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Compare electricity plans and energy rates in Victoria with GoSwitch to find the cheapest electricity deals available for you right now. Switching electricity providers can get you a cheaper energy deal, and GoSwitch can help you save your hard-earned money and switch plans with ease.

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There are many sensible reasons why people decide to change electricity plans or providers. For example:

  •  You move house often
  •  The dynamics of your present home have changed
  •  You lead a busy lifestyle and require multiple solutions

The next step is to compare your energy provider with other electricity solutions. GoSwitch can help you land a suitable deal.

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Cheap electricity rates Victoria

We are here to help you locate cheap electricity rates. Victoria has a deregulated electricity market, and electricity retailers do everything they can to entice new customers. Here are some electricity plan features GoSwitch can help you with.

1. Cheaper plans: By comparing leading energy companies, GoSwitch can help you locate a range of cheaper plans and offers based on your postcode.

2. Personalised plans: Energy companies and retailers offer electricity savings with lots of incentives such as:

  •  Single rate supply charge
  •  Off-peak and shoulder savings
  •  Bundle deals
  •  Solar panel feed-in tariffs

3. Bonuses: Earn a better deal with sign-up bonuses, pay-on-time savings, and low exit fees. You can combine electricity and gas, and adapt to your home in many more ways.

Australians move often, so your energy usage is bound to vary around Melbourne and Victoria. You can even compare GoSwitch deals with the Victorian Default Offer. GoSwitch also serves NSW, QLD and other States, ensuring a smooth energy transition during your next interstate move.

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Solar power energy plans

Renewable Energy – Benefits and Comparing providers

There are moves worldwide aimed at reducing our carbon footprint, and renewable energy can be a viable partner in long-term sustainability. GoSwitch can help you find energy deals that reward solar electricity feed-in tariffs and other energy-saving innovations. There is no need to be disconnected from the grid when solar feed-in tariffs are paying the bills and powering your home.

Your lifestyle preferences will also dictate energy-saving initiatives. For example, many dedicated home-chefs appreciate gas or induction cooking, while still using an electric oven. The choices are yours for adapting a new home or renovation to suit your needs, and GoSwitch can connect you with electricity providers who focus on renewable energy.

Smart Meter – What they are all about

A smart meter records information so the consumer can get clarity and convenience from electricity supply and billing. These electronic devices record information that includes consumption of electricity, current, voltage levels, power factor and more. With a smart meter, you get to manage bills without unwanted costs, or the need for a meter-reader visit.

You remain in control of bill payments by monitoring energy usage, without second-guessing. Your current home or new home may have a smart meter for a hands-on Vic energy plan.

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GoSwitch Price comparison services will outline the terms and conditions of new plans

Deregulation has led to electricity retailers in Victoria offering some of the cheapest electricity rates available in Australia. New plans for homes and small businesses are adaptable to almost any situation, and competing retailers offer special discounts and pricing deals to entice new customers.

Here are some initial considerations:

  •   Fixed supply charges from energy companies such as AusNet Services
  •   Retailers offering all-day tariffs with a user supply charge 24/7
  •   Retailers offering peak, shoulder, and off-peak electricity supply charges
  •   Discounts covering supply and usage, or usage only
  •   Length of contract and exit fees
  •  Other payment and usage discounts

Tips for saving money on your electricity bill

A smart first step is to utilise the GoSwitch energy comparison tool to find out what incentives are on offer. Simply provide your postcode, and we can commence tailoring an electricity package for you. Here are 7 questions worth asking about saving money with incentives attached to your electricity bill.

  1. Are there any incentives to stay with your present company?
  2. If there are incentives to stay, are there conditions attached?
  3. What incentives are attached to potential new contracts?
  4. Are the incentives included for the life of the contract?
  5. What happens when the incentive expires?
  6. Do incentives apply to the entire bill, or just a portion?
  7. How good is the deal compared to the market offer in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, or other Australian regions. Electricity prices fluctuate, and GoSwitch is here to help you take advantage of the changes.
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Combining Gas and Electricity – Finding the cheapest plan

It makes perfect sense to combine gas and electricity in lots of Australian homes and small businesses. Gas can heat water, run an oven and cooktop, and even refrigerate, so it is no surprise that consumers often opt for a combination of these two major power sources. GoSwitch will guide you through the process of finding some of the cheapest plans available, absolutely free of charge.

GoSwitch is paid by electricity retailers and gas companies for establishing new contract deals, so we are committed to finding highly competitive prices for our customers. GoSwitch makes a real difference, with the potential for big annual savings on gas deals and electricity usage charges.  We have all the answers for cheap bundle plans and the potential for lots more savings.

