energy, Tango Energy, United Energy, and CitiPower.

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The cheapest electricity provider for you

Now that you are familiar with the well-known electricity distributors and gas plans available, you can begin to refine the plan for your postcode. A GoSwitch search will immediately locate energy service providers in your area. Refining your plan may include:

  • Choosing fixed or time-of-use electricity rates (also called tariffs or usage charges)
  • Comparing the relative benefits of electricity and gas plans
  • Choosing a bundle gas & electricity energy deal
  • Including internet or phone services with a bundle deal

This is just the start of a GoSwitch electricity price comparison search. Our aim is to make energy affordable for you, and we investigate every means of saving you money on energy bills.

Electricity Plans – What you need to know

Australians are known to move often and are adaptable to change. However, Aussies also expect a good deal and fair price as part of the service and are always on the lookout for a better standing offer for electricity usage or gas bill savings.

If you are struggling to keep up with rising energy costs, GoSwitch is ready to help. Our service is 100% free to use and the savings are all yours to keep. Here are a few more considerations for cutting costs on electricity rates.

  • Government incentives and discounts (rebates). These include the low-income rebate.
  • One-off government energy relief concessions for vulnerable households.
  • Solar feed-in tariffs. Investigate government incentives for the installation of solar panels.
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Making Energy Affordable

GoSwitch makes energy affordable for people all around Victoria. We can also help you strike a better deal if you are moving to Victoria from NSW, Qld, the ACT, or anywhere else. We partner with electricity retailers who offer competitive energy prices and flexible contracts. If affordable energy involves making the change to a better deal, GoSwitch can make it happen for you fast and with zero fuss. Start saving straight away with GoSwitch on your side.

Your Electricity Bill – What it shows

Your electricity or gas bill will display features such as energy usage charges, peak usage charges and kilowatt per hour charges. Your bill will also contain information about:

Contract term : Retailers often offer discounts if you lock into an energy plan. However, you may benefit from a no lock-in contract.

Cooling-off period : Electricity and gas providers offer a 10-day cooling-off period in case you change your mind.

Terms and conditions : Terms and conditions can vary, and there are savings to be found. GoSwitch can assist.

Eligibility : This is important for gas deals, as natural gas may not be available at your new residence or small business.

Contract length : Savings can be found with flexible contract terms, payment schedules and other features.

Contract incentives : These may include pay-on-time discounts, direct debit payment discounts, off-peak saver discounts, and more.

Contract updates : Your energy retailer should keep you updated regarding services, usage rates, and incentives, and should be contactable online and over the phone.

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Solar power energy plans

Renewable Energy

GoSwitch energy providers such as Energy Australia, AGL and Dodo all offer hugely popular and competitive energy plans for residential customers. We also give you the opportunity to factor in renewable energy that can make a real difference to the environment. Explore GoSwitch energy plan options that offset your carbon footprint by giving directly back to a sustainable ecosystem.

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Benefits of combining gas and electricity

Around 20% of Australian homes have both electricity and gas services connected, so it makes sense to bundle your gas and electricity plan with a single energy retailer. Gas has particular advantages, such as instant hot water and targeted gas flame for personalised home comfort solutions.

In addition, with a bundle deal, all billing details are in one place for convenient reference and retrieval. Explore bundle deal options in Victoria with GoSwitch, and fine-tune your energy usage for even greater savings potential.

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Victorian Energy Providers – what they offer

At GoSwitch, we locate energy provider savings on your behalf. We look for the best electricity market offers and lots more. Here are some questions worth asking your GoSwitch consultant.

  • Are there incentives available if I stay with my current energy retailer?
  • What incentives do other retailers offer?
  • Are there conditions attached to the incentives?
  • Are the incentives available for the lifetime of the contract?
  • What happens when incentives expire?
  • Do discounts apply to the entire bill?
  • Which plan offers flexibility?
  • Does the retailer buy back solar feed-in energy?
  • Are time of use discounts included?
  • What is the Victorian Default Offer (VDO)?
  • What is the reference price?

Comparison services – How GoSwitch Can Help

Victorians are spoilt for choice when it comes to the energy market and energy provider options. From the regional centres of Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong, the border cities of Echuca, Mildura and Wodonga all the way to Melbourne, the culture and sports capital of Australia, there is an energy provider that will suit you and your household.

As in any competitive market, the ability for consumers to benefit comes from two complementary factors:

  1. Consumers must regularly review and compare their current deal with what is currently available in the market.
  2. If you find a more suitable offering: Switch.

A willingness to review and switch keeps providers striving to offer the best possible electricity arrangements to their customers. If electricity providers know customers are happy to compare and switch, they are less likely to become complacent.

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Electricity Providers In Victoria FAQs

The best electricity provider is the one that suits your household and lifestyle. In a deregulated energy market, customers get to dictate how energy is used, and can even negotiate with competing retailers for a better energy deal. GoSwitch will introduce you to the best available electricity providers for your postcode wherever you live in Victoria. Compare Victoria’s electricity providers with GoSwitch.

The cheapest energy supplier changes month-to-month, but the best energy suppliers are on your side year after year. Victorian energy is among the best value in Australia, with affordable pricing from Melbourne to the outback. GoSwitch will help you locate a power company that offers tailored electricity deals for your specific requirements.

Without needing to blow our own trumpet, GoSwitch partners are repeatedly high on the list of cheapest (best value) electricity providers in Melbourne. As a smaller state with a major population infrastructure, Victoria is the ideal location for savings on flexible rate tariffs, smart meters, and controlled load savings. GoSwitch is a Melbourne price comparison favourite for all the right reasons.

It only takes a few minutes to find some of the best electricity deals from well-known providers in your area. The GoSwitch comparison tool will save you time and money, and everything can be done online from the comfort of home.

  • Enter your postcode
  • Enter if you are using solar panels for feed-in tariffs
  • State your preference for electricity, gas, or a bundle electricity/gas deal
  • Select your property type
  • Select an energy usage profile for your household

The GoSwitch system works in real-time to inform you of the currently available energy plans in your area. If you’re not satisfied with your current energy provider and want to make a change, there are ways to take advantage of savings incentives. You can even speak with a GoSwitch energy professional who will help you personalise your energy usage plan for maximum savings.

Compare electricity suppliers in Victoria with GoSwitch.