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About Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy launched their business in the UK in 2009 and rapidly became the largest independent retailer servicing over 5 million households.

Fast track to 2019 and they have entered into the Australian market with intentions of doing the same.  Their approach is simple yet effective.  Offer cheap energy plans that are carbon-free.  No longer does being environmentally friendly need to come at a premium, they offer 10% green power and 100% carbon neutral as a standard.

As well as this they make billing simple, with 12 equal monthly payments you can say goodbye to bill shock.  When you join Ovo Energy they will assess your households consumption profile and set you up with the same monthly payments so you have peace of mind knowing what to expect come the due date.

There’s plenty to like about Ovo Energy and as a preferred partner with GoSwitch, we can help you decide if making the switch to Ovo Energy is the right choice for you.  Enquire today and make the switch to Ovo Energy.

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