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GoSwitch can save you money with our business electricity rates comparison service. Compare small business electricity plans and make sure you are receiving the best discounted business electricity rates by using the GoSwitch business energy comparison tool – energy made easy, the GoSwitch way.

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Understanding What You Pay When It Comes to Your Business Electricity Account!

Finding competitive business energy rates can be a time-consuming challenge. You will need to know how energy providers calculate their rates, what energy retailers are available in your area, your current energy use, and the specific energy needs for your business. At GoSwitch, we believe finding business the cheapest energy should be easy, and businesses around Australia are the big winners.

Understanding business electricity rates and discounts

Business electricity charges are divided between fixed daily supply charges and variable usage charges. Electricity charges are structured to suit your individual business energy plan, such as:

Single rate business electricity tariffs : The kW/h rate remains the same all day, every day.

Time of use business electricity tariffs : Variable kW/h rates are applied according to the time of day the energy is used. Peak hour rates, shoulder rates and off-peak rates are often applied. Plans vary according to electricity providers, so it’s a good idea to understand your business electricity usage patterns to be able to accurately compare the time of use tariffs for business energy.

Controlled load tariffs : This is a rate that applies to separately metered appliances, such as hot water heaters.

In addition, business electricity retailers offer discounts including:

  • Conditional discounts : Applied when certain conditions are met, such as pay on time discounts.
  • Guaranteed discounts : Applied for the entire contract term, without the need to meet special conditions.

Choosing the right business electricity plan can result in significant cost savings for your business. Speak to a business energy specialist at GoSwitch and start saving on business energy bills today.

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Switching to A New Plan - GoSwitch Can Help

As with home electricity and gas, Australian businesses can now conveniently shop for better energy deals. Deregulation of the electricity industry has opened up opportunities for energy suppliers in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and South-East Queensland. Use the GoSwitch electricity comparison tool and speak to an energy expert at our GoSwitch call centre. We are on hand to help you locate the best possible business electricity price for your postcode.

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Finding the Right Energy Plan for Your Business

Australian energy retailers in deregulated markets are required to provide energy price fact sheets. The deregulated energy market is highly competitive, with major electricity supply companies offering fixed or variable rates plus special incentives. Instead of undertaking a confusing and time-consuming investigation of electricity deals, consider GoSwitch for a smooth and profitable transition.

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Does it matter if I am a small or large business?

Energy suppliers and retailers broker special deals with large companies and industries who use a tremendous amount of electricity and demand best possible energy rates. For small and medium size businesses, including those with multiple locations, the energy bill is calculated the same way as residential billing. However, there are a lot of energy deals available, and it makes good financial sense to undertake a GoSwitch energy price comparison.

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Compare the best electricity rates with GoSwitch

The convenient way to compare the best electricity rates is with GoSwitch. We are a free service for customers wanting a better energy deal, and our service to you is free. GoSwitch success is based on customer satisfaction and our trusted partnerships with energy providers who pay us a small percentage for the establishment of new electricity supply and gas plans. GoSwitch is a win-win for everyone.

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How to choose between different energy providers

Energy deals abound in a deregulated market. That’s where the GoSwitch energy comparison service can save you time and money. We can help you choose between different energy providers in three simple steps.

1. Get started

Provide us with your energy usage profile so we can access energy deal options using the GoSwitch comparison technology.

2. Check the facts

We will crunch the numbers to find the most competitive offer available for your business.

3. Ready - Set - Go

If you are satisfied and want to accept the offer, we will set it all up for you without bothersome phone calls or paperwork.

Australians are appreciating the amazingly convenient and free GoSwitch energy comparison service, with small and medium businesses the big winners.

Is commercial solar energy beneficial for my business?

Australia is a nation with plenty of sunshine, making commercial solar energy a great initiative for many businesses. Solar energy can meet entire power demands for maintaining business as usual in some cases. Excess solar energy can be sold back to the grid for a cash-flow-positive system, while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and supporting the future of renewable energy.

How can I make my business more energy efficient?

Renewable energy is a great start, and there are lots of other ways to cut power bills. Here are just a few.

  • Undertake an audit of your business energy electricity and gas usage.
  • Reduce power demand by operating equipment in shoulder and off-peak times.
  • Program thermostats to switch off when not required.
  • Use energy-efficient office equipment with high energy star ratings.
  • Power down office equipment at the end of the day.
  • Prevent phantom energy wastage by unplugging equipment when not in use.

Renewable Energy

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Tell me about gas and electricity plans

Finding the right gas and electricity plan for your business shouldn’t be difficult. The GoSwitch comparison service for business customers is here to help you cut your electricity bill and improve energy usage. Here are some typical energy plan features to consider.

  • Controlled load tariffs
  • Fixed supply charges
  • Discounts: supply and usage charges, or usage only
  • Billing cycle
  • Payment method
  • Other fees and charges such as credit card charges.
  • Length of contract
  • Exit fees
  • Discounts for combining electricity & gas
  • Solar power feed-in tariffs
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Business Electricity FAQs

Small business and medium business owners work within fine profit margins. Saving money on energy costs wherever possible is all part of the equation, making the GoSwitch Business Electricity GoSwitch comparison service the first step in getting the best possible deal for your business. Our business energy comparison tool is the perfect resource to help save you money in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, and the ACT.

Electricity providers are continually updating their business electricity deals to attract new customers. Here are some reasons to make the switch with GoSwitch.

  • Switching is easy
  • Switching is fast
  • Switching is profitable and will save your business money
  • Switching with GoSwitch is free

That is where GoSwitch comes in very handy. We do the comparing for you. Our investigation includes:

  • Incentives to stay with your present electricity provider or move to another provider.
  • Any conditions attached to incentives.
  • What happens after incentives of introductory offers expire?
  • Do available discounts apply to the entire bill?
  • Lowest available usage rates and tariff rates.
  • Can solar energy be sold back to the electricity grid?
  • Are there time of use or time of day discounts?

The best business electricity supplier is the one who can offer you the best possible deal and service. In only a few short minutes using the GoSwitch energy comparison service you will have your answer, and the ability to start saving on your power bill immediately.

You certainly can. Simply enter your postcode and a few details about your business energy usage, and a GoSwitch energy specialist will get to work immediately on your behalf. This is an absolutely free service, and the choices are all yours to select a commercial energy plan that suits your style.