Switching Electricity Providers

Switching electricity providers isn’t difficult, and you can save a lot of money on power bills. Learn how to compare electricity costs, switch energy providers, and find out how long it takes to switch to an electricity supplier at a new residence or office, courtesy of the free GoSwitch energy retailer comparison service.

Make An Energy Plan and Switch Electricity Providers

Switching energy retailers is easy, but you still need to make sure it is worth switching to a new contract. The electricity retail market is highly competitive, with electricity providers offering a wide range of incentives for attracting new customers and rewarding current customers. GoSwitch will help you sort through the complexities and possibly find a new retailer with a better energy plan. GoSwitch is energy made easy.

Here are 8 handy tips for getting the best deal when switching electricity providers and gas providers.

Switch to a Cheaper Electricity and Gas Plan

Check current rates and usage charges : You will need to understand the discounts and usage rates applied to your current account to understand ‘comparative value’ when comparing one plan to another. If you require information not found on your bill, GoSwitch can probably find it for you.

Determine your energy needs : The fastest way to work out your present electricity use is to compare usage rates with last year. Your electricity bill contains information about energy use rates across the seasons, allowing you to tailor your energy plan to suit your specific energy needs year-round.

Check your exit fees : Many energy contracts include exit fees to be paid on early termination of the contract. Include these fees when calculating the financial benefits of switching electricity providers.

Ensure outstanding bills are paid : If you have an outstanding debt or an unpaid final bill with your current electricity retailer in NSW, Vic, Qld, South Australia, the ACT, or another Australian region, you won’t be able to switch to a new provider.

Compare energy plans : Use the GoSwitch energy comparison service for comparing electricity or gas at your present home or new residence. You can compare energy plans almost anywhere in Australia with GoSwitch simply by providing us with some energy-use details at your home or business.

View new energy plan details : Deregulation of the electricity retail industry in Australia has resulted in a highly competitive market with dozens of electricity and gas retailers serving major cities and other areas such as South-East Queensland and regional New South Wales. Speak with a GoSwitch call centre assistant regarding the many ways a new energy deal can save you money.

Switch energy companies : A GoSwitch energy comparison takes only five minutes, allowing you to start saving money when your next electricity bill arrives. All electricity retailers offer a cooling-off period, so if you change your mind, you aren’t locked into the new deal.

Examine your new billing cycle and bill details : Energy providers assist customers via online services and apps for keeping an eye on energy prices. Take time to familiarise yourself with your energy bill, so you are always ready to take advantage of energy retailer special deals.

GoSwitch make it easy to switch electricity providers

The best time to switch electricity providers with GoSwitch

Now is the right time to switch electricity providers. The energy market has opened up to new retailers and energy companies, giving consumers access to competitive energy deals and electricity plans. Use the GoSwitch comparison site for free, and upgrade or change from your current plan to a better deal.

Compare your whole plan including:

Kilowatt cost per hour : The electricity you use is measured in kilowatts per hour (kWh). This charge makes up some of your power bill, along with other usage charges and daily supply charges.

Fixed costs and service fees : Information to examine before leaving your current provider includes fixed costs, service fees, daily supply rate, tariffs, time of use discounts, controlled load, solar feed rebates and more. GoSwitch will do the calculations on your behalf in only minutes, so you can know for sure if it is time to move on from your current retailer.

Cooling-off period : The power is in your hands when switching electricity providers or changing gas plans. Electricity industry regulators in Australia oversee fair and transparent dealings, including giving energy customers a cooling-off period of up to two weeks.

How long the contract is and if prices can increase during the contract : Many customers prefer a long contract term that provides certainty. Other customers need flexibility to meet the needs of the constant location or lifestyle changes, without fear of additional fees and charges.

Billing cycle details : This should also include your payment method so you can lock in automatic payment by direct debit if possible and avoid any late payment charges.

Bonuses for paying on time : Many Victorian, NSW, South Australian and South-East Queensland electricity distributors offer incentives and discounts for paying on time. Your meter reading is periodically taken, and you are billed at regular intervals during business days, allowing you to coordinate direct debit or another payment method. You can even combine electricity and gas plans on one power bill.

Exit fees if you want to leave the contact early : Most energy contracts include exit fees for cases of early contract termination. Make sure to factor in exit fees alongside usage rates, smart meter savings, rebates, and other discounts associated with the new plan.

Feed-in tariffs : An advantage of being connected via a major energy provider is the opportunity to sell solar-power-generated electricity back to the grid. The investment in solar panels for renewable energy can be a win-win situation for everyone.

track your residential energy usage and save on power bills

GoSwitch makes the switching process easy

The GoSwitch energy retailer comparison service will save you a lot of time, and potentially a lot of money. Why waste your time on a confusing and complex energy deal search when GoSwitch has all the information you need in one place? Our comparison tool will examine the advantages of all major Australian energy providers to get you the best possible deal.

GoSwitch partners with reputable energy providers Australia wide

GoSwitch partners with major Australian energy providers and electricity retailers to ensure you get the best possible deal. Our partners include Energy Australia, Origin Energy, Power Direct, Dodo, AGL and other well-known companies. GoSwitch earns a small commission from the energy retailer for new customer deals and connections, and our service is totally free for you to use.

save money when you compare energy deals

Consolidate your gas and electricity providers to save more

If you are one of the millions of Australians who use natural gas alongside electricity for domestic or business power, it may be worth combining gas and electricity in a single bill. There can be discounts for combining the two, and bill payments are easier to coordinate and recall with all your energy usage information in one place.

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Electricity Provider FAQs

A GoSwitch price comparison search can make an informed decision in around 5 minutes. Simply enter your postcode in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, or the ACT, and answer a few questions about your property and household – and that’s it! A GoSwitch call centre professional will get back to you online or over the phone with the latest energy deals from major Australian energy distributors and retailers. If you accept a better deal and want to make a change, GoSwitch can help you every step of the way.

The GoSwitch energy plan comparison tool will help find the right plan for your budget. GoSwitch is a 100% free service, and will answer questions such as:

  • What incentives can you offer me to stay?
  • Are there special conditions attached?
  • Is the special deal for the life of the contract?
  • What happens when the special deal or discount incentive expires?
  • Do the discounts apply to the entire bill?
  • Which option has the best-value usage rates and daily charges?
  • Can solar panel renewable energy be sold back to the grid?
  • Are there particular time of day or time of use discounts?

The GoSwitch service takes only a few minutes of your time. From there, you will be able to make an informed new retailer decision. When you are ready to switch retailers, GoSwitch will guide you through the steps for a smooth transition. You will need to make sure you have paid any outstanding bills or late payments with your present energy retailer before switching to a new energy plan.

No, it doesn’t. GoSwitch is the platform savvy Australians use for getting the best possible energy deal every time while saving money along the way.

No, it doesn’t. The entire transition from your current provider to a new provider is coordinated so there is no disruption to your household or lifestyle. GoSwitch puts the power in your hands to make a change for the better.

There is no need to disconnect and reconnect electricity at your current or new residence when moving house. We will guide you through the process to ensure your new home is powered up and ready to go the moment you walk in the door. GoSwitch is the convenient energy comparison service Australians appreciate.

However, in situations where a house or business is unoccupied for a time, the power may be disconnected. Make sure to factor any reconnection fee into your budget.

Customers who are experiencing debt may be able to switch gas or electricity retailers. Energy companies have the right to carry out a credit check and you may also be requested to provide your credit history.

If you are ready to change energy retailers, even if you are managing other debts, contact GoSwitch to switch electricity providers, and let us help you find a better energy deal.