How to Save on Your Small Business Energy Costs

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When it comes to running any small business, the energy costs to run it are a huge consideration in the budget. Finding ways to cut down on your overall energy demand will translate directly to a more profitable venture.

Many Australian state governments will have specific recommendations to help small businesses curb their costs, such as the WA government’s energy policy.

When it comes to tackling your businesses energy costs, there are a few vital methods to help cut back immediately:

Invest in Modern Technology

If your business has been established for some time, chances are you have some older equipment working along side you. For many appliances, more energy effect models are now available.

As a business’ owner, you will have to make the decision if the investment is worth it. If the appliance is used daily, chances are that the daily energy savings will be worth it to.

Outside of directly seeking out more energy efficient appliances, there is a range of handy technologies that can be installed to help you save as well. Things such as light switch timers, sensors to turn lights on and off, are just some of the examples of the options.

There is a large market around offering more energy efficient solutions to businesses, and many of them are only one Google away!

Refrigeration – The Constant Cost

If your business relies on heavy refrigeration, then chances are replacing your entire fridge it not an option. However, there are some handy tips to making sure your fridge isn’t costing more than it should.

  • Check the seals on all fridge doors. If these seals are damaged, it can cause the fridges to work overtime to keep everything cool. It’s a cheap fix, new seals can be picked up at any hardware store.

  • Make sure you need all of your refrigeration. If you notice that your stock levels are low, you may be able to get away with running less fridges than you normally do. Good stock keeping can lead to some nice savings in the long run.

Heating and Cooling Solutions

Your thermostat should be adjusted to suit the season:

  • For summer, try to maintain a temperature between 21˚C to 25˚C to keep optimal comfort.
  • For winter, a recommended temperature is between 18˚C to 20˚C.

You can also install ceiling fans, insulation, and tint to your windows to better help your thermostat stay energy efficient.

Take Stock of Your Energy Needs

Take the time to sit down and review where, and when, you use your energy. There is a range of monitoring software, and apps, to help you get a better understanding. This can help you make more informed decisions when it comes to tackling your energy needs.

Always track your power bills, and watch for any change in your expected bill. If your bills start going up, there may be a faulty appliance, or something else going wrong.

Shop Around for Energy Providers

For small businesses needing a significant energy draw, there are a wide range of competitive deals on the Australian market that could help you. Take a moment to look around at the rates other providers are offering, and compare them to the rates you have now.

Many businesses will come with an energy provider as part of the complex, but you don’t have to stick to the original provider. All business owners have the right to seek out a better deal, and sign on a new energy provider.

Go Green, Save Green

In many Australian states, there will be tax benefits for pursuing green alternatives in your business. The Federal government has released a guide on how to better install green measures, and take advantage of the benefits offered.

A great side effect of pursuing greener options is that they drastically reduce energy costs. So, for many small businesses, this is a win-win.

Install Solar Power

Installing solar power solutions in your business is certain for pay for itself. With many solar companies offering targeted business deals, it’s easy to find a good deal.

Solar power can cut up to 20% off your electricity costs, depending on the scale of solar power solution you strive for. Solar companies will have useful information about projected savings, depending on what option you chose.

Work Smarter, Save Today

There is a lot of support in Australia for small businesses looking to reduce their energy costs. With these helpful methods, combined with resources such as The Business Energy Efficiency Advice from the Federal government, business owners have an armada of options to choose from.

Often times, pursing energy savings in your business is about applying smart simple solutions to the way you do business. Always be looking at ways to improve your processes, and optimize your energy use.