Energy Quotes & Comparison in Australia

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Wherever you live in Australia chances are you have heard the adage ‘it pays to shop around’ when it comes to electricity providers in this country, it is particularly true. We know that not all electricity providers are equal and we know that some are better suited to the way we run our households than others. We also know that in electricity as in many other long-term service agreements there is generally little reward for loyalty.

Given that we know all of this the next step is to review the provider you are with and compare them to the best in the market to make sure you are on the best deal for you.

Australia is largely a series of deregulated state-based markets. This means that retailers are free to enter the market and offer competitive pricing to attract new customers and we as consumers are free to choose between providers and shop around for the most competitive deal. It is a function of supply and demand and more often than not competition is great for consumers.

While comparing is simple and quick it’s good to know what is involved in the process and what you may be asked to provide:  

  • Your address: The first step will be confirming your location, whether you are in a regulated or deregulated market and who your distributor is.
  • A recent bill: You most recent bill from your current provider is invaluable, this will detail your current rates, variable tariffs and any relevant discounts. It will also generally provide an overview of the last 12 months usage and the amounts spent.
  • Solar Panels: Do you have Solar panel on your roof, it is essential to know this during the comparison process because feed-in tariffs, or the amount the retailer will pay you for excess power fed back into the grid, will have a significant impact on your bills
  • Moving or Switching: We will need to know if you are moving into a new property or are looking to switch your retailer but are staying in the same property. The reason we need to know if you are moving into a new property is there can be additional costs for a new connection that needs to be considered.

Generally, that’s all the information you will be asked for in order to create a selection of comparison quotes and to provide you with a good idea of just how much you may be able to save be switching.

If you do look to make a switch we will assist you through the switching process also, contacting both your current and new retailers and making all of the arrangements around changeover. Our role is to make the entire process from reviewing and comparing all the way through to getting your first bill from your new provider as frictionless as possible.

So if you want to know if you are with the most suitable electricity retailer for you and your household, that takes into account the way you live and use energy day to day, then use our simple comparison tool today to see how much you can save.