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Comparing electricity and gas providers to find the best rates with GoSwitch is simple. Find the top energy plan and rates for your power needs. We compare electricity rates in Victoria, NSW, QLD, and SA from the leading gas and electricity providers and can even compare electricity plans with solar.

The GoSwitch Electricity Price Comparison

Compare your electricity and gas provider with GoSwitch to find lower rates and a more suited energy plan for your need. Australia’s choose us because help find:

1. Cheap plans: Our electricity price comparison tool compares some of the leading energy providers and electricity deals based on your postcode.

2. Bundle deals: Bundle electricity, gas and other energy needs together with us to find the cheapest deal available with our energy retailers.

3. Bonuses: Take advantage of bonuses for paying your bill on time to sign up bonuses that some energy plans offer to new customers.

4. Personalised plans: You may benefit from a single rate tariff supply charge, sustainable feed-in tariff, off-peak savings, gas plans, low exit fees, rebates and other competitive deals from energy retailers.

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Switch – Plan – Save

The GoSwitch comparison service locates preferred energy companies operating in your local area, so you get a personalised electricity price deal. GoSwitch is able to compare residential electricity plan prices, supply charges, special deals, and savings opportunities that meet your electricity bill preferences. It is all possible thanks to our dedicated team of professionals and our comparison engine that helps you decide on the most cost-effective electricity plan for your household.

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Electricity Pricing – What You Need To Know

We all use electricity – whether boiling the kettle or blasting the air conditioning, with government-regulated usage charges adding to your power bill. Here are some of the savings of the electricity reference price, based on single rate electricity tariffs for selected postcodes, as of December 2022. Please note, these savings are subject to change without notice.

QLD – Up to 7% off the electricity reference price
VIC – Up to 9% off the electricity reference price
NSW – Up to 10% off the electricity reference price
SA – Up to 7% off the electricity reference price

It is important to understand that the kWh price you pay is only a small percentage of your electricity bill. A larger contributor is often the fixed supply charge from your electricity distributor; a daily fee that applies regardless of how much electricity you use. With GoSwitch, you can input precise data into your energy plan comparison and take advantage of big discounts that offer genuine value.

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The difference between supply charges and usage charges

Daily supply charges are the amount you pay in order to be connected to the electricity grid. They are also called service to property charge, fixed charge or service charge, depending on your location. Daily supply charges are usually shown on your bill as a daily rate and are not based on how much energy you use.

Usage charges are charged according to the amount of electricity you use and are in addition to supply charges. It’s a good idea to weigh up usage rates and feed-in tariffs alongside daily supply charges. The GoSwitch comparison tool does it all for you, allowing you to take charge of saving money on your energy bill and getting the best possible deal electricity providers have to offer.

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Deregulation – what is it?

Deregulation is opening up the industry to independent providers and retailers. The deregulation of energy markets in Australian states and territories has resulted in fierce competition between energy retailers. There are now quite a few independent electricity retailers purchasing energy from large energy providers, then on-selling the electricity to homes and businesses.

Electricity retailers will arrange your connection to the grid, manage your billing account, and determine the price you pay for power.

Moving house – Use GoSwitch

If you are moving house, it is a good time to renegotiate your energy deal. GoSwitch compares domestic electricity usage and energy costs from major Australian energy providers. We compare the services and savings offered by well-known energy companies that include AGL, Energy Australia and Dodo.

If you’re moving to an apartment, its important to consider how gas and electric bills for an apartment may differ.

GoSwitch gives you all the information required to find a better electricity deal, for no charge whatsoever. The savings are all yours, while GoSwitch success is built on our reputation for helping regular Australians find the best possible energy plan. GoSwitch electricity comparison is available in Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, South East Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and all other Australian states.

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Compare Electricity and Gas Plans

Compare & Find the Cheapest Electricity Provider For You!

There is a lot to consider when choosing electricity plans, but the GoSwitch comparison service cuts through the chatter to locate energy retailer money-saving deals in real-time, without costing you a cent.

The GoSwitch energy comparison service will locate the best value energy price plan for you in minutes by comparing electricity retailer and usage charges, including:

  • Tariffs
  • Single rate tariff
  • Time of use
  • Controlled load
  • Demand tariff
  • Daily supply rate
  • Solar feed rebates

You may also be eligible for cashback on your energy plan, compare energy plans with cashback options with GoSwitch.

