Compare Electricity Plans in Queensland

Energy plans in South-East Queensland are among the best value in Australia, and GoSwitch partners with the best electricity providers. Use our price comparison tool to compare electricity in QLD and choose from a list of attractive energy deals and incentives.

Electricity Costs

How Can Energy Users Make Savings?

Deregulation of the electricity industry in South-East Queensland has resulted in an industry with new players and a level playing field. Competition is strong, including the opportunity to save with tariffs, rebates, price structure, and favourable electricity usage rates. If you are a new customer wanting to sign up, or an established customer on the lookout for an energy bill bargain, GoSwitch can help you choose between premium brands, new providers, and the cheapest electricity retailers in the Queensland electricity market. That’s energy savings made easy.

Compare Electricity Providers Queensland

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The listed offers above are based on residential electricity plans in QLD and consuming 4613 kwhs per annum on a single rate meter.
GoSwitch does not compare all energy offers and brands in the market. Not all products and offers are available to all customers and your eligibility may vary depending on your location, meter type, customer type, and which retailer you are currently with. Products and offers are subject to change without notice.

Finding the right energy plan for your home with GoSwitch

Energy usage is a major factor in household expenditure, so it makes sense to locate superior energy retailers with better energy prices. Electricity rates fluctuate between energy providers, and new electricity deals are always on offer, making the GoSwitch comparison service extremely popular in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland. GoSwitch will find the right energy plan for your home in three basic steps.

  1. Make an energy usage profile :
    • The type of home you live in
    • The location of your home
    • The number and type of appliances in your home
    • The number of regular residents
    • The type of household: busy or quiet?

Once you have an energy usage profile, we can access electricity plans with our GoSwitch comparison technology.

  1. Check all deal details : GoSwitch investigates all available electricity plans and electricity rates for your postcode and does the math to find the most competitive offer available.
  2. Accept an offer : If you are satisfied with the cheapest electricity rates and other plan features and want to make an offer, we can take care of everything for a smooth transition.

New customers are on the lookout for special Queensland electricity deals, market offer rates, single-rate tariffs, controlled load rates, GST-inclusive rates, reliable distributors, and more, and GoSwitch makes it happen.

Finding the best electricity deal

city single rate tariffs and off-peak times

Electricity Tariffs Explained

Tariffs are the amount charged for electricity supply and use. Tariffs include both fixed and variable charges.

Fixed (supply) charge : This charge is not related to the amount of energy you use. Also called ‘daily supply charge’ or ‘service to property charge’, the fixed charge tariff is a network distribution charge, separate from tariffs paid to your local electricity retailer.

Variable (usage) charge : This is a consumption charge for each unit of electricity you use, listed on your bill as cents per kilowatt-hour (c/kWh). Different variable charges (tariffs) may be included in one bill. These include:

  • Time-of-use tariff charges (peak, off-peak, shoulder)
  • Fixed supply charges (same rate 24/7)
  • Controlled load charges for individual appliances
  • Solar feed-in tariffs for selling electricity back to the grid.

Your electricity contract may contain additional fees and extra charges. Here are some features that can apply.

  • Contract establishment fee.
  • Early contract termination fee.
  • Payment processing fee, usually related to payments by credit card.
  • Late payment fee.
  • Disconnection or reconnection charges.

QLD Electricity Rate Example:

In addition to the above contract features and conditions, GoSwitch will locate reference price savings and conditional discount incentives included with your new energy contract, such as:

Provider Energy Australia
Plan Total Plan Home
Difference from the reference price 20% less
Conditional discounts $50 sign-up credit
Estimate annual cost $1157

The savings add up fast when you also include highly competitive electricity usage (kWh) and supply rates (cents per day). GoSwitch partners include some of the most popular energy retailers in Australia.

Australians save money on energy bills
thinking of energy comparison

Choosing the right electricity retailer

Customers in Brisbane and other parts of South-East Queensland are offered great energy deals, courtesy of the famous GoSwitch electricity price comparison tool. Here are some questions worth asking GoSwitch.

  • Does the plan have the lowest usage rates?
  • How do the supply charges compare to other plans?
  • Does the plan offer savings off the reference price?
  • Is there a contract? Are there exit fees for early plan termination?
  • Are there pensioner discounts available? How do I qualify?
  • Are the discounts for the lifetime of the contract?
  • Are there additional sign-up incentives and savings opportunities?
compare energy prices

Why compare electricity plans in Queensland?

