Compare Electricity Providers Queensland

The GoSwitch electricity price comparison tool will access the cheapest electricity plans in Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns and compare energy suppliers and retailers for your individual needs. GoSwitch also include the cheapest providers in QLD for solar options and sustainable solutions.

Compare and Choose The Right QLD Electricity Retailer For You!

Deregulation of the electricity industry in South East Queensland has resulted in an industry with new players and a level playing field. Competition is strong, with tariffs, rebates, pricing and electricity usage rates all used to entice new customers and hold onto old customers. With GoSwitch, it is possible to compare and choose cheapest electricity retailers for impressive savings on your energy bill.

Finding the right energy plan for your home with GoSwitch

Energy usage is a major factor in household expenditure, so it makes sense to locate superior energy retailers with better energy prices. Electricity rates fluctuate between energy providers, and new electricity deals are always on offer, making the GoSwitch comparison service extremely popular in Brisbane and South East Queensland. GoSwitch will find the right energy plan for your home in three basic steps.

  1. Start with your energy usage profile: An energy usage profile includes:
  • The type of home you live in
  • The location of your home
  • The number and type of appliances in your home
  • The number of regular residents
  • The type of household: busy or quiet?

Once you have an energy usage profile, we can access electricity plans with our GoSwitch comparison technology.

  1. Check all deal details: GoSwitch checks all available electricity plans and electricity rates for your postcode, and does the math to find the most competitive offer available.
  2. Accept an offer: If you are satisfied with the cheapest electricity rates obtained through the GoSwitch comparison service, and want to make an offer, we can take care of everything, without the need for paperwork or phone calls.

New customers are on the lookout for special Queensland electricity deals, market offer rates, single rate tariffs, controlled load rates, GST inclusive rates, reliable distributors and more, and GoSwitch makes it happen.

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Tips for choosing electricity retailers

Queensland is a huge state, and there is a lot of variation between plans based on remoteness and the number of electricity distributors in the area. When comparing your energy usage and the cheapest electricity deals available, there is a lot to consider, such as:

  • The rate per kWh.
  • Fixed supply charges.
  • Discounts for fixed supply and energy usage, or for usage only.
  • Late fees and pay-on-time discounts. (Consider direct debit payment).
  • Bill payment methods and schedules.
  • Fees for receiving paper bills or paying by credit card.
  • Exit fees or moving home ‘reconnection’ fees.
  • Combining gas & electricity plans.
  • Any other stated terms and conditions.

Why compare electricity plans in Queensland?

A deregulated market has resulted in a highly competitive electricity industry in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The offers are genuine, and if the savings are guaranteed the few minutes involved in a GoSwitch price comparison could be one of the best investments you make. The GoSwitch service is completely free to use and you can start saving immediately on energy bills, so what are you waiting for?

Different electricity and gas plans available in Queensland

If you are unsatisfied with your present electricity and gas plan, or simply curious to find out if you can save on electricity deals, the GoSwitch comparison service is a smart step in the right direction. We compare electricity prices and electricity plans in Brisbanethe Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and other South East Queensland regions.

The powerful GoSwitch program investigates all avenues for saving money, and will locate energy market savings for you, all free of charge.

Electricity providers in QLD

The number of electricity providers in Qld continues to grow, and there are many reputable electricity retailers to choose from. Major Australian retailers in Brisbane, South East Queensland, and regional Queensland include:

Connecting power when moving house

With GoSwitch, our helpful electricity energy plan staff will coordinate your electricity account with your chosen electricity retailer, or transfer the details of your existing account, so there is an electricity connection at your house the day you move in.

How to switch energy providers with GoSwitch

Switching energy providers online is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. It’s no wonder GoSwitch is growing in popularity with Queenslanders. Before switching, allow GoSwitch to explore the advantages of all major South East Queensland energy retailers, and get the best possible deal for you at no additional cost.

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Is the Queensland electricity market regulated?

The South East Queensland electricity market is regulated. This region houses the majority of Queensland’s residents, with energy providers and energy retailers offering new incentives, tariffs and DMOs for the cheapest electricity deals available.

What are the benefits of going Solar Power in QLD?

The use of solar power in Australia has been on the rise for years, and Queensland homeowners are switching to solar to save money and invest in the future. Here are 8 key benefits of solar power in Qld.

  • • Saves money: With solar power, the major investment is the installation of the system. Then it is savings all the way.
  • • Reliability: We know where and when the sun rises and sets. We also have reliable predictions for daily, weekly and yearly sunshine hours in various Queensland regions. With solar, you have a reliable estimation of power to use and store.
  • • Energy security: Sunlight for solar panels is easy to harvest, and no business entity has control over it’s independence.
  • • Property value: Property buyers are looking for features that will save money on electricity bills, and solar power is a key element.
  • • Connect to the grid: A major advantage of solar power is the ability to sell excess power back to the national grid. You can actually make money from a solar power investment.
  • • High-performance standards: Modern solar units come with a long warranty and perform at almost 100% potential for many years.
  • • Environmentally friendly: Unlike fossil fuels associated with global warming, solar power is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t pollute and plays a major role in reducing harmful emissions.
  • • Government incentives: The Australian government offers solar energy financial incentives that can save the user thousands of dollars.

Which energy provider offers the cheapest deals in QLD?

Prices continually fluctuate due to new customer incentives and offers, and Queensland electricity customers are the big winners. GoSwitch energy comparison electricity retailers include Energex, Ergon and Energy Australia, with pricing matched to your specific requirements and postcode.

What are the differences between all the different plans?

There are lots of differences and many ways to save by changing electricity retailers, or striking a new deal with your present provider. GoSwitch will:

  • Compare peak, shoulder and off-peak electricity rates and supply charges.
  • Compare fixed electricity prices to variable electricity usage charges.
  • Compare savings incentives offered by leading energy providers.
  • Investigate every means of saving you money on future energy bills. 

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All Your Queensland Electricity FAQs Answered

You could spend days pouring over the fine details of energy plans and supply charges, or you can perform the same action in a few minutes with the 100% free GoSwitch service. We compare energy providers on your behalf, and the energy provider pays GoSwitch a commission for new energy contracts. You get to choose a plan and contract that saves you money and suits your personal style.

Electricity supply charges vary according to location and individual preferences. The cheapest electricity supplier in Qld is the one that satisfies your requirements for the best possible price. Variables include:

• Feed-in tariffs

• Controlled load

• Time of use

• Daily supply rate

• Solar feed rebates

• Exit fees

• New customer incentives

• Special pricing structure

• Bill payment incentives

At GoSwitch, we give you the maximum number of reputable electricity providers to choose from, but the decisions are all yours. Every household is different, and GoSwitch will locate the unique offers and incentives that make finding a new electricity provider a profitable investment.

Solar energy advantages include environmental sustainability and year-round access to power, even during blackouts. With solar, the lights can remain on during outages. Excess solar energy can be sold back to the grid for a profit, and modern solar units are more durable and long-lasting than ever, with little performance drop over time.