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Compared to many Australian energy companies, Click Energy offers genuine savings on power rates. Compare Click Energy plans against the competition, and make your GoSwitch energy comparison a profitable move.

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About Click Energy

Now a part of AGL, a proud Australian company with a 184-year history of nationwide energy delivery and supply, Click Energy deals include a number of power options for households and small businesses. Usage rates and supply rates vary between energy plans, and AGL brings leverage which means customers have more opportunities than ever to save on annual power bills.

Compare the base rates and special features of competing energy products using the powerful GoSwitch price comparison search engine. This will ensure you are getting the best available deal. You will also have the opportunity to personalise your plan with initiatives that include solar power feed-in tariffs and sustainable energy products.

Service Areas of Click Energy
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Electricity and Gas plans and packages

Click Energy provides a streamlined suite of energy plans for Australian homes. Keeping costs down means tariffs (charges) are highly competitive against other electricity retailers and gas suppliers. The Click partnership with AGL has also resulted in a new brand of electricity and gas plans and packages.

AGL supplies electricity and gas to deregulated industry energy customers in Victoria, New South Wales, South-East Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania. The company delivers 4.2 million gas, electricity, and telecommunications services to customers all around Australia, and accounts for around 20% of electricity generation capacity within the national electricity market. Look for Click Energy AGL bundle electricity & gas plans that include joining incentives and other money saver features.

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Usage and Supply Charges

Your electricity bill or gas bill will include supply charges and usage charges. In the energy industry, these charges are called tariffs. Supply charges are the cost for the delivery of energy from power stations to your local area. Usage charges are the cost you pay for using power at your home or business.

The supply charges are generally charged at a fixed rate, whereas usage charges vary and can be structured to save you money. Here are some tariffs worth considering when you negotiate a new energy plan.

Single rate tariffs: With a single rate tariff plan, the kW/h rate remains the same 24/7.

Time of use tariffs: Structure your plan with variable kW/h rates applied at different times of the day. These include peak, shoulder, and off-peak rates.

Controlled load tariffs: This tariff is for separately metered appliances.

There are more ways your GoSwitch energy consultant can help you save on tariffs, and you can start your price comparison search simply by entering your postcode into our search engine. In addition, competitive retailers such as Click Energy advertise a range of discounts and incentives. Look for savings with:

  • Conditional discounts that apply if certain conditions are met, such as direct debit pay-on-time discounts.
  • Guaranteed discounts that apply for part or all of the contract term, such as solar energy feed-in tariffs and no exit fees.
city single rate tariffs and off-peak times
Kilowatt hour electric meter, smart electricity meters Choosing the right energy provider, energy retailer and energy plan can dramatically lower your energy costs. The GoSwitch price comparison service will show you the many ways you can compare and save, plus an energy specialist is on hand to answer questions whenever required, all totally free of charge. We can help you save in ways that include:

Click Energy tariffs: Explore a range of deals to find the best usage rates, daily supply charge, and single-rate tariffs. These plans are priced well below the market offer or government default offer.

Rebates: Energy saving rebates are available for a wide range of circumstances. Rebates include the low-income household rebate, seniors energy rebate, family energy rebate, gas rebate and other concessions.

Renewable Energy: Choose an energy contract designed for carbon-neutral living. GoSwitch partners with sustainable energy retailers such as Click Energy who offer solar feed rebates and electricity from renewable energy sources.

Smart Meter advantages: A smart meter allows you to oversee energy use without the need for a separate meter reader. A smart meter relays information to your retailer periodically, and you can check the meter anytime for bill management and strategic energy usage.

Special energy offers: In a competitive and deregulated energy industry there are some great energy offers and some that are not so great. GoSwitch quickly sorts out the best from the rest, so you can make an educated and informed decision when switching energy providers.

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Top electricity plans compared

It’s easy to compare the most competitive electricity plans when working with Australia’s most highly regarded energy companies and retailers. Understanding electricity plan essentials is fast with GoSwitch, and the entire process takes only a few minutes. Here is how it works.

  1. Getting started – Make a home or business energy usage profile. Include peak and off-peak energy use times plus average billing cycle energy use.
  2. Compare great deals – The GoSwitch price comparison tool is used to find competitive energy deals from well-known retailers.  We crunch the numbers for you.
  3. Set up a new account – If you choose to make the switch for a better offer, your GoSwitch assistant can help you set up the new account. Our service to you is totally free, and the savings are yours to keep.
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Click Energy electricity rates

Click Energy entered the deregulated market with a mission to offer energy price savings well below the reference price. Flexible features included no lock-in contracts, a variety of payment options, bundle electricity/natural gas deals, and call centre customer support assistance.

The great deals continue, and the partnership with AGL means Victorian, NSW, and Qld customers all have access to the most innovative and flexible energy products available. If you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or anywhere else in southern and eastern Australia, GoSwitch has the right energy plan for you.

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Great deals every day

In today’s energy world it’s common for Australians to change energy retailers often. Aussie homeowners relocate often, and renters move around a lot, so it’s no surprise that electricity and gas companies are competing hard for business. GoSwitch is ready to assist when you want to change to a better deal.