The electricity industry in Queensland is highly competitive. Every electricity retailer delivers value-added incentives to attract new customers, and there are big savings on offer. A GoSwitch price comparison takes only a few minutes, and the service is 100% free. If you find a better electricity deal for your home or small business, GoSwitch will take care of business for you, and the savings are all yours to keep.

GoSwitch earns a commission from electricity and gas retailers for the establishment of new contracts. It is in our best interest to locate highly competitive money-saving energy deals for you. Partnering with GoSwitch is a win-win situation.

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looking at different electricity and gas plans available

Different electricity and gas plans available in Queensland

If you are unsatisfied with your present electricity plan or hot water service, or are simply curious about better deals, a GoSwitch price comparison search is a smart first step. We compare electricity providers and electricity plans in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and other South-East Queensland regions. We also serve customers in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the ACT, so make sure to speak to GoSwitch if you are considering an interstate move.

The powerful GoSwitch search engine investigates every opportunity to save money. With GoSwitch, you can switch to a better electricity deal online, from the comfort of your own home. In addition, the entire process is overseen by a qualified energy expert who is on hand for advice and assistance every step of the way. Here’s how to get started using our price comparison tool.

  • Enter your postcode
  • Enter if you use solar panels for feed-in tariffs
  • State your preference for electricity, gas, or a bundle deal
  • Select your property type (home or small business)
  • Select an energy usage profile for your household or small business

The GoSwitch system works in real time, and it takes only a few minutes to locate the best electricity and power deals in your area. Let GoSwitch help you start saving on energy bills straight away.

Electricity providers in QLD

At GoSwitch, we work with the most highly regarded electricity providers in the business. Here are a few retailers recommended by us for great value and superior customer service.

Energy Australia : A major energy provider in South-East Queensland, Energy Australia is well-known for reliable customer service and different plans for every type of energy user.

AGL : For close to 185 years, AGL has been an Australian icon. This energy leader delivers electricity and gas services to satisfied customers Australia-wide.

Dodo : Dodo Power and Gas have quickly grown to become a major player in the Australian energy industry. Dodo provides a wide range of electricity, gas, and internet plans.

OVO : OVO plans include 100% renewable energy as standard. This is a retailer with a serious commitment to cleaner, greener, carbon-neutral energy.

1st Energy : 1st Energy has been offering some of the best electricity deals in Queensland since 2014. Take the opportunity to explore 1st Energy plans with GoSwitch.

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Connect electricity when you move home

Connecting Power When Moving House

Australians move house often, and South-East Queensland/Northern NSW is a huge growth area. The deregulated energy industry has made it easy to disconnect, reconnect, or even switch energy retailers during your move. Here are some handy tips to make your move stress-free and successful.

  1. Is the energy bill at your current address in your name? If yours is a shared household, make sure to organise a new account holder and transfer the account to their name before you move out.
  2. If you need to disconnect electricity or gas at your current address, let your energy retailer know of your moving/disconnection date to avoid unwanted power charges.
  3. If you are changing energy providers, be aware of any fees involved with the move, such as an early termination fee attached to your present electricity or gas contract.
  4. By letting your provider know of your moving date, you can have power on at your new address the moment you move in.
  5. Make sure access is clear at your new address for electricity or gas meter readers. This is essential for the new connection to go ahead.
  6. Write down the meter reading for your old and new home on the moving day. This will be your reference to ensure you are being charged the correct rate as agreed to in the contract.

Connect Electricity and Gas to Your Property

energy comparison service

How to Switch Energy Providers with GoSwitch

Switching energy providers online is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. Before committing to a switch, allow GoSwitch to investigate the best deals available for your postcode. The entire process is easy, and the savings can be ongoing for the lifetime of your new contract. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, making the switch with GoSwitch is a no-brainer.

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discounts and money saving on electricity bills

Energy Discounts Available in Queensland

Electricity retailers are in the business of delivering better plans for QLD customers. Energy rates vary according to location, lifestyle, and default market offers. GoSwitch will investigate every opportunity to save you money on a new electricity deal, with discounts and incentives that include:

  • Dual fuel bundle deal discount.
  • Green power incentives for carbon-neutral power.
  • Pay-on-time direct debit discount.
  • Bill smoothing all year round so you know exactly how much you will pay.
  • Time-of-use discounts.
  • Smart meter convenience.
  • Seniors discount.

