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Energy price comparison is made easy using the GoSwitch comparison tool. Compare electricity prices in Sydney with GoSwitch, and find the cheapest available plans for your household or small business.

Compare electricity plans and prices

At GoSwitch, we recommend that you revise your energy plan annually. Electricity prices and energy deals are constantly changing in the deregulated Sydney market. It only takes a few minutes to undertake a targeted GoSwitch energy price comparison search for your postcode, and you can get a better power deal well below the market offer.

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Cheap electricity rates in Sydney

Electricity usage rates in Sydney are measured in kW/h (kilowatts per hour). There are two main factors that determine associated costs:

Electricity Usage: The amount of energy used by a property is dependent on the type of appliances you use, the energy efficiency of the appliances, and when you use the appliances.

Electricity Prices: The kW/h price you pay for power is the other major factor influencing energy costs. Energy retailers each offer their own kW/h rates. A good deal on kW/h electricity will result in a better overall energy deal.

In addition, electricity providers offer a wide range of contract features and incentives. GoSwitch will locate incentives available for your postcode and give you lots of opportunities to fine-tune your contract for maximum savings. The power is in your hands with GoSwitch.

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Renewable Energy – Benefits and Comparing providers

Renewable energy is an important consideration. Options include wind power, hydro, and solar power energy solutions. Sunshine is free, and Australia is the ideal country to take advantage of hot summers and mild winters.

Energy retailers in Sydney buy solar energy feed-in tariffs back to the grid. After the initial setup costs, a quality solar power system will reduce monthly bills and pay for itself over time. GoSwitch can locate solar power renewable energy initiatives for a green power carbon-neutral electricity plan.

The powerful GoSwitch energy price comparison tool can even target the best value solar systems for your home. Plus, you get to speak with an energy expert who can guide you every step of the way for optimised electricity bill savings.

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Smart Meter – What they are all about

A smart meter can be connected to your home for additional control over your power bills. Smart meters are becoming common for lots of good reasons, including.

  • Eliminate manual monthly meter readings
  • Monitor your electricity system and usage in real-time
  • Encourage efficient use of power resources, such as off-peak electricity
  • Provide responsive data for balancing loads and reducing blackouts
  • Enable dynamic pricing arrangements

Tips for saving money on your electricity bill

A GoSwitch price comparison search will locate lots of ways you can save on energy bills. Customers in Sydney, New South Wales, and other Australian states appreciate electricity and gas plans that are flexible and adaptable, and GoSwitch delivers. You can even use the GoSwitch service if moving interstate to Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and other Australian states and territories.

GoSwitch partners with well-known and highly regarded retailers such as Energy Australia, AGL, Dodo and 1st Energy along with regional distributors such as the Ausgrid Network. GoSwitch electricity deals are the real deal from leading Australian retailers. Here are a few tips for saving even more money on electricity bills.

  • Keep your home dry. Open the curtains to let the sun in during winter. Avoid drying clothes indoors as this creates moisture.
  • Turn off appliances when they are not in use. Standby appliance mode requires electricity.
  • Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible. The efficiency of machines and detergents has improved. A hot water wash can use up to 10 times as much energy as cold water.
  • Don’t be over-reliant on your clothes dryer. Air-dry whenever possible. Regularly clean the lint filter to ensure the dryer works efficiently.
  • Use heaters sparingly, on a lower setting if possible to reduce energy consumption around the house.
  • Use heat pumps efficiently, and only when needed. Keep the filters clean for better energy efficiency.
  • Run appliances at night during off-peak energy usage times, when demand for electricity is far lower and electricity prices are cheaper.
  • Take advantage of government initiatives for healthy homes, such as solar panel installation rebates.
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Combining Gas and Electricity – Finding the cheapest plan

Electricity is charged according to kW/h use, and there are lots of adaptable energy plans worth exploring, with the potential to save on electricity usage. Tailor a personalised energy plan according to your household or small business requirements. Options include:

  • Electricity Plans
  • Electricity + Gas bundle deals
  • Electricity + Gas + Broadband
  • Electricity + Gas + Broadband + Home Phone
  • Solar panel comparison price search
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Save money – compare electricity plans and providers in Sydney

The GoSwitch energy price comparison service will quickly find competitive electricity prices from preferred retailers in Sydney. In order to get the best possible deal, you can make an energy usage profile as part of your search, and speak with a GoSwitch energy expert for more inspiration. You should consider:

  • The appliances in your home
  • The efficiency (energy-star-rating) of the appliances
  • The age of the appliances
  • The number of people using your home and appliances
  • The size of your home
  • The location of your home
  • The age and activities of household residents
  • Your household income
  • Your lifestyle: busy or quiet?
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Understanding usage rates

Electricity rates (tariffs) are a combination of daily supply charges from regional distribution networks such as Ausgrid, and usage charges from companies such as Energy Australia and AGL. Some charges can be adapted to help you save on monthly power bills. Tariffs include:

  • Single rate tariffs where the kW/h rate remains the same 24/7
  • Time-of-use tariffs (peak, shoulder, and off-peak)
  • Controlled load tariffs for stand-alone, independently metered appliances.

GoSwitch will find competitive Sydney electricity usage rates well below the reference price.

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Understanding your Electricity Bill and Energy Pricing in Sydney

There are dozens of ways you can fine-tune your Sydney energy account to get the best electricity rates available. A GoSwitch price comparison search will locate all available savings in ways that can include:

  • Flat rate fees
  • Flexible payment options
  • Lower costs per kW/h
  • Pay on time discounts
  • Zero exit fees
  • Cheaper supply charges
  • Energy concessions
  • Benefit period incentives
  • Direct debit payment discount
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Comparing Electricity Rates with Go Switch

NSW electricity deals are attracting residential customers to make the switch to a better contract. Whether you live in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, or anywhere else in NSW, Qld, Vic, or other Australian regions, there has never been a better time to make the switch. At GoSwitch, we recommend you undertake a price comparison search annually to fine-tune your contract and save on energy bills.

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Different energy retailers in Sydney

GoSwitch partners with leading Australian electricity and gas retailers with a reputation for quality customer service. Our partners include Energy Australia, Dodo, AGL, Sumo, Origin, OVO, 1st Energy and Blue NRG. You are in safe hands with GoSwitch and can switch to a better deal with confidence. Whether you require basic plan information, or a tailored plan just for you, GoSwitch can assist.

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How GoSwitch can help you find a better deal

GoSwitch is convenient, and the entire process can be performed online from the comfort of your own home in three simple steps.

  1. Make an energy usage profile of your electricity use, including peak and off-peak electricity usage, plus overall annual usage.
  2. Use the GoSwitch search engine to compare Sydney energy deals, locate savings, and find the latest and best value electricity and gas deals.
  3. Accept a better offer. Your GoSwitch energy expert can help you set up the account for a smooth transition to energy bill savings.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Comparing Electricity Prices In Sydney

There are lots of energy providers and electricity retailers in the deregulated Australian energy market. GoSwitch partners with only the best and most highly valued providers, so you can make the switch to a new account with confidence.

The cheapest electricity supplier changes month-to-month as competing retailers introduce new incentives and savings opportunities. However, cheapest isn’t always best and it is a better idea to establish a personalised plan that perfectly suits your home or small business.

You could take hours, or even days, in an independent energy comparison search. Alternatively, use the powerful GoSwitch price comparison service and locate the best available deals in real-time, absolutely free of charge. It really is that easy.

Search according to your postcode, then speak to a GoSwitch energy expert. We are in the business of finding better prices on electricity bills, and new energy customers are the big winners.