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South Australia, with its rugged coastlines, vast deserts, mountain ranges and Adelaide, the City of Churches has set itself apart from most other Australian states as it leads the way in terms of transitioning to a renewable energy future and South Australians have in turn been enjoying some of the lowest electricity prices in Australia, but as with any competitive market, there is always an opportunity to compare and make sure you are with the best provider for your household.

Deregulation & Cheaper Electricity

The South Australian energy market was deregulated in 2013 with the effect being to encourage more retailers to enter the market and in turn drive competition. This deregulated system provides South Australians with the opportunity to shop around for the best provider and to switch when they find a better deal. There are several ways South Australian’s can continue to drive down their energy bills, these include:

  • Discounts & Incentives: A deregulated market will see retailers fighting to win your business through discounts, pay on time incentives and sign up bonus. Make the most of these bonuses to keep your bills lower.
  • Base Rates: One of the quickest ways to compare providers is to simply review and compare their base rate per kilowatt-hour. While it is a good guide it is not the only factor and a higher base rate combined with a better pay on time discount may work out to be more affordable in some cases.
  • Fixed or Variable Tariffs: Depending on how you use the power, you may consider the impact of a fixed or variable tariff. With a Fixed Tariff, you will pay the same rate for power at all times of the day, whereas Variable tariffs will generally charge a lower rate at off-peak times to spread the load and can be a great option for households that use more power at night.
  • Feed-In Tariffs: If you live in one of the many residences in South Australia with Solar Panels on the roof, feed-in tariffs, or the price that your retailer pays you for power feedback into the market from your roof panels will have a significant impact on your monthly bills
  • Review your plan: Regularly reviewing your plan to make sure you are on the best deal is essential to make sure you are taking into account all of the above. If you have been with your provider for more than 12 months its time to do a review.

Renewables in South Australia:

South Australia has shown itself to be open and progressive when it comes to renewables and has built renewable energy infrastructure that leads the way in Australia. With extensive Solar and Wind generation capacity, it is also home to the largest Tesla battery storage system in the world which has been further upgraded in 2019. How your power gets generated is also a key factor when choosing your electricity retailer.

So whether you are one of the nearly 80% of South Australians living in and around Adelaide or you are situated in one of the more remote areas in the Festival State, reviewing and switching your electricity retailer today could be the best way to keep your power bills low. Find the best electricity company in Adelaide with GoSwitch.