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Established in the UK in 2009, Ovo has grown quickly. In 2019, Ovo expanded electricity retail services to Australia, and GoSwitch can help you compare OVO energy plans with other leading electricity retailers for a better energy deal.

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About Ovo Energy

OVO is part of the new breed of electricity retailers that focus on green energy solutions. 10% of electricity delivered by OVO for household use is sourced from renewable energy generators, at no extra cost to the customer. OVO supports GreenPower, a government scheme designed to certify electricity is purchased from wind, solar, water and bioenergy sources.

Service Areas of Ovo Energy
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Comparing OVO Energy plans

OVO Energy is part of the deregulated Australian energy industry, where individual retailers set their own price structure for electricity and gas deals. In this highly competitive market, lower energy bills are the result.

GoSwitch helps you compare OVO energy plans with the offers of competing energy companies such as Energy Australia, AGL, Dodo, 1st Energy, and other market leaders. A GoSwitch price comparison search takes only a few minutes, and the results will surprise you. Find better energy deals with GoSwitch.

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Features of OVO Energy plans

Zero carbon energy plans are a major OVO focus. Customers have the option of upgrading to 100% renewable electricity plans (for a monthly fee). Your price comparison search with GoSwitch takes carbon-neutral energy into consideration along with many other factors that can include fixed and variable supply charges (tariffs), bill smoothing, and solar energy feed-in rebates.

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Energy rates with OVO Energy

When comparing OVO Energy with GoSwitch electricity and gas partners, it’s important to factor all savings opportunities into the equation. Features and incentives of energy plans can include:

  • Prices consistently below the default offer or market reference price
  • Adaptable user charges (tariffs) for peak, shoulder and off-peak times
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Zero exit fees
  • Pay on time discounts
  • Direct debit bill payment discounts
  • Bundle deals for electricity & gas
  • Smart meter convenience
  • Lots more savings uncovered in a GoSwitch energy price comparison search
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Combining OVO Gas and Electricity plans

Leading energy retailers such as Dodo, Energy Australia and OVO deliver lots of savings opportunities. Combining gas and electricity on one plan is a smart way to reap financial rewards. Most power retailers offer monthly discounts or sign-up incentives for combining energy sources. Some retailers, such as Dodo, also offer broadband internet incentives along with competitive electricity and gas supply rates for even more savings.

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Where does OVO Energy supply electricity to?

OVO recently teamed up with AGL, a leading Australian energy retailer serving Victoria, New South Wales, South-East Queensland, and South Australia. For service information regarding your postcode, simply perform a GoSwitch price comparison search to find the best offers of preferred retailers in your area.

Fixed price vs variable plans with OVO Energy

There are various types of energy plans and rates delivered by competing providers. Each company has an independent pricing structure in the deregulated market, and there are lots of opportunities for discovering cheaper energy plans for your home or small business. Your energy rates (tariffs) may include:

  • Supply charges from major distributors such as Ausgrid
  • Usage charges for the amount of power you use at your home or business
  • Single rate tariff 24/7 so there are no nasty billing surprises
  • Bill smoothing where monthly bills remain the same year-round
  • Controlled load tariff for stand-alone appliances
  • Solar energy feed-in tariffs for a carbon-neutral future
  • Cost per kWh (kilowatt hour)
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Solar power energy plans

Going Green with OVO Energy

There are plenty of incentives to lower your carbon footprint with OVO. Australian energy customers understand the importance of lowering emissions for environmental sustainability; a focus supported by OVO and GoSwitch. Your price comparison search can include:

  • OVO Energy Solar Energy initiatives
  • Smart Meter reliability without the need for paper bills
  • Carbon offsets for 100% of your electricity supply
  • Greenpower incentives such as tree planting included in your contract
  • Retailers who are making a financial investment in a greener future
  • Energy-saving strategies and ideas for your household
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Switching to OVO Energy and other energy providers

GoSwitch recommends customers check back annually to locate better energy deals. Energy prices change fast in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and regional Australian areas, and substantial savings are on offer.

GoSwitch takes every cost-saving initiative into consideration when comparing electricity and gas deals, so you can make the switch to a better deal with confidence.

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Comparing energy providers with GoSwitch

At GoSwitch, we take the stress out of energy price comparison. The entire process takes only a few minutes, and our service to you is 100% free. GoSwitch earns a commission from retailers for establishing new contracts, so it is in our best interests to locate the perfect energy deal for you. Better still, 100% of the savings are yours to keep.

Frequently Asked Questions About OVO Energy Plans

The partnership with AGL, one of Australia’s premium energy providers proves that OVO is worth considering in Vic, NSW, Qld, and beyond. Locate highly competitive energy deals using the powerful GoSwitch gas and electricity price comparison tool.

OVO offers lots of plan alternatives, each with its own pricing structure. GoSwitch is on your side to find a better energy deal for your home or business, and we only support electricity and gas retailers that provide genuine value for money.

It certainly is if you choose an electricity plan that includes peak, shoulder, and off-peak charges (tariffs). At GoSwitch, you can speak directly with a call centre energy expert who will explain exactly how much you can save with a new electricity or gas deal.

The OVO point of difference is their genuine commitment to green energy supply. If renewable energy, zero-carbon energy, lower emissions, and sustainable innovations are part of your energy usage calculations, OVO might just tick the right boxes for you.

Simply enter your postcode to get started with a GoSwitch price comparison search, and switch to a better deal today.