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Finding the cheapest electricity NSW has to offer is easy with the GoSwitch energy comparison service. Compare the best deals and lowest offers from highly competitive electricity providers, and enjoy personalised energy made easy for your home.

Compare Your NSW Electricity Plan

Times change and cheaper electricity are available for residential customers. Even daily supply charges overseen by the government regulator can vary, what to speak of kilowatt-hour costs and tariffs for using energy at different times of the day.

There are lots more reasons to compare your electricity plan for a better deal. If you are in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia or Tasmania, we can help you save money on energy bills, at zero cost. Simply type in your postcode and our electricity price comparison service will help you with the rest.

Energy retailer Savings

Energy Prices and Plans NSW

The energy market in NSW is deregulated, allowing you to choose from a range of energy providers in your area. Australia is a big country, so you will need to check the available energy providers and energy retailers according to your postcode.

Electricity generated in power stations is distributed around the country and overseen by regional networks. For example, the Ausgrid network maintains electricity infrastructure and supply for large parts of Sydney and surrounds. Independent energy retailers then take over, focusing on Sydney and regional NSW services. Competition is strong to give you a better electricity deal, so it’s good to know there is an easy way to compare the offers of electricity retailers.

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Compare energy plans with GoSwitch

GoSwitch takes the confusion away from energy comparison. Our comparison tool automatically sorts energy offers according to your preferences. There are lots of ways we can help you fine-tune the deal, including:

Flexible user charges for peak, shoulder and off-peak times
Contract length and exit fees
Pay on time discounts, direct debit discounts
Bundle deals with electricity, gas and internet
Other savings incentives and discounts

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Finding the cheapest electricity provider for you

It only takes 5 minutes to locate some of the best electricity deals from well-known providers in your area. Use the GoSwitch comparison tool, and save time and money. Take the first steps online, and you can even speak with a GoSwitch energy professional who can help you personalise a better energy usage plan. All you need to do is:

Enter your postcode
Enter if you are using solar panels for feed-in tariffs
State your preference for electricity, gas, or bundle deals
Select your property type (home or small business)
Select an energy usage profile for your household or small business

The GoSwitch system works in real-time to inform you of the latest highly competitive energy deals in NSW. If you are not satisfied with your electricity bill, there are ways to pay lower usage rates and take advantage of savings incentives.

How to compare the best energy deals

There are several areas worth comparing to ensure you are getting the best possible energy deal. You will need to compare your current plan with new plans on the market, and GoSwitch will get straight to the business of finding cost-effective deals online. Here are 7 ways we can help fine-tune your pricing plan.

  1. Locating a range of the best energy deals in NSW
  2. Showing you the benefits of various plans and providers
  3. Showing you the benefits of switching plans or providers
  4. Understanding incentives for combining electricity, gas, and internet
  5. Offering deals from highly regarded retailers and providers
  6. Locating incentives, special offers, rebates, and cheaper prices
  7. Discovering every possible way to get you a better deal
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Understanding energy discounts in NSW

Energy discounts can add up to big savings on annual usage rates. The reference price or default market offer in NSW, Vic, Qld, and other Australian states is a guideline, but highly competitive energy companies are in the business of getting a better deal for their customers. That’s where the GoSwitch price comparison service comes into the picture. You may be eligible for energy discounts, and we will show you where to find the savings.

NSW Electricity Rates

Electricity is used in almost every Australian home. Government-regulated supply charges are an additional power cost. Here are some usage rates based on selected postcodes in Australian states, as of October 2020.

  • NSW – 25.78c/kWh
  • QLD – 21.30c/kWh
  • VIC – 23.47c/kWh
  • SA – 34.59c/kWh

Your energy bill will include a fixed supply charge from your electricity distributor, along with charges for electricity use. This information, and a whole lot more, can be used for a targeted energy plan with GoSwitch.

Energy providers we recommend in NSW

GoSwitch partners with highly regarded energy providers and retailers in Sydney and greater NSW. Our partners include:

  • EnergyAustralia
  • Dodo
  • AGL
  • BlueNRG
  • Sumo

Simply enter your postcode into the GoSwitch price comparison search engine, and choose from among the best energy providers in your local area.

