Compare Electricity Providers ACT

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While the ACT may be the smallest territory in Australia it is still possible for consumers to make a big impact on their household energy bills. Comparing electricity providers and switching remaining remains one of the most effective ways to drive down electricity costs. Given the size of the market there are fewer electricity providers than in other parts of Australia but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a big opportunity. 

The ACT has a Regulated electricity market. This means that the government plays a role in setting the price of electricity and sets the maximum price that providers can charge their customers. Providers operating in the ACT can however offer customers discounts below this maximum price in addition to other promotional rates, sign up bonuses and pay on time discounts and given there are still multiple players in the market consumers can still exercise their market powers by reviewing their electricity deal with the competition and switching to the most suitable provider. 

Unlike some other parts of Australia customers in the ACT have seen a reduction in relative electricity costs in recent years which can be attributed, in part to the above mentioned market activity and also to the Territories transition toward renewable energy. This has been a great help to those living in the countries capital however no one wants to pay any more then they must for their electricity and comparing and switching may see your bills fall further still.

Some things to consider in the ACT:

  • Government Rebates: The ACT has a range of government rebates and assistance for eligible residents including an Energy Concession and a Utility Concession and can be worth more than $600 annually for eligible households.
  • Discounts and Incentives: Does you provider offer a range of discounts that work for you? Providers can provide sign up incentives, promotional rates and pay on time discounts all of which can save you money.
  • Does the Company suit you? Does the company have options that match your preferences? An option of payment methods, bill frequency or the choice of paper or electronic bills. A smaller or larger proportion of power generated from renewable sources? Do you have a preference of a combined Gas and Electricity provider with a combined bill?
  • Fees & Charges: Some providers may charge an exit fee or there may be a connection fee for your new provider. By comparing providers, you can make sure you are getting the best deal that considers all fees

While the market may be smaller there is plenty of opportunity for electricity consumers to save on their energy bills, by comparing your current deal to the rest of the market you could not only save money but find a company that best suits your lifestyle and your preferences.