How to Compare Electricity Suppliers in QLD

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Electricity can add up wherever you are, but in the humidity and heat of QLD cities, it can be easy for the costs of air conditioning and appliances to stack up, particularly over summer.

Start with your existing electricity plan

Your current plan will help other suppliers’ energy specialists look at alternative options. If you are comfortable with your current provider, there may be options to look at a different plan that best suits you. When you’re looking at your plan and comparing others, here are a few other factors you can consider.

Look at energy usage

Your past electricity usage can help you gauge how much you spend per watt per person in the household. It’s a good way to look at whether you can reduce your usage and impact your spending overall. If you are happy with your usage you can then use that information to compare with other providers.

Ask about extras

Extras and discounts can always add to savings, and it’s good to compare what’s available and what you are eligible for. You can ask your current provider if you qualify for any discounts or whether there is a better plan for you. Or, you can look at what other suppliers offer. Electricity suppliers want long-term customers, so they’re always offering additional bonuses to stand out from the rest.

Look at your region and the suppliers available

Not all suppliers will be available in your area, so try using an online portal to look at what providers service your location. Your suburb may actually have an impact on your rates and bills.

Ask for a price breakdown

Suppliers will give you a price breakdown that indicates how your rate has been calculated based on GST, regional costs and other factors. If you like to look at details this may be a great option for you, where you can take a look at the similarities and differences between various plans.

What are your contract options?

Contracts vary from place to place, and many people have different preferences on how they like the manage their bills. Does the supplier offer payment plans that are flexible to your needs? What type of contracts are available? What are the exit clauses? These are all questions you can ask providers.

Customer service & flexibility

Flexible customer service is an essential part of your experience with your supplier. You want a business that has your needs at the forefront, so ask how they approach managing your usage, payment plans and contracts, and take a look at any online reviews to gauge what you can expect.

Look into rebates and concessions

Low-income earners are eligible for rebates and concessions, so make sure to see what you qualify for. Your supplier should be able to support you in getting these concessions.

Take advantage of comparison platforms

If all the details can get overwhelming, there are lots of comparison portals that can help you browse available suppliers in your area. GoSwitch gives you instant recommendations for your household, and an energy specialist can get in touch to outline exactly what they would recommend. You can rely on us!

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