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EnergyAustralia has been delivering discounted electricity since 1995, and the great deals keep on coming. Compare EnergyAustralia plans, including natural gas and solar power, using the GoSwitch energy price comparison service, and start saving on energy bills today.  

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About EnergyAustralia

When it comes to discounted electricity and gas plans, a good place to start looking for savings is the percentage difference (discount) from the reference price. The bigger the discount the better, and EnergyAustralia is always near the top of the list.

As a major Australian energy retailer, EnergyAustralia provides wide-ranging energy plan options for homes and small businesses in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania. EnergyAustralia has the right plan for you.

EnergyAustralia plans include electricity, gas, or bundle electricity/gas deals for a tailored service to your home or small business. Discounted plan incentives from EnergyAustralia can include:

  • Carbon-neutral electricity
  • Costs well below the default market offer
  • Zero exit fees
  • Flexible usage rates
  • Pay-on-time discounts
  • Loads more savings, incentives, and special contract features.
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How to compare plans

If you are considering making the switch for a better electricity or gas plan, GoSwitch can help you with a plan comparison search. Here are some important factors worth considering when comparing energy plans.

  • Lower tariffs (charges) for electricity or gas supply and usage at your home or business.
  • Discounts and offers including green energy incentives.
  • A personalised energy plan or basic market offer retail contract.
  • Payment options such as direct debit to make your life easier so you never forget a bill.
  • Fees and charges that impact your electricity or gas bill.
  • Terms and conditions for taking advantage of benefit periods, conditions, and concessions.
  • Add-ons for sustainability, including solar options.
  • Additional features and benefits that GoSwitch will discover for you.
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Understanding tariffs

Tariffs are charges for the energy you use. These include daily supply charges from major regional distributors plus retailer charges specific to your postcode. Tariffs for your tailored energy plan may include:

  • Supply charges
  • Single rate tariff 24/7 (fixed rates)
  • Time of use tariffs (peak, shoulder, and off-peak)
  • Controlled load tariff used for stand-alone appliances
  • Solar feed-in tariffs
  • Renewable energy initiatives
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Working from home

More people than ever are working from home. Here are a few tips from EnergyAustralia to help you cut down energy usage and lower energy bills.

  1. Maintain a comfortable temperature by minimising air leaks and adding insulation.
  2. Use natural light as much as possible and consider switching to LED lighting.
  3. Run devices on economy mode and shut down/turn off appliances when not in use.
  4. Use economical appliances with a high star-rating to minimise energy waste.
  5. Switch to time-of-use tariffs and run appliances at off-peak times whenever possible.

Small business plans

If you are looking for a better electricity deal for your small business, search with GoSwitch to find the best available EnergyAustralia plan. As one of Australia’s biggest energy retailers, EnergyAustralia offers some of the best available deals on the market.

Allow GoSwitch to help you find plans that include money-saving variable rates, greenpower discounts on usage rates and supply charges, solar feed-in tariffs, and guaranteed discounts on the default market offer for your small business.

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Finding the right plan for you

Customers in NSW, Vic, Qld, SA and other Australian regions enjoy the advantages of a deregulated energy industry where competition is fierce. Finding the right plan is easy with GoSwitch, Australia’s favourite energy price comparison service. Locate highly competitive gas and electricity plans for your postcode in three simple steps.

  1. Make an energy usage profile for your home or small business.
  2. Use the GoSwitch price comparison service to compare deals for your postcode.
  3. A GoSwitch consultant can help you set up your new account for immediate savings, absolutely free of charge.
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Green energy

Australian energy providers are transitioning to green energy. EnergyAustralia initiatives include incentives for feed-in from solar panels, wind farm electricity generation, and carbon-neutral electricity where the energy you use can be 100% offset. Ask your GoSwitch energy expert about green energy solutions for your home or business.

Green Energy
Connect electricity when you move home

Moving House – what you need to know

EnergyAustralia takes the stress out of moving house with their ‘power on the day you move in guarantee’. With only one days’ notice, EnergyAustralia can ensure electricity and gas is connected the moment you walk in the door. If it is not, you get a $100 credit on your next bill. Ask GoSwitch about terms and conditions.

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How GoSwitch can help

With GoSwitch, your energy price comparison search results include the best available offers from some of Australia’s leading energy retailers. We provide a price comparison all in one place so you don’t have to spend hours or days investigating individual retailers.

Your GoSwitch search investigates pricing, tariffs, rebates, incentives and features that can dramatically reduce gas or electricity usage charges. Find the best available money saver plans (including GST) with GoSwitch, and make a better plan today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About EnergyAustralia Plans

The best way to compare is by using the powerful GoSwitch comparison search engine. You will find great EnergyAustralia plans along with those of other highly-regarded energy companies so you can compare plans and make the switch with confidence.

With GoSwitch, you can find out everything you need to know online so you can compare electricity providers from the comfort of your own home. You even get to speak to an energy expert who will help you fine-tune your new energy plan for maximum savings.

Every contract is different, including fixed-rate incentives. Avoid getting caught out with sudden rate hikes by using the 100% free GoSwitch service. We keep you in the loop with easily understood plan information so you can know you are making the right choice.

For starters, we can save you time and money. As a comparison site, we don’t play favourites. GoSwitch delivers the best available deals from well-known energy retailers such as EnergyAustralia, AGL, and Dodo, and the choices for a better deal are all yours.