How to Reduce Gas & Electricity Bills

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18 April 2024 4 mins read

It’s easy for bills to add up, and sometimes extreme weather and overuse can cause your household energy bills to skyrocket. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your bills. Take a look at our top tips for reducing electricity and gas bills.


Gas can be managed by monitoring your hot water use and oven usage. When you’re keeping an eye on the gas you will also be able to save on water too! For saving gas, here are a few ways you can reduce usage and save a few dollars:

Reduce hot water use: Are there any appliances or chores that can be done without the use of hot water? Like washing your clothes with cold water? Take a look at your gas and hot water usage and consider minimising the usage of tasks that don’t necessarily require hot water to do their job.

Reuse heat: If you have hot water from showers or excess hot water from washing your dishes – reuse it! Look for alternatives to your hot water instead of letting it go down the sink.
Keep heat contained: Close off doors if you are using a gas heater to lock in heat and minimise the gas required.

Consider solar energy: If you own your property and are looking for a way to cut your energy costs long term solar energy is a sustainable way to get the energy you need.
Gas prices and pricing models differ in QLD, Brisbane and NSW so make sure you compare like for like in your area.


Electricity usually adds up when you have an appliance running when you aren’t using them. They can also be influenced by the lights and fixtures you use. Here are some of our electricity-saving tips:

Take advantage of daylight: Particularly in summer, daylight can make a huge difference to your electricity usage. Use curtains to block rays that could overheat your home, take advantage of cool breezes and close rooms to lock in temperatures.

Use LED lights: If you haven’t already replaced your lights you are probably using a lot more electricity than required. Once your lights have gone out opt for an energy-saving lightbulb. They lost a lot longer and require less energy.

Clean your A/C: Regular cleaning of your appliances does have an impact on their ability to do their job. If you have air conditioning make sure you get regular maintenance and clean out the vents. The dust that can collect makes it harder to cool or heat your space, which can in turn mean more energy required to impact your home.

Watch out for standby: When your appliances are on standby (still connected to the outlet) they continue to use electricity, albeit in small amounts. The standby energy can add up and make an impact on your electricity usage, so if you’re not using an appliance, switch it off and the wall.

Check out our top tips for reducing energy consumption when working from home.

Reconsider your plan/provider

If you’re careful with your usage and still feel like you could save more, consider comparing providers in your area such as cheap Victorian gas providers. Plus some providers offer bundle prices and discounts for eligible customers.

Sometimes it’s all about shopping the market to find the fit that saves you the most. Use a comparison portal to see what’s available in your area, or use a consultant/energy specialist to get you a detailed recommendation.

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