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Whether you are moving home, unhappy with your current provider or just shopping around, there are a lot of electricity suppliers out there, and it can get overwhelming. No matter where in Adelaide you live, everyone wants a good deal, and sometimes the energy market gets a little too convoluted, Luck for you, GoSwitch is here to help. We take a look at some of the ways you can start looking for the best electricity company for your household needs, and the steps to get there.

Start with your current plan

Your existing plan is an easy thing to share with potential providers, but it’s also a good option for you to understand exactly how your electricity prices are determined. You may also find that your current provider can offer you an alternative rate based on your household.

Understand your electricity consumption

Your average energy consumption can play a big part in what plan might be suitable for you. It’s also important to understand how this pairs with the number of people in your household. Take a look at your old bills and determine your average electricity consumption – does this change based on the season? If your bills are higher than you expect you can even use it as an opportunity to reduce your usage. If your usage is high during the summer, try alternatives to air conditioning, and take advantage of natural light and cooler nights. Look around for areas you could cut down on usage, but if you are comfortable with your usage you can use this information to compare with other providers.

Ask providers about extras

Providers want you for the long run, so they usually incentivise long term customers and customers that bundle gas and electricity. If you ask your current provider and prospects for their additional offers and discounts, you might be pleasantly surprised. Many providers also offer extras that can help with your other bills, so ask what you are eligible for.

Research your area

Not every supplier is available in your area, and prices can vary based on the region. It’s a good idea to research the market prices in your area and see what factors influence your rates. You also want to make sure you are researching providers that are actually available in your area.

Get a price breakdown

A price breakdown provides you with a detailed outline of how your rate is made up, broken into regional fees and taxes. A price breakdown gives you the detail to explore other options, as you can directly compare how each provider is calculating your rates. Compare similarities and differences and discuss with your providers.

Check on contracts

You’ll want a contract that suits your preferences. Some providers offer month-to-month contracts while others might have lock-in contracts. There are also possible exit clauses and other service fees depending on what you need. Essentially, you want to make sure the contract you are signing up for makes sense and is what you’re after.

Flexible customer services

We all know customer service is paramount, but sometimes it’s not always put into practice. Contracts will be a good indicator of customer service, but look around at reviews to see how flexible they are, as well as how useful they are. Customer support, online accounts to check on usage, flexible billing options, these are all things you’ll want to ask about.

Rebates and concession

Do you know about what rebates you’re eligible for? Low income earners qualify for certain concessions or rebates and your provider should be able to support you through applying for these.

Find out everything with one website

All the details can get a bit much, and you may find sifting through various websites exhausting. Fortunately, you don’t need to sift through numerous pages. GoSwitch helps you compare electricity companies with ease. Put in your suburb and GoSwitch will show you all of the available rates. You can then request a recommendation from one of our specialists, who’ll give you everything you need to make a conscientious decision. Try it out for yourself!

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