Cheapest Electricity Melbourne

Electricity customers have the option to compare rates, examine prices, and potentially connect with the cheapest electricity Melbourne has to offer. Cost per kWh is just the start, and the free GoSwitch comparison service will help you in your search for the best energy deals available.

Compare electricity plans in Victoria

Electricity affordability is a hot topic. Fortunately, there have been changes in recent years aimed at improving the cost of electricity in Victoria. GoSwitch can help you find one of the best value electricity plans for you and your household or small business. Firstly, it’s worth understanding the difference between energy distributors such as AusNet services, Powercor, and Citipower, and Electricity/gas retailers that include Energy Australia, AGL, and Dodo.

Your total bill will include fixed distribution charges along with charges from your chosen electricity retailer.

Distributors are responsible for maintaining infrastructure and fixing faults, while retailers can fine-tune your electricity deal with a wide range of savings incentives such as:

  • Single rate tariffs without peak or off-peak periods
  • Time-of-use tariffs with price changes at different times of the day
  • Controlled load tariffs aimed at specific appliances such as a hot water cylinder

The GoSwitch comparison service will help you explore electricity plans and gas plans in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

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Viewing and comparing electricity plans

Cheapest Electricity in Melbourne

Melbourne homeowners are serious about saving money on electricity usage rates, and there are lots of ways we can connect you with a competitive energy plan. The GoSwitch comparison engine analyses your current electricity/gas plan against other retailers to help find real savings on power bills.

Everyone has their own timetable for work, home or study these days, so it makes sense to establish a workable plan according to your lifestyle. Electricity usage rates are just part of the equation. GoSwitch will fine-tune your Melbourne energy savings plan.

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Energy Discounts in Melbourne

Here are some types of energy discounts electricity providers in Melbourne offer:

  • Bonuses and incentives for switching plans
  • Combining electricity and gas plans
  • Solar panel energy feed-in tariffs
  • Discounted supply and usage charges
  • Electricity from renewable energy sources
  • Early payment discounts
  • Direct debit discounts
  • Other terms and conditions

The GoSwitch price comparison service takes only a few minutes of your time, and you speak with a professional energy deals specialist who can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year off your power bills. And yes, our service is 100% free to use.

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Compare Energy Providers

Energy Providers VIC

Comparing Victorian energy rates can become complex and time-consuming. Depending on your postcode, it may be worth considering the Victorian default offer for various types of tariffs in Melbourne and beyond. The Victorian Government default is reset each year after accessing the costs of electricity retailers. Customers are offered a fair electricity deal, although it will not necessarily be the lowest available price.

An initial consideration is to understand how electricity is charged in Victoria. The Victorian Default Offer consists of a daily supply charge as well as a usage charge measured in kilowatts per hour (kWh). Differences in tariffs are reflected in costs associated with providing electricity services in your area.

Default Offer (standing offer): Regulated by the Victorian Government

Market Offer: Negotiated with your present retailer or by switching retailers

It’s worth finding out about the default offer in your region and using the GoSwitch price comparison service to shop around and see if you can get a better deal in the deregulated marketplace.

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Best electricity providers Victoria

Victoria, NSW, QLD, and other Australian states allow consumers to undertake an electricity provider/retailer energy price comparison for saving money on electricity bills. GoSwitch does the math for you according to your postcode so you can get a better energy usage deal. Here are just a few ways we can show you how to get cheaper energy.

  1. Give you the opportunity to choose from some of the best electricity retailers in Victoria.
  2. Compare default offers, market offers, rebates, and special deals for your postcode.
  3. Explore feed-in tariffs, renewable energy, smart meter connections, and lots more.
  4. Examine every means available to deliver cost-effective energy deals.
  5. Provide a comprehensive comparison service for all associated costs, including GST.

