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Energy providers compete to deliver boast best deals for gas and electricity in NSW, the ACT, and beyond. To compare energy plans that save on the default market offer and suit your lifestyle, use the GoSwitch energy price comparison service.

What are the Gas and Electricity Networks in NSW?

There are three electricity distribution companies in New South Wales: Ausgrid, Essential Energy, and Endeavour Energy. All three companies operate in similar ways, although tariffs (charges) may vary slightly. These distributors supply high voltage electricity to regional retailers who compete for local customers with the best value mains power supply for electricity usage.

To connect with natural gas, you will need to contact the relevant network for your Sydney or NSW region, such as the Central Coast, Hunter, and Newcastle districts. Natural gas supply is not available in all regions, and not all premises can be connected. However, if your residence or small business is suitable, gas is competitively priced as a stand-alone product compared to average electricity consumption, and there is potential for saving with bundle electricity/gas deals.

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Compare Gas and Electricity Prices in NSW

Australian consumers expect a fair deal, and there has never been a better time to switch energy plans. As the favourite energy price comparison service in Australia, GoSwitch provides real-time access to the latest electricity and gas deals from highly-regarded retailers. Simply enter your postcode and a few general details about your household, and you will receive competitive deals with money-saving incentives and features.

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Gas and Electricity Plans Available in NSW

If you are relocating in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, or Tasmania, GoSwitch can find an energy deal that suits your lifestyle and budget. Energy bills are a reality, so we help you reduce energy usage. We locate electricity providers and energy retailers in your area, with pricing accurately calculated by the GoSwitch comparison tool. A typical plan will include:

  • Contract term : Retailers offer discounts for locking into an energy plan. However, some customers benefit from a plan with no lock-in contract.
  • Cooling off period : Electricity and gas NSW providers provide a 10-day cooling-off period in case you change your mind and want a refund.
  • Terms and conditions : This is an area where savings are found. The terms and conditions can vary, making a GoSwitch comparison the fast way to find a better contract.
  • Eligibility : This is particularly important for gas deals, as natural gas may not be available at your new location. Enter your postcode with GoSwitch to find providers in your area.
  • Contract length : Savings can also be found with contract terms, payment schedules, avoiding early exit fees, and other features.
  • Contract incentives : Incentives offered include pay on time discounts, direct debit payment discounts, off-peak saver discounts, and more.
  • Contract updates : Make sure your energy retailer is contactable online, over the phone or by mail, and provides regular updates about services and incentives.
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Benefits of Combining Gas and Electricity

Around 20% of Australian homes have both electricity and gas appliances, so it makes sense to bundle your gas and electricity plan with a single energy retailer. Gas can provide instant hot water and targeted gas flame for personalised home heating and cooking solutions. In addition, with a bundle deal, all billing details are in one place for convenient reference and retrieval.

Providers in NSW who offer both Gas and Electricity

As Australia’s most populated state, New South Wales customers have a lot of options when it comes to bundling gas/electricity deals. Favourite GoSwitch energy providers include:

AGL                                             Simply Energy
Energy Australia                          Sumo

Energy Plans to Compare

GoSwitch takes energy usage seriously by making energy market and energy distributor network comparisons. We then investigate individual retailers for features, incentives, and electricity cost savings. In a matter of minutes, we can provide you with all the information you need for finding a better electricity rates, gas plans, or bundle deals. Our energy specialists are on hand to answer all your questions, and the GoSwitch service to you is absolutely free.

NSW Gas and Electricity Tariffs Explained

Tariffs are electricity and gas charges. These charges include daily supply charges from major electricity and gas distributors such as the Ausgrid Network, plus retailer usage charges for power used by the consumer. Electricity consumption is usually measured by the kilowatt hour. Here are some tariffs and ideas for adapting your energy plan.

  • Supply charges
  • Single rate tariff 24/7
  • Time of use tariff for peak, shoulder, and off-peak energy usage
  • Controlled load tariff used for specific appliances
  • Solar feed-in tariffs for additional savings
  • Renewable energy initiatives
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Government Regulation of Prices

Australian governments regulate energy prices to maintain a stable energy market without dramatic electricity or gas price increases. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is the regulator of wholesale electricity. This establishes a fair playing field for the cheapest gas and electricity NSW retailers. The deregulated energy market in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and other Australian regions provides an opportunity for consumers to make the switch with GoSwitch, and save on gas and electricity bills.

Gas and Electricity Meters – What You Need to Know

There are different ways you can be charged for the gas or electricity you use. These include various types of usage rates that small business and residential customers should be aware of, with the tariff (cost) calculated by a meter. Here is how they work.

  • Accumulation meters, also known as flat-rate meters, that keep track of total electricity or gas usage.
  • Interval meters that record how much power is used every 30 minutes. You can have different charges for different times of the day.
  • Smart meters record information that includes energy consumption, voltage levels, power factor and current. Smart meters communicate directly with a user app.
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Save with Rebates and Concessions

Small savings add up over time, so it is worth finding out if you are eligible for government rebates or concessions for reducing energy bills. Here are some options.

  • Family energy rebate
  • Low-income household rebate
  • Gas rebate
  • Seniors energy rebate
  • Life support rebate
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Different Types of Energy Plans

Electricity retailers are in the business of delivering enticing energy plans to NSW customers. Energy rates and gas bills can vary markedly, and there is potential for large annual cost savings, so it is a good investment to partner with GoSwitch. Our energy plan comparison engine examines the best plans of energy retailers in real-time. Here are some ways to vary your tariffs from the standard reference price.

Dual fuel
Green power
Bill smoothing
Time of use

Connect electricity when you move home

Moving Home – What You Need to Know

Firstly, it will be good to find out if there is electricity, gas, or solar connected at your new residence. Bundle power and solar feedback options can be money savers. It’s also worth knowing if there is a smart meter installed at your new home. If you want to change electricity or gas plans, you will need to ensure all outstanding energy bills are paid. With proper coordination of services, you can have electricity and gas available at your new residence the moment you walk in the door.

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Zero Cost to Switch Plans

With GoSwitch, it won’t cost you anything to switch plans. We are in the business of saving you money, and our entire service to you is entirely free. GoSwitch receives a commission from energy retailers and providers for the establishment of new contracts, so getting the best possible deal for you is our top priority.

How Soon Can I Switch plans?

The GoSwitch service takes only 5 minutes. You can then speak to one of our energy professionals for more information about energy plan alternatives. After switching plans, you may not notice any change on your bill until the next billing cycle.

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How GoSwitch Can Help

The GoSwitch service covers Sydney, Newcastle, and other major NSW cities. We are also the favourite price comparison service with Victorian and Queensland customers. We can help you find the best energy prices in your area and tailor a personalised plan that suits your household and lifestyle. Our no-obligation service can deliver substantial annual savings on gas and electricity bills.

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In a deregulated market, the field is always changing. New deal features and incentives make a price comparison search the smart solution, and GoSwitch will locate some of the cheapest energy deals from highly regarded NSW providers in real-time.

The competition is fierce, but names repeatedly at the top of the list include Energy Australia, Dodo, and AGL. GoSwitch is proud to partner with these and other well-established retailers in the distribution network who are known to provide value for money.

It’s not unusual for electricity suppliers to boast of cheapest rates. However, you will need to examine the basic plan information and details to establish if it is the right plan for you. For example:

  • Is the discount for the duration of the plan, or just as a sign-on incentive?
  • Are there exit fees associated with the plan?
  • Can I bundle electricity and gas together?
  • Can I take the plan with me when I move house?
  • Is there a provision for solar power feed-in tariffs?
  • Do all costs include GST?