Compare Sunshine Coast Electricity Providers

Compare the best Sunshine Coast and QLD electricity provider and retailer plans based on their cheapest annual cost, contract length, and special features. Try the GoSwitch energy cost comparison tool for the greater Sunshine Coast region from Hervey Bay to Brisbane.

How Can I Find the Best Sunshine Coast Electricity Plans?

For starters, there is a lot of competition between established energy retailers and newcomers to the marketplace. Every energy provider is looking for an advantage and enticing customers with discounted energy plans with key features designed to save money. GoSwitch can help you with an estimate of annual costs and design a contract length and price structure that suits you.


Trusted Queensland Energy Partners

In addition, the Queensland Competition Authority ensures a fair and level trading field between competing retailers. Major GoSwitch energy company partners include:

Origin Energy


Energy Australia



1st Energy



GloBird Energy

Compare Electricity Providers Queensland

Provider Contract Length Key Features Estimate Annual Cost
Ovo Energy The One Plan Ongoing contract with no contract term Stay in control $1,422
Ovo Energy The Basic Plan Ongoing contract with no contract term Stay in control $1,501
AGL Value Saver Plus Credit 12 Months AGL Rewards $1,571
Origin Energy Advantage Variable (solar) 12 Months No fixed-term contracts $1,572
Origin Energy Advantage Variable 12 Months No fixed-term contracts $1,572
Dodo Power & Gas Residential Offer No lock-in contracts No lock-in contracts $1,603
1st Energy 1st Smart Saver Ongoing benefit period Australian based $1,668
AGL Solar Saver plus Credit Ongoing Market Contract AGL Rewards $1,689
AGL Special Saver 12 Months AGL Rewards $1,733
AGL Value Saver 12 Months AGL Rewards $1,772
Energy Australia Balance Plan 1 Year Benefit Period Peace of mind $1,792
AGL Solar Saver Ongoing Market Contract AGL Rewards $1,889
Origin Energy Solar Boost (Restricted) 12 Months No fixed-term contracts $1,969
Origin Energy Solar Boost 12 Months No fixed-term contracts $1,969

The listed offers above are based on residential electricity plans in QLD and consuming 4613 kwhs per annum on a single rate meter.
GoSwitch does not compare all energy offers and brands in the market. Not all products and offers are available to all customers and your eligibility may vary depending on your location, meter type, customer type, and which retailer you are currently with. Products and offers are subject to change without notice.

Comparing Energy Plans and Prices Online

GoSwitch is a fast and easy way to compare energy plans. The entire process is performed online and only takes a few minutes, with the potential for big annual savings on electricity costs and power bills. Here’s how it works.

  1. Make an energy usage profile for your home or small business. This should include peak and off-peak electricity usage during your billing cycle.
  2. Compare the deals. At GoSwitch, we use a powerful price comparison search engine to crunch the numbers and get the results you are looking for.
  3. Set up your new account. Once you have accepted an offer, GoSwitch will help you make a smooth transition to electricity deal financial savings, totally free of charge.
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Cheapest Energy Rates on the Sunshine Coast

South-East Queensland is part of the deregulated Australian electricity market. Competition is fierce between retailers, and there are lots of savings opportunities when switching to a new electricity plan. Queenslanders appreciate value for money, making GoSwitch the go-to service for locating plan features and incentives, plus usage rates consistently below the Queensland Government default market offer.

If you want a better electricity deal from your present retailer or are ready to change to a new plan, make the switch with GoSwitch. We can help you search for the cheapest electricity on the Sunshine Coast.

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In addition, the Queensland Government offers energy rebates to make electricity and gas more affordable for pensioners and those on lower incomes. Rebates available for pensioners and seniors in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and regional Queensland include The Electricity Rebate and The Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate.

rebates and concessions - get money back on energy bills
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Compare Electricity Providers

A lot has changed in the energy retail market during the last few decades. Today, it isn’t uncommon for customers to switch retailers annually to take advantage of new and improved contracts and incentives. The time is right to switch retailers using the GoSwitch price comparison service.

GoSwitch takes the guesswork out of changing energy retailers in the Sunshine State, so you can make an informed decision with confidence. The deals offered by GoSwitch partners such as AGL, Energy Australia, and Dodo are consistently better than the Australian Energy Regulator average. To get started, enter your postcode into the powerful GoSwitch price comparison search engine.

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What Sunshine Coast Electricity discounts are on offer?

Nobody likes to pay more than they should for electricity or gas usage. The good news is that there are dozens of ways to shave money off Sunshine Coast power bills. GoSwitch is the alternative to a complex and confusing price comparison search that can take hours or even days.

We show compare offers from leading energy retailers all in one place, and you even get to speak with a call centre energy expert who can show you even more ways to save. Discounts include:

  • Flexible tariffs for peak, shoulder, and off-peak energy use
  • Time-of-use tariffs
  • Standing offers
  • Solar feed-in tariffs
  • Usage and supply charges below the market offer
  • Bundle deals for gas, electricity, and broadband internet
  • Electricity plans tailored for the size of your household or business
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Solar power energy plans

Renewable Energy Alternatives

Sunshine Coast homeowners are looking for renewable energy advantages that improve sustainable outcomes. By including energy from renewable sources as part of your billing equation, you are helping to give back to the planet.

