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The GoSwitch comparison tool will help you compare electricity plans, rates and costs to find the cheapest electricity provider with the best deal in your area. Compare energy and gas providers with GoSwitch, and start saving today!

Compare cheapest electricity prices

GoSwitch is Australia’s leading energy comparison service. We compare the reference price and discount deals of electricity retailers and distributors for free, and the energy deal savings are all yours. If you are looking for residential customer or small business savings and incentives to lower your energy bills, explore the many ways you can save with our GoSwitch comparison tool.

How you can get cheap electricity bills

Australian electricity retailers are obligated by law to publish a fact sheet for all electricity plans on offer. This information, and a whole lot more, is used by GoSwitch to locate competitive rates and conditions from energy retailers Australia-wide. Our comparison service takes only a few minutes to complete, and Your GoSwitch call centre representative will guide you through the entire process. There are lots of variations between competing plans, and here are just a few features to consider.

  • Fixed electricity supply charges
  • The rate per kWh
  • Discounts: entire bill or usage only
  • Pay on time discounts and late payment fees
  • Billing period and method of payment
  • Length of contract, exit fees and relocation fees
  • Combining electricity plans and gas plans on a single bill
  • Any other terms and conditions
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How to get better energy discounts

The GoSwitch energy comparison tool puts the power in your hands to make an informed decision when exploring the standing offers of energy retailers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and other Australian regions. If you want energy discounts and substantial savings on electricity energy deals, start your journey with GoSwitch, and make the switch with confidence.

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Choosing from some of the cheapest electricity plans for you

Competition between major energy companies such as EnergyAustralia and AGL is fierce, and new customers are the big winners. The largest markets are Victoria, QLD and NSW with cities you can compare electricity deals including:

Cheap energy deals based on your postcode

Cheap energy deals based on your postcode

Bundle deals that include both electricity and gas

Bundle deals that include both electricity and gas

Bonuses and incentives for switching energy plans

Bonuses and incentives for switching energy plans

Personalised plans for solar panel feed-in tariffs and other rebates

Personalised plans for solar panel feed-in tariffs and other rebates

Types of energy rates to consider

Choosing electricity plans can become complex and confusing, but the GoSwitch comparison tool is your shortcut to success. Our money saver comparison service helps you find cheapest electricity providers in real-time, and best of all, our service is 100% free. With GoSwitch on your side, you can locate competitive price plans in minutes by comparing:

Daily supply charges

Daily supply charges

Fixed rate tariffs

Fixed rate tariffs

Single rate tariffs

Single rate tariffs

Feed-in tariffs

Feed-in tariffs

Kilowatt hour charges

Kilowatt hour charges

Time of use charges

Time of use charges

There are lots more ways you can save. Contact GoSwitch today and find out how you can reduce energy
prices with Australia’s cheapest electricity providers.

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Compare electricity providers

With GoSwitch, you can easily compare the deals from competing electricity providers from the comfort of your own home. Our electricity price comparison service is performed in real-time and is up-to-date with the latest deals and savings. You can make the switch for your home or small business in minutes without fuss.

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How to switch energy suppliers

The first step is to find the best deal based on all available information. GoSwitch compares electricity retailers and their different deals and pricing plans on offer. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) helps by regulating electricity networks and gas pipelines to ensure consumers get a good deal. However, when comparing plans you will still need to consider important energy price features such as:

  • Fixed supply charges
  • Controlled load tariffs
  • Discounts: supply and usage charges, or usage only
  • Billing cycle and payment method
  • Early payment discounts, direct debit discounts, and late fees
  • Length of contract and exit fees
  • Other fees, such as credit card charges
  • Discounts for combining electricity & gas bills
  • Solar energy feed rebates
  • Electricity from renewable energy sources
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Brands GoSwitch recommend

There are lots of new energy retailers to choose from, and GoSwitch will help you sort out the best from the rest. These electricity providers are shaking up the industry all around Australia and helping to lower electricity bills wherever possible. Reputable companies worth considering for the best market offer include EnergyAustralia, Dodo, OVO and PowerDirect, to name a few. Take a few minutes to explore options with a GoSwitch call centre professional, and find the right personalised deal for your postcode.

