Best Gas and Electricity Supplier Reviews

In order to get the cheapest rate for your home or small business, you should first investigate the best gas and electricity supplier reviews. The GoSwitch price comparison service will introduce you to an electricity company or gas provider that ticks the right boxes.

Comparing electricity providers

Since the deregulation of the energy industry, the field has become wide open for new opportunities. The influx of new retailers into the market has shaken things up, and customers are the big winners. GoSwitch has become the go-to price comparison service for Australians looking for a better energy deal. With GoSwitch, you are kept in the loop with the latest information about highly competitive electricity and gas plans for your postcode.

To help you wade through the information, you can speak directly to a GoSwitch consultant in real-time. If you want to pay less for the energy you use in your home or small business, a GoSwitch energy price comparison search is a smart first step. Better still, the GoSwitch service is 100% free to use.

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Choosing your energy supplier

Competition between energy suppliers is fierce, as every company attempts to leverage the best possible deals for customers. It is easier than ever to switch energy suppliers for better electricity and gas deals. The GoSwitch comparison tool will help you secure the right deal with your chosen provider. The GoSwitch comparison site has all you need to make an informed decision for saving money annually on power bills.

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Best electricity providers

Energy AustraliaA major energy provider in South-East Australia, Energy Australia has helped more than 150,000 customers avoid rate rises and save money on power bills. Check out some positive energy reviews if you need more convincing.

AGLA leading integrated energy service provider, AGL has a proud 184-year history. AGL delivers 4.2 million gas, electricity and telecommunications services to residential, business and wholesale customers across Australia.

DodoDodo Power and Gas is one of Australia’s largest energy providers. As a leading retailer, Dodo is fully integrated into the generation, distribution and retailing of electricity, gas, and internet services. Dodo has a high customer satisfaction rate.

OVOLaunched in 2009 with a commitment to make energy cheaper, greener and carbon-neutral, OVO energy is an Australian success story. OVO even offers 100% renewable energy as standard and plants one green energy carbon-fighting tree for every OVO member, every year.

SumoA proudly Australian owned company, Sumo delivers on all fronts, including flexible no lock-in contracts. Sumo takes every opportunity to uncover savings on electricity, natural gas, internet and home phone deals.

1st EnergyA relative newcomer to the energy industry, 1st Energy has been offering highly competitive power deals in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania since 2014, and the future looks bright.

Blue NRGBased in Melbourne since its creation in 2012, Blue NRG specialises in energy services for small and medium-sized businesses. Today, Blue NRG delivers cost-effective electricity to thousands of customers from Victoria to South-East Queensland.

Energy Market Power Lines

About the energy market

The deregulated energy market is highly competitive. Retailers offer enticing deals, and energy users have lots of options for personalising electricity and gas energy usage plans. The Australian energy market is designed to protect consumers from escalating energy prices.

The household power you use arrives via a massive distribution network originating in power stations. Energy retailers are your link for getting the best possible deal from distributors and governments. GoSwitch reviews the offers on your behalf, and the choices are all yours to strike a better deal.

Discounts offered

The best energy providers are committed to creating even better electricity & gas deals. Discounts are offered in many ways, such as:

Cheap plans: The GoSwitch electricity price comparison tool compares leading gas and electricity provider deals based on your postcode.

Bundle deals: You can bundle electricity, gas, internet and phone together for additional savings and a single easy to understand bill.

Bonuses: Energy retailers offer a wide range of bonuses, such as a sign-up bonus and pay-on-time bonus.

Personalised plans: Every household and small business is unique. Yours may benefit from a single rate tariff, solar feed-in tariff, off-peak savings, low exit fees, direct debit payments, rebates and other competitive plan offers.

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What energy costs to look out for

There is a lot to consider when choosing an electricity or gas plan. The GoSwitch comparison service takes the complexity away by locating money-saving energy retailer deals in real-time, and our service is totally free to use. We will help you locate the best value and most suitable energy price plan for you in minutes by comparing:

  • Single rate (flat-rate) tariff
  • Time of use tariff (peak, shoulder, off-peak)
  • Controlled load tariff for individual appliances
  • Demand tariff
  • Daily supply rate from power distribution companies
  • Solar feed rebates

There are lots more ways GoSwitch can help you save. Contact us today, and start saving straight away.