In addition, you can upgrade your electricity plan to achieve 100% carbon-neutral energy usage. Speak to your GoSwitch representative about green energy initiatives that include solar power, wind power, and carbon offsets for conscientious energy usage.

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Understanding Your Electricity Bill

Your electricity bill contains information about your energy plan and energy usage. Here is some information worth reviewing before you decide to switch plans.

Contract term : Fixed term or no lock-in contract.
Cooling-off period : Time to consider the deal and change your mind.
Terms and conditions : Specific to each contract type.
Eligibility : Company or service availability in your area.
Contract length : This can include early exit fees if you cancel before the contract expiry date.
Contract incentives : Joining bonus, direct debit payment bonus, pay on time discount, etc.
Contract updates : Choose a company that keeps you in the loop with savings offers.

It is worth knowing the average electricity bill on the Sunshine Coast so you can get the best available deal.

city single rate tariffs and off-peak times

Electricity Usage – Peak and Off-Peak Pricing Structure

Electricity charges (tariffs) are usually a combination of fixed daily supply charges and variable usage charges. Daily supply charges are the cost of delivering electricity to your region by distributors such as Energex. Usage charges are the retailer tariffs for the electricity you use. Here are some peak and off-peak tariffs and savings opportunities.

Single-rate electricity tariffs : With a single-rate tariff, the kW/h rate remains the same regardless of the time of day.

Time of use electricity tariffs : Variable kW/h rates adjust at different times of the day. These include peak hour rates, shoulder rates, and off-peak rates.

Controlled load tariffs : These rates apply to separately metered stand-alone appliances.

In addition, electricity retailers in Noosa, Maroochydore, and other South-East Queensland regions offer contract discount incentives.

Conditional discounts : These discounts apply when conditions are met, such as on-time bill payment.

Guaranteed discounts : These discounts apply for part or all of the entire contract term, without additional conditions.

Choosing the right energy provider and electricity plan can result in significantly cheaper electricity bills. Take advantage of the GoSwitch comparison service and start saving with a better plan today.

Plan Information and Different Plans on Offer

The GoSwitch reputation as the favourite energy price comparison search engine for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, the ACT, and Tasmania is well-known. We focus on customer satisfaction with personalised plans that can include:

  • electricity only
  • electricity plus gas
  • electricity, gas, and solar power
  • electricity, gas, internet, and phone
  • renewable energy initiatives

We want you to feel good about the energy you use. That’s why we partner with highly regarded energy retailers that Australians trust.

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Government Incentives and Discounts

Australian governments work with energy market leaders to establish a range of incentives and discounts for making electricity and gas more affordable. Your GoSwitch energy consultant will identify Sunshine State initiatives that can include solar power installation offsets and feed-in tariffs, carbon-neutral incentives, government rebates, and a whole lot more. Don’t miss out on annual power savings; partner with GoSwitch.

Making Energy Affordable

There is ongoing competition to be the cheapest electricity provider. However, the cheapest doesn’t always equate to the ‘best’. With GoSwitch, you can locate great value-added plans and personalised power deals to suit your home and lifestyle.

GoSwitch tailors Queensland electricity plans and Sunshine Coast electricity plans in real-time, at zero cost to you. We earn a commission from energy retailers for new contracts, so it is in our best interest to locate the best possible energy contract for your needs. If you are looking for affordable Qld electricity, GoSwitch can make it happen.

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Find a better deal with GoSwitch

Compare your electricity and gas provider with GoSwitch preferred retailers to find lower rates and an energy plan that meets your needs. We will help you find:

  • Cheap plans : Our electricity price comparison tool compares leading energy providers and electricity deals based on your postcode.
  • Bundle deals : New customers can bundle electricity and gas for immediate sign-up discounts. You can even add internet and home phone services for even more savings.
  • Bonuses : Take advantage of energy retailer bonuses that add up to significant savings on annual electricity bills.
  • Personalised plans : You may benefit from single-rate tariffs, competitive supply charges, solar panel feed-in tariffs, off-peak usage savings, gas/electricity plans, low exit fees, rebates, smart meter convenience, and other personalised plan incentives from highly competitive energy retailers.

We also compare energy plans in Vic, NSW & other states outside of QLD. Plus, if you have solar installed you should look for the plan factoring in the solar feed rate. Any reference price is AER set (Australian Energy Regulator) for electricity & gas. Gas plans are dependent on the household location so call us for the most accurate quote.

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Sunshine Coast Electricity FAQs

In a highly competitive deregulated electricity market, the cheapest retailer changes often. That’s why GoSwitch encourages customers to check back annually to fine-tune the plan or switch to a better electricity or gas contract.

The best electricity provider is the one that ticks the most boxes for your home, small business, and lifestyle. There are dozens of ways to lower gas and electricity bills, and GoSwitch will help you find the right provider for your specific needs.

Getting a better electricity deal has never been easier. Simply enter your postcode into the GoSwitch energy price comparison tool and check out the best available money-saver electricity deals from trusted Australian retailers.

Sunshine Coast home and small business electricity rates are overseen by major distributors such as Ergon Energy, and well-known retailers such as AGL. GoSwitch will show you how to lower energy bills by getting a cheaper electricity supply 24/7. The GoSwitch service is 100% free, and the savings are all yours to keep.