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Save money – compare electricity plans and providers in Victoria

The GoSwitch comparison tool helps you find preferred energy companies and distributors operating in your area. This is the first step in getting a personalised deal. We compare residential and small business electricity plan prices, including special deals and savings opportunities. The comparison engine and dedicated professionals at GoSwitch are behind our success, and complete customer satisfaction is our aim, wherever you live in Victoria.

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Usage rates

Usage rates are charged according to the time of day and amount of electricity used in your household. Your new contract can be personalised to suit the times you are likely to use electricity. Usage rates are established by competitive energy retailers in a deregulated market.

Usage rates should not be confused with compulsory supply charges from major energy companies around Australia that transmit electricity from power stations to the national grid. This high-voltage electricity is distributed from supply points to energy retailers and customers for mains power supply. GoSwitch helps you tailor your own energy bills according to the energy market.

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Understanding your Electricity Bill and Energy Pricing Victoria

Searching for the best-priced energy deal can become complex and confusing, and most of us don’t have days to waste on a fruitless search. GoSwitch, on the other hand, can save you time and money by striking a better deal.

Our electricity price comparison takes only a few minutes of your time,
with heaps of ways to tailor your bill, including:

  • Adaptable supply charges (time of use)
  • Payment schedule
  • Contract length
  • Cost per kWh (kilowatt hour)
  • Standing offers
  • Rebates
  • GST
  • Direct debit payments
  • Exit fees

The GoSwitch energy comparison method gives you a detailed and comprehensive understanding of value-added opportunities offered by energy retailers and the Victorian Government. Energy prices are always fluctuating, and we are here to help you take advantage of the changing energy market.

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Different energy retailers in Victoria

Energy retailers in Victoria are given the flexibility to establish new plans and offer new incentives, making the competition fierce for attracting new customers. It’s a win-win situation for GoSwitch, allowing us to find the best available electricity plan to suit your needs. Energy retailers are the go-between with major companies such as Citipower & Powercor, and we introduce customers to competitive all-around deals. We establish partnerships where every link in the supply chain is in sync for maximum savings.

Plans available

Comparing plans and providers takes only 5-minutes with GoSwitch, and you can take the steps online.

  1. Enter your postcode
  2. Are you moving to a new property?
  3. Do you intend to use solar panels for additional energy
  4. State your preference for electricity, gas, or bundle deals
  5. Select your property type (home or business)
  6. Select a household or small business usage profile

Getting started really is as easy as that, in only a few minutes, absolutely free. Our automated up-to-date system can save you days of confusing searching for the right electricity retailer.

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How GoSwitch can help you find a better deal

Whether you live in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, or South-East Queensland, GoSwitch can help you find a better deal. We partner with highly regarded energy providers to give customers reliable energy service at the right price. If you are looking for straight-forward controlled load solutions, or money saver innovations to get the most out of your appliances, GoSwitch can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Electricity and Providers Plans In Victoria

There are many established leaders in the electricity industry in Victoria. GoSwitch partners with trusted providers that Australians are familiar with, such as Energy Australia, PowerDirect, 1st Energy and AGL, to name a few. Comparing major providers is our business, and we pass the savings on to you. The GoSwitch Price Comparison Engine is your shortcut to success.

The rates change all the time. That’s why GoSwitch delivers up to date information about the latest deals. In a deregulated energy market, it is possible to get affordable electricity rates from highly competitive retailers, and we can access that information in real-time. If you are unsatisfied with your present company, or your contract has ended and it is time for a change, GoSwitch will show you the ways of getting a tailored deal for your home.

Your electricity bill will be composed of two major payments:

Supply Charges: Supply electricity is generated in powerhouses and distributed to Melbourne, regional Victoria, and other parts of Australia by high-voltage electric lines. The high-voltage supply of electricity is extremely powerful.

Usage Charges: Usage electricity, also called mains or household power, is regulated at a voltage suitable for appliances, lighting, etc. Usage charges can be peak, shoulder, or off-peak. You can also opt for consistent usage charges 24/7, and bundle electricity & gas deals. It all depends on your lifestyle.

Nobody likes to pay more than they need to for energy bills. GoSwitch will help you manage rising costs with our price comparison search engine. At GoSwitch, you even get to talk with an energy expert who is ready to explain all the benefits and savings included in potential new deals.

We have the answers when it comes to energy retailers in Victoria and the rest of Australia. GoSwitch is Australia’s favourite energy comparison search engine for all the right reasons, including the best possible electricity deals from Australia’s leading energy providers. Make the switch today with GoSwitch for a better energy plan.