Seniors Discounts – Cut Your Energy Costs Today

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As you get older, your financial situation will undoubtedly change. You may have fewer earnings than before retirement, your ability to make up for losses is hampered by time, and your capacity to make extra money is limited.

With long-term planning, it is possible to navigate retirement successfully. However, for many Australian seniors, a little help is needed where it counts.

If you are an Australian senior and possess one of the following:

  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • National Seniors Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card

Then you are eligible to take advantage of the many Government discounts offered to seniors around the country for their energy costs. The Federal government has acknowledged the struggle seniors are facing, and have urged state governments to be generous in their schemes.

In response, Australian state governments have each established ways for pensioners to take advantage of rates cuts, and discounts, to their utility bills.


The Victorian state government has established the Annual Electricity Concession which offers generous savings for seniors. With 17.5% of the total of senior’s yearly utility costs, and $0.09053 extra off their daily rates.

The concession is available all year round for any senior with electricity bills below $482.90. If you have a bill higher than this amount, seniors can apply for the Excess Electricity Concession as well.

To claim the concession, the bill must be under the name of a concession card holder. The electricity must also be billed on domestic property and tariff.

New South Whales

The NSW state government offers the Seniors Energy Rebate to senior concession card holders. This program was recently updated in June 2019 to keep pace with growing energy costs in the country.

The rebate offers seniors a $200 saving on their energy bills and is paid directly into the concession card holder’s account.

To apply for the rebate, simply navigate to MyServiceNSW online, or go to a NSW service centre locally. Ask about the rebate, and you will be asked to make an appointment to finish the application.

After you are signed onto the rebate, you will receive the money for each bill automatically.

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT state government offers a concession to seniors within the state, to help with their utility costs. Unlike other schemes, the concession provides specific rates depending on the season. These are:

  • Between 1 June to 31 October, a daily concession amount of $2.88183 is offered during this period.

  • Between 1 November to 31 May, a daily concession amount of $0.76925 is offered during this period.

To apply for the concession, simply call: 133 466
Alternatively, you can access the concession through your MyAccount.

South Australia

The South Australian state government offers a concession directly through the Department of Human Services, which you can apply for by calling 1800 307 758 or apply online.

The government offers a direct daily rate cut of $0.634 to eligible seniors.

If you had a previous concession with the South Australian government, then you will need to call the Department of Human Services and reapply to receive the new concession. Make sure to have details of your seniors card on hand when you call.


The Queensland state government has had a concession in place since 2017, aimed at tackling the inflated rate rises of the state. To be eligible for the concession, you will need to have either a Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card or a Centrelink Seniors Card.

The provided concession is a discount of $0.8489 to senior’s daily energy costs.

To apply for the concession, simply call: 133 466

Western Australia

The Western Australian government has enacted the Energy Concession Extension Scheme to provide seniors and other disadvantaged parts of society to receive concessions on their energy use.

For customers billed by Synergy or Horizon Power, you can contact your provider directly to begin receiving the concession.

The energy assistance payment is $305 per billing cycle, depending on the size of your electricity and gas bills. This will be removed from the bills issued by either Synergy or Horizon Power.

If you are a senior in Western Australia, you can apply directly online. A small questionnaire is all that’s required to submit an application for the concession. Make sure to have your senior’s card handy.

Get the Most Savings as a Senior

With concessions in every state, getting a discount on your energy costs as a senior is a simple matter. With many schemes providing substantial savings, you can expect to see your utility budget shrink, leaving more room to enjoy retirement.

Don’t forget: All concession schemes are subject to state government approval and are subject to change. Always make sure to do your research, and find the latest information available on your state government energy concession.