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About Simply Energy

Simply Energy has been offering smart and affordable electricity and gas plans to Australian households and businesses since 2005. The company serves electricity and gas customers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia with highly competitive energy plans.

Simply Energy boasts over 600,000 Australian customers and is now part of Engie, a global energy provider operating in 70 countries. Your connection with Simply Energy is in good hands when you make the switch with GoSwitch.

Simply Energy takes the guesswork out of energy usage with innovations such as online trackers and convenient payment options. This progressive energy provider also partners with iconic Australian brands such as NRMA and RAA for additional savings opportunities. It’s easy to see why so many Australians trust Simply Energy to take care of their energy needs.

Service Areas of Simply Energy
Solar power energy plans

Carbon Neutral Energy Plans

If attractive supply charges and usage rates aren’t enough to tempt you, how about this: All new Simply Energy plans provide carbon-neutral energy at no extra cost. You heard it right; when you sign up for a new plan, Simply Energy will offset carbon emissions from your energy usage. In other words, for every tonne of emissions you make, Simply Energy purchases one tonne of emission offsets.

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Residential Plans

Unique residential electricity and natural gas plans are offered by Simply Energy. As well as major savings on electricity and gas bills, your plan can feature savings courtesy of partners that include Village Cinemas, Big4 Holiday Parks and Seniors Card. Simply Energy will help you save in ways that can include:

  • Guaranteed discount on electricity usage and supply charges
  • Guaranteed discount on gas usage and supply charges
  • Carbon neutral energy to offset emissions, at no extra cost
  • No lock-in contracts
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Home Business Plans

Simply Energy has all angles covered with attractive home business plans. These plans are available if you have an ABN business and a residential address. Value-added plan features can include:

  • Guaranteed discount on the total bill (during the benefit period)
  • Exported solar feed-in tariffs
  • Monthly billing option
  • No fees for paper bills
  • No exit fees

Small Business Plans

Great Simply Energy deals extend to small business plans in NSW, Vic, Qld, and SA. Here are some plan features that are guaranteed to save you money on annual power bills.

  • Ongoing benefit period
  • Time of use with controlled load tariff
  • Guaranteed discount on the reference price
  • No move-in fee
  • No fees for paper bills
  • No exit fees
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Rates and Charges

The GoSwitch price comparison service takes you directly to highly competitive electricity, natural gas, and bundle deals in real-time, allowing you to fine-tune a potential contract. We give you the advantage of personalising energy plans by adapting to rates and charges (tariffs) that can include:

  • fixed supply charges
  • single rate tariff 24/7
  • time of use tariff (peak, shoulder, off-peak)
  • controlled load tariff – used for specific appliances
  • solar feed-in tariffs

Structuring your household or small business energy usage with GoSwitch assistance can save you hundreds of dollars annually on energy bills.

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Moving House with Simply Energy

If you are moving house, and believe a Simply Energy plan is the right one for you, allow GoSwitch to help you save money in three easy steps.

  1. Get started – Make an energy usage profile for your household or small business.
  2. Compare the deals – Use the GoSwitch price comparison service to compare Simply Energy deals.
  3. Set up and save – YourGoSwitch call centre energy expert can help you set up the new account for immediate savings.
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Comparing Plans, perks, and benefits with GoSwitch

GoSwitch will uncover lots of savings incentives and special contract features for you, including conditional discounts and guaranteed discounts.

Conditional discounts: These discounts apply when conditions are met, such as direct debit on-time bill payments.

Guaranteed discounts: These discounts apply for the entire contract term, without any additional conditions.

New gas and electricity plans can contain special energy offers, e-billing options, discounted electricity rates, solar energy incentives, rebates and a whole lot more. Simply Energy electricity and gas residential customers and small business energy customers are some of the biggest winners in the Australian energy retail market, according to Canstar Blue and Energy Made Easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Simply Energy Plans

Simply Energy is one of the best value energy suppliers in Australia. In a deregulated energy market, energy companies attract customers with a wide range of pricing incentives and special features, and Simply Energy is regularly a customer favourite for value, service, and easily understood fact sheets and plan information.

The easiest way to compare energy plans and energy rates are with the GoSwitch energy comparison tool. Simply type in your postcode to commence your search for a better deal. When you are ready to strike a new deal, a GoSwitch energy expert can assist every step of the way to maximise savings.

GoSwitch understands that every home and small business is different. That’s why we offer real-time advice and assistance to help you strike a better deal, at zero cost to you. The GoSwitch reputation is built on customer satisfaction, so it is in our best interests to find the most suitable energy plan for you.

GoSwitch helps Victorian, New South Wales, South-East Queensland, and South Australian people every day find better energy deals. Our powerful search engine investigates the best deals of highly regarded energy retailers such as AGL, Energy Australia, and Simply Energy, so you can make the switch with confidence.