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ACT electricity distributors offer highly competitive energy and gas deals. Locating the cheapest and cost-effective energy deals is the next step, and GoSwitch makes it easy to compare electricity providers in the ACT for a better deal.

ACT electricity providers

Unlike some other parts of Australia, customers in the ACT have seen a reduction in relative electricity costs in recent years. This is attributed to market activity along with the transition toward renewable energy. Canberra is Australia’s Capital, a major link for energy providers and energy retailers such as Energy Australia and Origin Energy.

If you are looking for competitive electricity retailers in your area, simply enter your postcode into the GoSwitch energy comparison search engine. Why take days in a confusing and complex search for the best deal when GoSwitch can offer you the best deals in real-time? Start your search with GoSwitch today.

Electricity Costs

Compare Electricity Providers ACT

Provider Contract Length Key Features Estimate Annual Cost
Origin Energy Advantage Variable 12 Months No fixed-term contracts $1,506
Origin Energy Solar Boost (Restricted) 12 Months No fixed-term contracts $2,152
Origin Energy Solar Boost 12 Months No fixed-term contracts $2,152
Energy Australia Balance Plan 1 Year Benefit Period Peace of mind $2,155

The listed offers above are based on residential electricity plans in ACT and consuming 4613 kwhs per annum on a single rate meter.
GoSwitch does not compare all energy offers and brands in the market. Not all products and offers are available to all customers and your eligibility may vary depending on your location, meter type, customer type, and which retailer you are currently with. Products and offers are subject to change without notice.

Energy overview

The ACT has a regulated electricity market. This means that the government plays a role in setting the price of electricity, including the maximum rates allowable. Competitive electricity providers in the ACT offer customers discounts below the maximum, plus other promotional rates and bonuses.

The GoSwitch comparison service is 100% free to use, and the savings are all yours to keep. Here are some questions worth asking your GoSwitch energy consultant to ensure you get the best electricity deal for your specific requirements.

  • Are there incentives to stay with my present energy retailer?
  • What incentives do competing retailers offer?
  • Are there additional conditions attached to the incentives?
  • Are the incentives available for the contract lifetime?
  • What happens when the incentives expire?
  • Do the discounts offered apply to the entire bill?
  • Which plan offers flexibility without additional fees?
  • Does the retailer buy solar feed-in energy?
  • Is there time of use (off-peak) discounts included?

Electricity Tariffs in ACT Explained

Tariff is another name for electricity and gas charges. Tariffs include daily supply charges from major electricity and gas distributors, along with user charges for power used by the consumer. This power is delivered by electricity retailers who compete for business by offering lower rates, plus discounts and incentives. Here are some tariffs that will influence your energy plan choices.

  • Supply charges from regional distribution networks
  • Single rate tariff 24/7
  • Time of use tariff for peak, shoulder, and off-peak energy usage
  • Controlled load tariff for specific independent appliances
  • Solar feed-in tariffs for savings and zero waste
  • Renewable energy initiatives

Some providers may charge an exit fee, or there may be a connection fee for your new provider. The GoSwitch comparison service balances every cent before providing the best electricity deals in the ACT from trusted Australian energy retailers.

compare energy prices

Comparing electricity providers in the ACT

From the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to Victoria, New South Wales and beyond, usage rates are available well below the market offer of the Australian Energy Regulator. The ACT Government encourages competitive electricity prices, and major retailers are on hand to offer tempting deals to ACT residents. Here are three smart reasons to check pricing with GoSwitch.

  1. Find a cost-effective plan that suits your energy usage needs and budget.
  2. Review your plan’s tariff or move to a different usage pattern (peak, shoulder, off-peak).
  3. Take advantage of discounts such as joining fees and bundle deals.

In addition, you may be eligible for government rebates and discounts on your electricity bill. The ACT has a range of rebates for eligible residents, including the Energy Concession and Utility Concession. Savings can add up to $600 per annum for eligible households.

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Find a cheap energy provider in the ACT

With multiple players in the market, consumers can exercise their market powers by reviewing their electricity deal periodically. It is easier than ever to switch to a more suitable provider. Here are a few GoSwitch advantages that take the hassle out of your electricity plan search.