There are lots more contract incentives to look for. Allow GoSwitch to do the search and discover additional savings.

Rebates and Concessions

You may be eligible for electricity rebates and concessions provided by the Queensland and Australian governments. Speak to your GoSwitch representative for comprehensive money-saving information. Here are a few rebates/concessions on offer.

  • Low-income household rebate
  • Family energy rebate
  • Seniors’ energy rebate
  • Gas rebate
  • Life support rebate
rebates and concessions - get money back on energy bills
Solar power energy plans

Solar Power Renewable Energy

Solar power and wind power consumption are on the rise in Australia. As the Sunshine State, Queensland is ideally positioned to become a world leader in solar power infrastructure, and GoSwitch is on hand to make it a reality. Here are some significant benefits of going solar in Queensland.

Saves money : With solar power, the major investment is installing the system. Then it is savings all the way.

Reliability: We know where and when the sun rises and sets. With solar, you have a reliable estimation of power to use and store.

Energy security : Sunlight for solar panels is easy to harvest, and no business entity has control over its independence.

Property value : Property buyers are looking for features that will save money on electricity bills, and solar power is a key element.

Connect to the grid : A major advantage of solar power is the ability to sell excess power back to the national grid. You can make money from a solar power investment.

High-performance standards : Modern solar units come with a long warranty and perform at almost 100% potential for many years.

Environmentally friendly : Unlike fossil fuels associated with global warming, solar power is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t pollute and plays a major role in reducing harmful emissions.

Government incentives : The Australian government offers solar energy financial incentives that can save the user thousands of dollars.

Viewing and comparing electricity plans

Comparing Energy Plans made easy with GoSwitch

Whether you are moving home, starting a small business, or searching for the best possible deal for your existing home or property, GoSwitch has the answers. As an alternative to an independent price comparison search that could take hours or even days, the streamlined, accurate and convenient GoSwitch service makes comparing energy plans easy.

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Which energy provider offers the cheapest deals in QLD?

Prices continually fluctuate due to new customer incentives and offers, and Queensland electricity customers are the big winners. GoSwitch energy comparison electricity retailers include Energy Australia, Dodo, AGL, 1st Energy and OVO. With GoSwitch, you can tailor a plan with pricing matched to your specific requirements and postcode.

Find Out More with GoSwitch

If you are ready to renegotiate with your present electricity retailer or are looking for a better deal, connect with GoSwitch. We are Australia’s favourite energy price comparison service for all the right reasons, including a dedication to uncovering unbeatable deals for your postcode. South-East Queensland is a region on the move, and GoSwitch is ready to move with you for lower annual power bills.

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GoSwitch Energy Providers Queensland

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Queensland Electricity FAQs

You could spend days pouring over the fine details of energy plans and supply charges, or you can perform the same action in a few minutes with the 100% free GoSwitch service. The choices are all yours for a contract plan that will save you money and suit your style.

GoSwitch can take care of the entire switch on your behalf. If you find a suitable electricity plan using the GoSwitch price comparison service, your call centre expert can establish a new contract for you. We inform you of all money-saving features and incentives and advise you of additional charges such as exit fees so you can make a confident and informed decision.

In a competitive electricity industry, every retailer strives to be the cheapest and the best. However, there is a lot to consider when personalising a plan to suit your household and lifestyle. Every plan is different, and GoSwitch partners with electricity suppliers who continually rank highly for value and service, including Dodo, AGL, and OVO.

At GoSwitch, we give you all the information required to make the right choice. We support your individual needs by offering power plans that meet your requirements. The combination of Australia’s favourite energy comparison tool and superior GoSwitch customer service results in a better deal and savings that add up fast. Choose GoSwitch and reap the rewards.

Solar energy advantages include environmental sustainability and year-round access to power, even during blackouts. With solar, the lights can remain on during outages. Excess solar energy can be sold back to the grid for a profit, and modern solar units are more durable and long-lasting than ever, with little performance drop over time.

The listed offers on our website are from retailers who are in partnership with GoSwitch. We do not compare every retailer in the market, and we may receive a referral fee if you switch using our service.

If you are tired of paying too much for electricity and gas in regional Queensland and want a better, fairer energy market deal, make the switch with GoSwitch. Our service to you is free, and the savings are all yours for the lifetime of your contract.