Customer service is key

A lot of hard work has gone into making GoSwitch Australia’s favourite energy comparison tool. In addition, with GoSwitch your comparison search is assisted by experienced call centre energy professionals who will guide you through the entire process. If you are looking for lower daily supply rates, smart meter convenience, cheaper tariffs, solar panel rebates or other money-saving incentives, start exploring energy deals with GoSwitch today.

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The national electricity market explained

The deregulation of the national electricity market in Australian states and territories has opened up new opportunities for retailers and customers. independent gas and electricity retailers purchase energy from large energy providers, then on-sell power to homes and businesses. Customers still have the opportunity to accept the default offer from regional governments, although yearly energy bill savings of 20% or more are common with GoSwitch partners such as AGL and Energy Australia.

Are energy prices the same across all states and territories?

State governments apply their own charges and tariffs on electricity supply and usage. Here are average Australian electricity usage rates based on single-rate tariffs for selected regional postcodes, as of October 2020.

  • VIC – 23.47c/kWh
  • NSW – 25.78c/kWh
  • QLD – 21.30c/kWh
  • SA – 34.59c/kWh

The kWh price you pay is only a percentage of your total electricity bill. You will also pay a fixed supply charge from your electricity distributor. This charge applies regardless of how much electricity you use.

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Comparing energy plans and your options with GoSwitch

The GoSwitch comparison service locates highly regarded energy companies operating in your area. This targeted service includes a comparison of residential electricity plan prices, supply charges, savings opportunities and special deals that meet your requirements. It’s all possible thanks to our amazing comparison search engine that helps you find the most cost-effective electricity, gas, or bundle deal for your household or small business.

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Save on your energy bill

At GoSwitch, savings are our specialty. Here are some questions worth asking your GoSwitch consultant.

  • Are there incentives to stay with my current energy retailer?
  • What incentives are offered by alternative retailers?
  • Are there conditions attached to the incentives?
  • Are the incentives for the lifetime of the contract?
  • If not, what happens when incentives expire?
  • Does the discount apply to the entire bill or just a portion?
  • Which plan offers the most flexibility?
  • Does the retailer buy back solar feed-in energy?
  • Is there time of day or time of use discounts included?
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Benefits of A Comparison Tool

With GoSwitch, we cut through the confusion and take you straight to the best deals from major energy suppliers. We deliver cost-effective deals online from the comfort of your own home, and you can speak to a GoSwitch energy consultant to fine-tune your plan. The benefits of using our convenient (and free) comparison tool service include:

  • Locating highly regarded electricity and gas retailers in your area.
  • Helping you switch plans and providers for your present or new address.
  • Understanding the savings when combining gas and electricity in a bundle deal.
  • Locating the cheapest and most cost-effective electricity and gas tariffs.
  • Locating all possible discounts, incentives, savings and rebates.

At GoSwitch, all costs are factored in, so you get accurate price comparison results. GoSwitch is well known for having some of the best deals available, and the savings start straight away.

Switching to the best electricity provider

There is a lot of information to examine prior to switching gas or electricity providers. The search could take days, or even weeks. Finding a better deal is much easier with the assistance of a pricing comparison service. This is where GoSwitch gives you a real advantage. Make the switch with GoSwitch to the best electricity provider for you today!

GoSwitch Electricity Providers

Best Australian Energy Providers 2021

Best Energy Providers 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gas and Electricity Suppliers

Without needing to blow our own trumpet, GoSwitch can claim to work with some of the best gas and electricity suppliers in Australia. Our partners include Energy Australia, AGL, 1st Energy, OVO and Sumo.

The cheapest electricity provider changes month-to-month as new and well-known companies vie for their share of the market. Electricity prices also differ depending on which state you live in. Compare electricity providers in QLD, VIC, NSW and SA to find the cheapest deal.

However, cheapest isn’t necessarily best, and it is more important to find a provider who is flexible for your specific energy needs. GoSwitch will help you find the right electricity provider for you.

In today’s changing electricity and gas market, the best way to compare providers is by taking advantage of a price comparison service. GoSwitch is a favoured service for lots of reasons, including accurate comparison results plus personalised assistance with an energy expert.

That is for you to find out. Use the GoSwitch energy comparison tool and you will get your answer. Our service is absolutely free and the savings are all yours to keep, so what are you waiting for? Get started with GoSwitch and make a change for the better.