  • Compare a wide range of plans all in one place using the GoSwitch comparison service.
  • Speak to a GoSwitch energy expert for advice and inspiration.
  • Undertake your own search with GoSwitch, absolutely free of charge.
  • Allow GoSwitch to do the math for you, and show you exactly where you will save.
  • Choose from regulated and deregulated ACT energy options for a deal that suits you.
Viewing and comparing electricity plans

Energy plans available

Electricity retailers are in the business of delivering newer and cheaper energy plans to ACT customers. There is potential for large annual savings on power bills, so it’s a good idea to partner with GoSwitch on your search for a better deal. Our energy plan comparison service examines the best plans of energy retailers in real-time, and tariffs that can include:

  • Dual fuel
  • Green power
  • Prepaid
  • Bill smoothing
  • Time of use

Add in gas to your plan and save

A GoSwitch search will show you how much you can save off energy market prices, along with cost-effective electricity rates and gas plans for homes in the ACT, NSW, Vic and other Australian states. Special saver rates are also available for combining electricity and gas in a bundle deal. Save even more on usage charges and lower emissions with an all-in-one power, internet and phone deal, courtesy of the amazing GoSwitch search engine.

save on energy costs
Solar power energy plans

Solar Feed-In Tariffs

Your partnership with GoSwitch includes the opportunity to work with renewable energy retailers. You can dedicate a part of your bill to renewable energy and environmentally sustainable options such as wind power and solar power to reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition, you can sell the electricity you generate back to the grid as solar feed-in tariffs. If you have solar connected to your home, the excess power you generate can help to lower your electricity bills.

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Understand your electricity bill

Your electricity bill contains all information related to your energy plan and energy usage. Here is some information worth reviewing before you decide to switch plans.

  • Contract term
  • Cooling off period
  • Terms and conditions
  • Eligibility
  • Contract length
  • Contract incentives
  • Contract updates

You will also be investigating supply and usage charges and special energy usage incentives for saving money on energy bills. When you are ready to make the switch, GoSwitch can make it happen for you.

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rebates and concessions - get money back on energy bills

Energy concessions available

Savings can quickly accumulate, so it’s worth finding out if you are eligible for government rebates or concessions. Power bills can be dramatically reduced for those most in need. Here are some energy concessions GoSwitch will uncover for you and your family.

Small business energy prices

GoSwitch partners include small business energy providers and retailers you can trust. Our well-known and highly competitive network of ACT retailers is another reason GoSwitch is the trusted Australian energy price comparison service.

If you deserve a better small business energy deal, start your search with GoSwitch, and locate the right electricity or gas deal for your requirements. If you desire better energy-efficient outcomes, GoSwitch has the energy to make your plan a reality.

compare small business electricity costs
thinking of energy comparison

How GoSwitch can help you compare providers and plans

While the ACT may be the smallest state in Australia, it is still possible for consumers to make a big impact on their household energy bills. Comparing electricity providers and switching remains one of the most effective ways to drive down electricity costs.

Given the size of the ACT market, there are fewer electricity providers than in other parts of Australia, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a big opportunity to save on energy bills. Try GoSwitch today and find out exactly how much you can save.

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The energy market is smaller in the ACT, but there are plenty of opportunities for electricity consumers to save on energy bills. Compare your current deal to the rest of the market with GoSwitch, and find a company that best suits your lifestyle and preferences.

There is an ongoing competition to be the cheapest electricity provider. However, cheapest doesn’t always equate to ‘best’, and your search should include a personalised electricity or power deal for your home and lifestyle.

GoSwitch tailors plans in real-time, at zero cost to you. We earn a commission from energy retailers for new contracts, so it is in our best interest to locate the best possible deals for you. Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction, and your personalised plan may include:

  • electricity only
  • electricity plus gas
  • electricity, gas, and solar power
  • energy, internet and phone bundle deals
  • solar feed tariffs
  • renewable energy initiatives

No one wants to pay more than they should for electricity. If you are looking to save money on energy bills for your family, household, or small business, GoSwitch can show you how to do it. Simply enter your postcode to get started, and locate highly competitive deals from leading energy retailers. Find the most cost-effective energy deal for your home, and shave hundreds of dollars annually off power bills.