How to Compare Electricity & Gas Prices

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Electricity and gas bills are a part of life, but the cost can add up. It’s easy to fall into the habit of paying your bill month to month, however, with a bit of research, you may find yourself a new plan that offers you better prices or better deals. Whether you’re moving house or just looking to shop the market, here’s a few ways you can start comparing your energy and electricity prices.

Know what you’re looking for

The first step to comparing prices is to understand your own needs and establish exactly what it is you are looking for. You might only need to switch over gas, or perhaps you want to swap suppliers completely. We recommend establishing some non-negotiables and some nice-to-haves to see what you can find out there.  

Compare existing plans

To start your comparison it’s best to first look at your existing plan. You can bring this information to prospective providers to see if they can meet or beat the price you are currently paying.

Look at energy usage

Understand how much electricity and gas you use on a monthly basis to understand exactly what you are paying for. Compare this amount with the number of people in your household and potentially look at other plans or offers in this scope.

Ask about extras and discounts

Providers want long term customers, so they’ll incentivise you to stay with them. Most providers offer bundling discounts (gas and electricity) or particular extras if you are eligible. Ask your current provider as well as any prospects about what extras you qualify for.

Ask for a price breakdown

If you are into the details of your bills a price breakdown could help you establish differences and similarities with various suppliers. Plans are calculated based on a few factors, but there can be differences based on the provider and region such as Sydney or Melbourne. Comparing price breakdowns can be good to get your existing provider to beat or match other costs.

Look at your available suppliers

Your suburb does make a difference to available energy contracts. Sometimes certain regions have different fees, and some providers may not service certain areas. Check online whether the suppliers you are looking at are available in your suburb and how they calculate your rates.

Consider available contracts

Many energy contracts will seem very similar, but you want a contract that matches your needs, whether that’s quarterly payments, a month to month contract or something else. You should also ask about exit clauses and any additional moving fees that your contract has.

Customer service

It’s a big part of your experience. Quality customer service doesn’t just refer to representatives offering support when you need it, but a provider that tailors their options to your needs. Exit clauses, flexible contracts, discounts and visibility of usage and price breakdowns are all important, as they show that your provider considers your needs. You might even want to check the reviews of this provider if you’re interested in seeing what to expect.

Rebates and concessions

Low-income earners will be eligible for certain rebates or concession, so ask your provider what is available in your area.

Take advantage of a comparison portal

There are a lot of energy comparison sites out there that can offer you all these details without overwhelming work. These sites save you time by filtering through your options and giving you all the plans available. If you’re looking for support, GoSwitch offers tailored recommendations that will get you the best possible deal no matter what. 

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