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Compare the cheapest and best rates from electricity providers

GoSwitch, can compare electricity prices and plans for a range of suppliers Australia wide. Below compare the leading electricity
suppliers in Australia and their cheapest electricity plans.

Compare Electricity Provider Plans

Electricity prices in Australia can change frequently, so be sure to check with one of our GoSwitch consultants before you make your
final choice. The table above is updated as soon as we’re made aware of any price changes.

Viewing and comparing electricity plans

How long does it take to switch electricity suppliers?

Making an informed decision regarding standing offers and ongoing savings takes only a few minutes. However, the switching process can take between one to three months to complete, depending on your electricity retailer and your billing cycle. Switching is usually faster for homes with a smart meter installed. We make the transition smooth at GoSwitch, allowing you to switch without any disruption to your electricity or gas supply.

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Finding the right electricity deal for you

Before switching, examine the plan you are on now, including daily supply charges and usage rates. This can get confusing for people unfamiliar with energy terminology. Your present plan may include:

A single flat <br />usage rate 24/7

A single flat
usage rate 24/7

A multi-flat or <br />block general usage rate

A multi-flat or
block general usage rate

Including stepped pricing that will vary
according to the amount of electricity you use

Flexible or <br />time-of-usage rate

Flexible or
time-of-usage rate

Where energy prices vary based
on time of use

You may also have a controlled load rate linked to a specific appliance (such as a hot water system) that only works at off-peak times.

Electricity costs are also determined by the type of meter you use.

Smart meter

Smart meter

You can be on a flat tariff, block tariff, or a time-of-use tariff

Accumulation meter

Accumulation meter

You will be charged on a flat or block tariff

Electricity Retailers also apply daily supply charges and various discounts to your bill. If you have solar power, there is the option for savings via feed-in tariffs applied to energy exported to Ausgrid.

Deregulation of electricity in Australia

A deregulated business environment means there is no longer a government regulator monopoly on electricity supply and distribution. Competitive pricing and price fluctuations are part of the deregulated electricity industry, and competition is fierce. Consumers are the big winners, with lots of energy plan savings on offer from electricity and gas retailers. Search for the cheapest electricity and gas supplier with GoSwitch.

The energy market is deregulated in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania. The changes have resulted in energy providers and energy retailers offering lots of incentives to entice new customers, and you can now switch electricity retailers for a better plan whenever you want. GoSwitch will help you make an informed decision and the right choice for saving money on electricity bills.

Deregulation of electricity in Australia
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Your energy and gas questions answered

Energy comparison is our free service to you, and it takes only 5 minutes to find a better energy plan. Simply enter your postcode and choose from residential or small business electricity or gas energy usage.  Solar can also be factored into the equation. Create a user profile and provide contact details, and a GoSwitch representative will get back to you with the most competitive quotes from reputable energy retailers. It really is that easy to start saving on electricity bills with GoSwitch.

This will depend on your postcode and the electricity providers in your local area. The GoSwitch comparison service and comparison tool provide up-to-date information on all plans from electricity retailers, saving you time on your search, and resulting in a personalised plan for saving money on energy bills.

Regulated electricity usage charges  are measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Here are the average electricity usage rates based on single rate tariffs in different Australian states and postcodes as of late 2020.

  • QLD – 21.30c/kWh
  • VIC – 23.47c/kWh
  • NSW – 25.78c/kWh
  • SA – 34.59c/kWh

The GoSwitch comparison tool will answer all questions related to your present electricity plan and those of competing electricity retailers. Here are some questions we answer on your behalf, absolutely free.

  • What incentives are offered if I stay with your electricity company?
  • Are there conditions attached to discounts and incentives?
  • Are the incentives ongoing for the life of the contract?
  • What changes occur when incentives expire?
  • Do the discounts apply to the entire bill or for only a portion of electricity usage?
  • Which plan has the lowest tariff rates and usage rates?
  • Do you buy solar energy back into the grid?
  • Are there time of use or time of day discounts?

Every household or small business is different, so it makes sense to tailor your electricity plan with some of the cheapest electricity providers in your area. With GoSwitch, you can make an informed decision for price comparison and establish a better electricity plan for your home or business, wherever you live in Australia. Your GoSwitch call centre representative will guide you through the entire process, and savings can begin immediately, so what are you waiting for? Contact GoSwitch today and get your new electricity plan underway.