How Australian’s can save $760 off their electricity bills

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4 December 2020 3 mins read

Australia has been experiencing unprecedented increases in gas and electricity costs over a number of years now. There is a myriad of reasons for energy bills increasing, we’re going to provide some quick wins on how you can reduce the costs of your bills immediately.

Some of the main factors that affect your energy use include:

  • The weather and climate in your location
  • The size of your home, if it’s a townhouse, apartment or freestanding.
  • The design of your home including how much sun it gets and if heating and cooling opportunities are utilised.
  • The size and number of appliances and their energy efficiency capabilities.
  • The habits and personal preferences of the people in your house will be a big factor. Especially when it comes to things like how much cooking, showering and washing is done and how often.

In order to make changes quickly, the first step is to take a look at what uses the most energy in your home. By identifying the big energy consumers like the washing machine and devices that are left on overnight, you can start to identify the bigger costs.

Follow these easy steps to start saving up to $760 per year for the average family of 4

  • If you’re using a second fridge, the cost adds up to around $172 per year
  • Using the clothesline once a week rather than using the dryer could save you $79.00 per year
  • Unplug consoles and chargers or other devices when they’re not being used and that could save you up to $193 per year
  • It’s also important to look at water efficiency. A water-efficient showerhead can save you up to $315 in energy and save on heating costs, as you’ll need to heat less water.
  • Avoid peak times where ever possible when using major appliances
  • Check your thermostat isn’t being left on when it’s not needed.
  • Check your windows as you could be losing up to 40% of your heat. Curtains can make a big difference to keep the heat in during winter and let the heat out and cool air in during summer.
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