GoSwitch partners include Click Energy, AGL, Energy Australia, Dodo and OVO, to name a few. We work with partners who provide a range of energy products, rebates, energy price incentives and payment options that make your life smoother. You can even choose a provider that bundles electricity, gas, internet and phone together so you never lose track of bills again.

Click distribution networks

In partnership with AGL, Click has dramatically increased distribution networks in major Australian cities and regional areas. In fact, wherever you find a deregulated Australian energy industry, you will find Click and other major energy providers vying for customers.

It’s worth securing the most economical energy deal for your home. GoSwitch has become Australia’s go-to energy comparison search tool for all the right reasons, including the widest range of highly competitive offers from Australia’s leading providers and retailers. Try GoSwitch out for yourself and find out just why we are so popular.

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Compare energy plans in each state

With GoSwitch, you can compare energy plans wherever you live. If you are planning a move to another region or state, GoSwitch can compare plans there for you also, even before you move. There is a lot to consider when moving home, including disconnecting energy at your current address and reconnecting at your new address, and GoSwitch can oversee that for you too.

The GoSwitch service goes beyond a basic energy comparison. We also offer personal call centre assistance for making a money saver change. Before making a move, make a switch with GoSwitch.

  • Find out if there is electricity, gas, or solar power connected at your new home.
  • Consider bundle electricity, gas, and solar power feed-in tariff deals.
  • Find out if there is a smart meter installed at your new home.
  • Make sure all outstanding bills are paid before making a switch (current bill cycle excluded).

With a little advance planning and GoSwitch assistance, you can enjoy electricity and gas services at your new residence the moment you walk in the door.

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Energy services available

Energy rates vary between retailers, and the various energy services available provide the potential for annual cost savings if you know where to look. A good start is by entering your postcode into the GoSwitch comparison tool. You will find a wide range of services and plans from Australia’s leading providers in real-time, including ways to personalise your energy deal, such as:

  • Dual fuel electricity and gas bundle deal
  • Green power sustainable energy solutions
  • Prepaid option for pay-on-time discounts
  • Bill smoothing for better account management
  • Time of use options for tailored energy savings
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Solar power energy plans

Solar plans

Click Energy is well known for solar energy plans in Australian states, giving solar customers plenty to think about. GoSwitch will easily weigh up the pros and cons of usage rates versus feed-in tariffs to determine the most suitable retailer for you. For example, if your home exports a lot of power back to the grid, a plan with higher feed-in tariffs will be an obvious consideration.

Solar can power a lot of electricity needs and be the right finishing touch for your home. Renewable energy lowers bills and solar pays for itself over time. Here are six solar power advantages.

  1. Save on monthly bills
  2. Sell excess energy back to the grid.
  3. All solar electricity can be used or sold with zero power wastage
  4. Become energy independent or less reliant on the grid.
  5. Appreciate modern, high-quality solar panels that can last for decades of reliable service.
  6. Improve the appearance and resale value of your home with a well-built solar system.

Click Energy solar rates

Click Energy provides some of the highest solar feed-in tariffs available. Here are some generous recent offers from Click Energy.

  • NSW: 11-16c/kWh
  • QLD: 8-12 c/kWh
  • VIC: 10.2c/kWh
  • SA: 14-17c/kWh
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Compare Electricity and Gas Plans

Compare energy plans and deals with GoSwitch

Nobody wants high energy bills. Fortunately, progressive energy retailers offer attractive electricity and gas plans for every type of household. GoSwitch takes the guesswork out of getting a better energy deal by helping you make an informed decision. GoSwitch deals are consistently better than the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) average, and the time is right to use our free energy comparison service. Simply enter your postcode to start the search.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Click Energy Plans

Click Energy is competitive and cost-effective. Cheap companies come and go while offering imitation products, but GoSwitch partners such as Click Energy, AGL, Energy Australia and Dodo are here to stay with the best available money-saving deals.

Click Energy is owned by AGL, one of Australia’s premium energy companies. The industry weight that AGL carries has allowed Click Energy to offer pricing that competitors simply cannot match.

This will depend on your household and your lifestyle. Your energy usage accounts for the bulk of your energy bill, so it is worth establishing an energy usage plan for your home. This will give you an idea if fixed or variable energy is the right option for you. Here are some considerations.

  • The number of people residing in your home
  • The size of your home
  • The location (town or suburb) of your home
  • The way your home is used: busy or quiet?
  • The appliances in your home: what are they and when are they used?

Fast-track your comparison search using the famous GoSwitch energy comparison tool. With multiple energy retailers competing for their market share, you get to influence better electricity, gas, and telecommunications deals. It really is easier than ever to compare energy bills and switch providers with GoSwitch advantages, such as:

  • Compare the most competitive energy plans in one place.
  • Speak to a GoSwitch consultant about energy plan advantages.
  • Search using the GoSwitch comparison tool absolutely free of charge.
  • Allow GoSwitch to show you savings opportunities that will lower your energy bills.

With GoSwitch on your side, you can make an informed decision when choosing an energy retailer that suits your specific requirements. Search with GoSwitch and start saving straight away.