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Compare electricity plans in minutes

The GoSwitch comparison service takes less than five minutes, and it is totally free to use. You have full access to energy company pricing data and deals in an easily understood format for phone or computer. Saving on electricity bills and getting the best deal from energy retailers is important, and GoSwitch is the go-to service for guaranteed savings.

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Comparing Electricity Providers

Deregulation and competition mean energy users can now switch providers and plans whenever they want. Naturally, retailers are constantly finding new ways to entice customers with energy usage savings and electricity deals, and the GoSwitch comparison tool will help you secure the best possible deal with the electricity provider of your choice. GoSwitch can also assist with a small business electricity & gas price comparison service that will help you make an informed decision.

Switching Electricity Retailers

There is a lot of data to wade through when switching electricity retailers. Energy providers and energy plans abound, and there needs to be an energy retailer comparison service so consumers can be assured of the best possible energy deal. This is where GoSwitch comes into the picture.

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Discounts, incentives, flexibility – GoSwitch

A lot of investment and hard work has gone into making GoSwitch Australia’s leading energy comparison tool. In addition, at GoSwitch you can talk to real call centre staff who will guide you through the entire process. We are here to help select the right electricity power plan for you, so if you are looking for lower rates, ongoing discounts, one-time discounts, single-rate tariffs, solar panel rebates, flexibility or other incentives, start exploring your energy deal and power bill options with GoSwitch today.

Find the Cheapest electricity deals with GoSwitch

Energy companies and energy plans have changed markedly during the past few decades. Government regulator monopoly has given way to a deregulated Australian electricity industry where competition is fierce. Price fluctuations are a symptom of a deregulated industry, and although electricity itself isn’t necessarily cheap, there are big consumer savings to be made on new energy plans from electricity retailers.

A GoSwitch electricity comparison will confidently lead you to the best electricity deals in NSWBrisbaneGold CoastAdelaide and Melbourne all from the comfort of your own home. Get onboard with GoSwitch today, and reap saving rewards for your home or small business.

Find the cheapest electricity providers in your area with GoSwitch.

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All Your Electricity FAQs Answered

Every household is different, and there are lots of ways you can tailor your electricity plan. GoSwitch provides up to date energy comparison, price comparison, and energy deals from all major electricity retailers so you can make an informed decision. It also important to consider whether you want to pay your bills monthly or quarterly depending on your needs. GoSwitch will find the best electricity plan that suits you wherever you are in Australia.

At GoSwitch we can help you compare electricity retailers and their different deals and pricing plans on offer. It is important when comparing plan to consider the following:

Controlled load tariffs.
Fixed supply charges.
Discounts: supply and usage charges, or usage only.
Early payment discounts and late fees. Consider direct debit power bill payments.
Billing cycle and payment method.
Other fees, such as credit card charges.
Length of contract and exit fees.
Discounts for combining electricity & gas bills.
Solar feed rebates

GoSwitch can help you compare electricity rates, plans and providers in Melbourne / Victoria, Sydney / New South Wales or Sunshine CoastBrisbane / Queensland.

The GoSwitch convenient comparison tool can assist you to answer some of your questions and help you find the best plan for you.

What incentives can you offer me to stay with your company?
Are there conditions attached to the incentives?
Are the incentives for the life of the contract?
What happens when the incentive expires?
Does the discount apply to the entire bill or just a portion of electricity usage?
Which plan has the lowest usage rates and tariff rates?
Do you buy back solar panel energy into the electricity grid?
Are there time of day or time of use discounts?

Find more information on how you can reduce your gas and electricity bills with GoSwitch.

Yes, Go Switch can help you switch to one of Australia’s reputable energy providers including:

Energy Australia
Blue NRG
1st Energy
Ovo Energy

We can also help you compare new plans offered by your current provider such as Alinta Energy, Lumo Energy, Momentum, Red Energy, Simply Energy, Sumo Energy, Click Energy and Powershop, Origin Energy. Whilst GoSwitch doesn’t offer these providers on our panel of electricity and gas retailers, we can help you check if your current energy plan is competitive with other rates and plans in the market by offering a free comparison.

Learn how to switch energy bills with GoSwitch.

You can estimate energy usage of an appliance by:

1. Multiply the appliance wattage by the number of hours it is used per day
2. Divide by 1000
3. Multiply by your kWh rate

Electricity rates vary depending on what state you live in. GoSwitch can help you compare electricity providers in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and ACT.

Let GoSwitch do the energy quotes comparison for you so you can start saving on electricity bills today.