GoSwitch Partners

Nobody likes to pay high energy bills. At GoSwitch, we can show you why swapping energy suppliers can save you money. We will also show you how to avoid additional fees, such as credit card charges, late payment fees, and exit fees. GoSwitch partners include highly regarded electricity providers with a reputation for quality service. Our popular energy plan partners include:

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Electricity prices in Melbourne

Understanding the Melbourne energy market can help you save money on electricity and gas bills. The deregulated industry provides electricity retailers with the opportunity to offer highly competitive incentives for switching from your present retailer. Using the GoSwitch service, you can explore Electricity prices in Melbourne from the comfort of your own home, and find the right deal for your postcode.

Here are a few tips to get you started, and you can contact GoSwitch anytime for more information and inspiration.

  1. Examine current plan exit fees: Make sure to review your current plan to find out if there are any early exit fees. Compare the savings of a new plan with any termination charges associated with your current plan.
  2. Review your current charges and discounts: By understanding your current situation, you will have a better idea of the good value associated with competing plans. Your GoSwitch call-centre consultant can guide you through the entire process.
  3. Ensure outstanding bills are paid: You won’t be able to switch energy retailers if you have an outstanding debt or overdue payments with your current provider. This doesn’t include the completion of your current billing cycle. It’s worth noting that the final bill from your current retailer can take several weeks to be issued after switching to a new retailer.
  4. Determine your energy needs: The energy plan you choose should be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Things to consider include:
    •               Location
    •                Type of residence
    •                Number of people in your household
    •                The hours or days when people are likely to be home
  1. Compare previous bills: A reasonably reliable estimate of your electricity and gas usage can be understood by comparing energy bills from the previous year. This will provide an indication of how your electricity and gas use varies across the changing seasons.

  1. Compare energy plans: This is where GoSwitch comes into the picture. Head to our energy comparison service page and choose electricity, gas, or both. You should also tell us if you want to establish a better deal for your present address or a new address and if you have solar panels installed. GoSwitch will then locate attractive electricity or gas deals that are tailored just for you.
  2. Weigh up the pros and cons:Our offers are among the best available. These offers usually come with a time limit, but we want you to be completely satisfied with your decision, so take the time to weigh up the pros and cons. We can help you examine the details.
  3. Lock in a better deal: You can get a better deal online or over the phone with GoSwitch. The changeover typically takes place on your next meter read.
  4. Note your new billing cycle: Your new billing cycle may be different from your current one. Some energy providers offer free smartphone apps that alert you when your bill is due. If you are looking for the best electricity deals in Melbourne, here’s how GoSwitch can help.
    •                Locate competitive electricity and gas retailers in Melbourne
    •                Compare electricity price advantages
    •                Examine feed-in tariffs, rebates, and other savings
    •                Avoid unwanted additional fees and charges

Combine gas and electricity on one bill for convenience and savings.

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Your Cheapest Electricity Melbourne Questions Answered

This will depend on your postcode and the way you use energy in your household. The GoSwitch price comparison service will answer these questions in a matter of minutes and is absolutely free of charge. GoSwitch receives a commission from energy retailers for establishing new-customer connections.

Rural and remote Victorian regions are serviced by a number of electricity providers. GoSwitch can help you quickly locate some of the best deals in your area without fuss, so you can have confidence in your decision to make a change. We provide real-time access to competitive deals free of charge.

The deregulated marketplace means energy retailers and providers and continually upgrading their plans to entice new customers. The cheapest electricity rates plan may not meet your specific requirements, so it makes good financial sense to contact the energy experts at GoSwitch prior to making a change to establish a pricing plan that suits you.

Every Australian state is different, with a number of electricity and gas retailers vying for customers. In addition, not all Australian states have a deregulated energy industry. Australia is a huge country, so there are naturally a lot of variables from location to location: another reason why GoSwitch is in demand for accessing accurate and up-to-date energy information. If you are ready to find some of the cheapest electricity deals in Melbourne and regional Victoria, contact GoSwitch today to start saving on your energy bills.