Government rebates and discounts in NSW

Small incentives add up to big annual savings, so it is worth knowing if you are eligible for NSW Government rebates or discounts that help reduce energy bills. Here are some ways you may be able to save.

  • Low-income household rebate
  • Family energy rebate
  • Seniors’ energy rebate (seniors discount)
  • Gas rebate
  • Life support rebate

Armed with the right information, your GoSwitch energy expert can locate electricity and NSW gas plans to suit your home or small business, and the savings are all yours to keep.

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Comparing plans made easy with GoSwitch

There has never been a better time for changing energy retailers or providers. You may be ready to make a change for any number of reasons, such as:

  • You move house often and look for a new plan with each move
  • Your household dynamics have changed and no longer match your energy plan
  • You require tailored solutions for busy work/home life balance

GoSwitch will compare your plan with those of other providers, and show you how to save with a great deal.

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Deregulation in NSW

The deregulated NSW energy industry means there is a lot of competition vying for your business. Prices are naturally impacted by decisions of the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) in its role as part of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

In other words, the open energy market offers lots of savings’ opportunities, while your contract is protected by government agencies responsible for fair trading. Deregulation leads to a highly competitive industry and better deals for customers.

Deregulation of electricity in Australia
Compare Electricity and Gas Plans

Renewable energy- what are your options

Energy in Australia is mostly sourced from mining activities, although there is a continued push for renewable energy initiatives. These include solar power and wind power systems. GoSwitch will find retailers who provide renewable energy usage options. By dedicating a part of your bill to renewable energy, you are lessening your carbon footprint.

In addition, you can sell electricity generated from solar panels back to the grid as solar feed-in tariffs. If you have solar connected to your home and are generating excess battery/electricity power, you can cash in and save on electricity bills.

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Switching plans in NSW with GoSwitch

Switching plans should involve getting the ideal plan for your lifestyle. GoSwitch will tailor plans that meet your requirements in real-time, at zero cost to you. We earn a commission from energy retailers for new contracts, so it is in our best interest to find the best possible deals for you. The GoSwitch reputation is built on customer satisfaction. Your new plan may include:

  • electricity only
  • electricity and gas
  • electricity, gas, and solar
  • energy and internet bundle deals
  • solar feed tariffs back to the grid
  • environmentally sustainable initiatives

What else you need to know…to save those extra few dollars

All energy contracts contain terms and conditions, making price comparison complex. Your contract may include features, charges and incentives that impact the bill, and GoSwitch can target money saver opportunities. Here is some contract terminology to look out for.

  • Supply charges
  • Usage charges (peak, shoulder, off-peak)
  • Single rate tariff
  • Controlled load
  • Standing offers
  • Cost per kWh (kilowatt hour)
  • Contract length, payment schedule, exit fees

With GoSwitch, an energy expert is always available to answer questions and provide assistance. We take the complexity out of electricity, and our service to you is 100% free.

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Frequently Answered Questions About Finding the Cheapest Electricity Deals In NSW

In a deregulated electricity market, the cheapest deals and providers are constantly changing. All energy retailers look for opportunities to offer savings and incentives, and energy users are the big winners. At GoSwitch, we don’t just look for the cheapest electricity provider, we find the one that suits your household and lifestyle best.

NSW is a huge state, and there are many providers to compare. GoSwitch serves Sydney, Newcastle, Greater NSW, Victoria, and other Australian regions, so we only partner with the most trusted and reliable service providers. Our partners, such as Energy Australia, Dodo, and AGL are consistently near the top of any energy comparison search.

Deals come and go, and the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best. At GoSwitch, we tailor energy plans that match customer needs. In this way, you will naturally use less power, or use power at times when it is less costly. Let us help you refine your search.

The states with a deregulated industry have cheaper electricity in Australia. This is good news for GoSwitch customers in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, and Tasmania who understand the value of a better deal. If you are ready to make a change, try GoSwitch today and see just how much you can save.