Compare Electricity Plans in South Australia

South Australia and Adelaide are reaping the benefits of renewable energy infrastructure, solar feed-in tariffs, and other incentives, resulting in some of the lowest electricity prices in Australia. But as with any competitive market, there are always opportunities to compare providers to get a better energy deal, and that’s where GoSwitch comes into the picture.

Does Deregulation result in Cheaper Electricity?

The South Australian energy market was deregulated in 2013 with the effect being to encourage more retailers to enter the market and in turn drive competition. This deregulated system provides South Australians with the opportunity to shop around for the best provider and to switch when they find a better deal. There are several ways South Australians can continue to drive down their energy bills, these include:

  • Discounts & Incentives – A deregulated market will see retailers fighting to win your business with electricity plans that include discounts, pay on time incentives, sign up bonuses, and other money-saving opportunities.
  • Base Rates – One of the quickest ways to compare providers is to simply review and compare their base rate per kilowatt-hour compared to the default market offer from the Australian Energy Regulator. Kilowatt-hours and standing offers are not the only factor however, and you will need to include daily supply charges, usage charges, rebates, conditional discounts, benefit periods, and more to locate the right electricity or gas plan for your household.
  • Fixed or Variable Tariffs – Depending on your energy usage, you may consider the impact of a fixed or variable electricity tariff. With a fixed tariff (single rate tariff), you will pay the same rate for power at all times of the day, whereas variable tariffs (time of use tariffs) are cheaper at off-peak times. Time-of-use tariffs are a great option for households that use more power at night. You can also use controlled load tariffs for stand-alone items such as hot water cylinders.
  • Feed-In Tariffs – If you have solar panels on the roof, you can reap the rewards of solar feed-in tariffs. With feed-in tariffs, whatever solar electricity isn’t being used or stored in batteries can be sold back to the SA electricity distributor network, resulting in the cheapest electricity rates from energy retailers.
  • Review your plan – Regularly reviewing your plan to make sure you have the best electricity market or gas price deal is important. If you have been an established customer with your energy retailer for more than 12 months, or you are a new customer checking out different rates, it could be time to check your eligibility for better electricity or gas energy prices.

Why Should I Switch Energy Retailers?

SA power networks allow residential customers to choose their own energy provider and energy plan to get the best possible electricity bill or gas bill. Electricity retailers and gas providers such as Origin Energy, GloBird Energy, DODO, Alinta Energy, LUMO Energy, Simply Energy, Energy Australia, and AGL all take advantage of the deregulated market to offer a range of incentives on gas and electricity usage rates and supply charges.

Energy retailer Savings

What is a GoSwitch Price Comparison Search?

GoSwitch is a one-stop-shop for getting the best available energy deal for your postcode. The GoSwitch comparison tool thoroughly investigates the energy plan information from trusted South Australian energy retailers. The comparison service takes everything into consideration, including tariffs, rebates, special incentives, the reference price, exit fees, direct debit payment discounts, and more.

A GoSwitch energy price comparison search takes only a few minutes, plus you have the option to speak directly with a helpful GoSwitch service representative who can help with lots of advice and inspiration.

Renewable Energy in South Australia

South Australia has built renewable energy infrastructure that leads the way in Australia. With extensive solar and wind generation capacity, SA clean energy is here to stay. How your power gets generated is also a key factor when choosing your electricity retailer. Whether you are one of the nearly 80% of South Australians living in and around Adelaide or you live further afield, reviewing and switching your electricity retailer could be the best way to keep your power bills low. Find the best electricity company in Adelaide with GoSwitch.

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FAQs On SA Electricity Providers

Competition between energy retailers in a deregulated market is strong, plus South Australia has abundant natural resources to maximise the potential of alternative energies such as solar power. SA is well-placed to continue offering affordable electricity and gas to both residential and business customers.

All GoSwitch services, including the price comparison tool and customer service chat are 100% free for you to use. GoSwitch gets a commission from energy retailers for establishing new and better energy contracts, and the savings are all yours to keep.