Compare Electricity Providers In NSW

At GoSwitch, we compare a full list of NSW electricity suppliers and retailers to find you the cheapest electricity provider. The GoSwitch comparison service compares energy rates and packages and locates competitive prices per kW/h making your energy switch made easy.

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Comparing Energy made easy in NSW with GoSwitch

The deregulation of the electricity supply market in NSW allows electricity providers to establish independent energy plans, usage rates, supply charges and billing plans to attract customers. GoSwitch can compare the offers of all major electricity (and gas) providers in NSW, and provide you with the results for free. The outcome is financial savings and energy made easy with GoSwitch.

Comparing energy plans in minutes online

At GoSwitch, you can use our free online electricity comparison service and compare a range of electricity plans for making an informed decision. The entire process only takes a few minutes, with no obligation to change from your present electricity plan. Here are the basics of how it works:

  • • Get started: Make an energy usage profile of your present residential or business electricity use. This should include peak and off-peak times plus your general household electricity energy usage during your billing cycle.
  • • Compare the deals: At GoSwitch, We use precise comparison technology to access competitive energy deals that suit your needs.  We crunch the numbers to get the results you are looking for.
  • • Set up and start saving: Once you have accepted an offer, GoSwitch will help you set up the account for a smooth transition to electricity deal financial savings, and we don’t charge a cent.

What you need to know about electricity plans and bills

Electricity plans vary from New South Wales to Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and other Australian States and Territories. Supply charges and usage rates can also vary in regional NSW due to remoteness and the cost of electricity supply infrastructure. Here are a few things to know about electricity plans and bills.

  • • Pricing: New South Wales energy providers offer promotional rates, discount rates, peak and off-peak price times, cost per kW/h, and pay on time discounts.
  • • Fees & Charges: These can include early cancellation fees (exit fees) from your present energy retailer contract. GoSwitch will ensure your move to a new energy provider is a profitable one.
  • • Contract type: Contract incentives can include a fixed-price period and zero exit fees that offer customers certainty and flexibility.
  • • Payment method: It is important to establish a regular bill payment method that suits your style. Choose bill frequency of paper bills and electronic bills so you can keep a handle on finances.

Other things to consider include renewable energy sources and the option to include gas and electricity in a single energy bill.

How GoSwitch can help you Compare Energy plans

As Australia’s favourite energy comparison service, GoSwitch can help NSW residents save in lots of ways. All energy providers in a deregulated market are required to publish their energy plans, and GoSwitch has all the information in one place, ready to share it with you for free.

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Electricity tariffs and peak and off-peak times explained

Electricity charges are usually a combination of fixed daily supply charges and variable usage charges. With GoSwitch, it is possible to structure variable usage charges with your individual energy plan:

  • Single rate business electricity tariffs: With a single rate tariff, the kW/h rate remains the same, regardless of the time of day.
  • Time of use business electricity tariffs: Variable kW/h rates adjust at different times of the day. They include peak hour rates, shoulder rates and off-peak rates.
  • Controlled load tariffs: This rate applies to separately metered appliances that only run during off-peak hours.
  • In addition, NSW electricity retailers offer a variety of discounts and renewable energy rebates.
  • Conditional discounts: These electricity bill discounts apply when conditions are met, such as on-time bill payment.
  • Guaranteed discounts: These electricity deal discounts apply for the entire contract term, without additional conditions.

Choosing the right energy provider, energy retailer and electricity plan can result in significantly cheaper energy costs. Take advantage of the GoSwitch comparison service and connect with a GoSwitch energy specialist today for major energy plan savings.

Looking at Going Solar – what are the benefits?

Solar energy can power a lot of household electricity needs. In addition, energy retailers and electricity providers buy electricity back to be used in the grid. Cost-cutting and saving on energy bills are advantages of going solar in sunny Australia. GoSwitch will identify energy rebates from NSW electricity providers and distributors, and factor renewable energy in as part of your cheaper electricity plan.

Who are the reputable electricity providers in NSW?

NSW regional, rural and city-based customers all have access to reputable electricity providers. From Sydney to Newcastle and the Central Coast, to outback Bourke and Broken Hill, new electricity retailers continue to shake up the market with special saver rates, single-rate tariffs, supply charges and usage rates. Reputable NSW electricity providers include:

  • Energy Australia
  • AGL
  • Dodo
  • Powerdirect
  • Blue NRG

NSW concessions and rebates – what you need to know

The New South Wales government offers a variety of energy rebates and concessions to help reduce energy bills. There are rebates that apply to retail and supply customers. Eligible energy retail customers in NSW can access energy rebates that include:

  • Low-income household rebate
  • Gas rebate
  • Family energy rebate
  • Life support rebate
  • Medical energy rebate
  • Seniors energy rebate (seniors discount)

Your GoSwitch electricity expert will take all this and much more into consideration when tailoring an electricity plan that suits you.

Tracking your usage

It is important to understand your energy usage in order to take advantage of competitive energy prices and default market offers across a range of electricity price plans and electricity deals. Consider the number, age and efficiency of your appliances along with:

  • The number of people in your home
  • The size of your home
  • The location of your home
  • Home use: busy or quiet?

Moving house – GoSwitch has you covered

Moving house is the perfect time to renegotiate cheaper energy plans, whether you reside in NSW, Qld, Vic, or anywhere else around Australia. You can also consider using a smart meter, renewable energy rebates, and other concessions not being offered by your current provider. GoSwitch will guide you through the entire process of finding a cheaper electricity company, so you can focus on the big move.

Deregulation – the details and facts

Deregulation of the electricity supply and retail industry opened up new opportunities for electricity providers in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and other Australian states. The result is fierce competition between electricity retailers and a financial windfall for cheaper electricity customers.

Independent electricity retailers purchase energy from large electricity powerhouse providers before on-selling the electricity to consumers. Electricity retailers are responsible for your connection to the grid and management of your billing account, along with the price you pay for your power. GoSwitch will investigate all this and much more on your behalf, such as:

  • The GST component
  • Direct debit payment schedules
  • Controlled load options
  • Tariffs
  • Disclaimers
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All Your NSW’s Electricity FAQs Answered

High energy bills are unwanted, and energy retailers are offering attractive electricity plans. The time is right to use the GoSwitch comparison service. Simply enter your postcode and start your search.

This will depend on where you live and the way you use electricity and gas in your home. There are so many variables the investigation could get mind boggling; that’s why people in Sydney, Newcastle and other NSW locations choose GoSwitch to perform the energy usage calculations.

Our energy comparison service is free, and the choices remain all yours for choosing a new electricity retailer or sticking with your current provider.

NSW residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to the best electricity and gas providers. Big name distributors with a reputation for competitive pricing include AGL, Origin Energy, Dodo and Energy Australia, to name a few.

There is a bundle of energy retailer information online, although wading through the information can become a time-consuming and confusing task. The easiest, fastest and most cost-effective method of comparing energy retailers is by using the GoSwitch comparison service, backed up by our online call centre electricity experts who can guide you through the steps.

With GoSwitch, it is a team effort. You provide us with your postcode, plus an overview of your household makeup and electricity use, and our accurate and up-to-date comparison service will provide NSW electricity rates in real time.