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Australians move often and are experienced in planning ahead when relocating. If you are relocating and looking for a new energy provider, or you want better retailer rates at your current address, it could be time to compare Origin Energy plans.

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About Origin Energy

Origin Energy is Australia’s largest energy provider, with more than 4 million residential and business customers. Origin Energy operates out of Sydney but serves almost all of Australia except Tasmania and the Northern Territory. The company is fully integrated into the generation, distribution and retailing of energy to Australian households and small businesses. Origin has recently diversified into heating, cooling and hot water solutions and is regularly updating energy plans to provide competitive rate plans.

Origin Energy aims to make electricity prices more affordable, and infrastructure smarter and sustainable. GoSwitch is proud to partner with leading Australian energy providers and retailers such as Origin, and we invite you to compare Origin electricity and gas plans with other electricity providers and energy market offers to find the best energy deal for your home and lifestyle.

Service Areas of Origin Energy

Compare Origin Energy Plans

Australians move often and are experienced in planning ahead when relocating. If you are on the move and looking for a new energy provider, or you want better retailer rates at your current address, it could be time to compare Origin Energy plans.

Origin Energy - Electricity and Gas Provider
Viewing and comparing electricity plans

How to get better electricity and gas plans

Origin Energy is well known in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and the ACT. With GoSwitch and Origin Energy, customers are offered electricity and gas usage rates well below the Australian Energy Regulator market offer. Here are three good reasons to check back periodically for Origin Energy plans.

  1. Find a better energy plan for your new home when relocating.
  2. Review your current plan’s tariffs (peak, shoulder, off-peak) for a better deal.
  3. Take advantage of incentives, discounts, and special plan features.

You may also be eligible for rebates to help with energy bills. Australian states and territories offer a range of rebates for eligible residents such as the low-income household rebate and family energy rebate. Savings can add up to hundreds of dollars annually.

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Understanding Origin Energy electricity rates

There are dozens of ways energy retailers attract new customers, and GoSwitch will put you in the picture. The first step is to understand tariffs (charges). These charges include daily supply charges from major regional distributors and usage charges overseen by energy retailers serving your postcode. Here are some ways tariffs are applied.

  • Supply charges from regional distributors
  • Single rate tariff 24/7 so you know exactly how much you will pay
  • Time of use tariff variable rates for peak, shoulder, and off-peak energy
  • Controlled load tariff for stand-alone appliances such as hot water cylinders
  • Solar feed-in tariff rates for selling energy back to the grid
  • Renewable energy initiatives for carbon-neutral energy usage

If you are considering a new contract, you should be aware of exit fees, connection fees, lock-in contracts, GST, or other charges that could influence your decision. The GoSwitch comparison service takes every plan feature into consideration before offering competitive deals, and Origin Energy is consistently in demand with Australians.

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Different Energy Products available

You can accept the NSW or Victorian Default Offer on electricity rates, but today’s electricity retailers are in the business of providing a wide range of different energy products. The right contract can offer big annual savings on power bills, making a GoSwitch search the right move for finding a better deal. Larger companies like Origin Energy are in a position to offer select energy plans for every type of Australian home or small business. Your energy rates can include:

  • Dual fuel electricity & gas bundle deals for all-in-one savings and convenience
  • Bill smoothing for reliable monthly bill payments and money management
  • Green power and Origin Solar initiatives for a more energy-efficient Australia
  • Everyday Rewards Points connected to your energy account

Residential Customers considering GoSwitch

In a deregulated energy industry, consumers can periodically review their electricity, natural gas, or LPG deal, and find a preferred retailer if necessary. If you are a residential customer considering a switch, start your search using the GoSwitch price comparison tool. Here are a few advantages of our service.

  • Compare a wide range of competitive plans in minutes.
  • Speak to a GoSwitch home support consultant about the merits of various energy offers.
  • Undertake your own search from the comfort of your own home, absolutely free of charge.
  • Allow GoSwitch to do the search for you and show you exactly where you can save.
  • Choose from deregulated energy options at rates well below the market offer.
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Energy Retailer Product Offers

The majority of your power bill consists of supply charges and usage charges. However, energy retailers advertise additional discounts and incentives as part of the package. Here you will find many savings and discounts, such as:

Conditional discounts that apply when certain conditions are met, such as on-time BPAY payments.

Guaranteed discounts that apply for some or all of the electricity deal contract term benefit period. These discounts include solar system set-up rebates and discounts.

Tailoring your Energy Plan

Choosing the right energy partner can lower your energy costs. GoSwitch will show you where you can save, and a GoSwitch energy specialist is on hand for advice and assistance whenever required. Your tailored energy plan search may include:

Renewable Energy for environmental sustainability. Origin Energy, for example, is a leading Australian green energy retailer with renewable energy plans and solar power feed-in savings.

Smart Meter advantages for home and small business energy usage. A smart meter gives real-time feedback to the user and energy company for convenient and cost-effective billing.

All Tariffs, including single rate, time-of-use, and controlled load. Find an Origin Energy plan that suits your specific needs.

Energy Rebates, including the seniors’ energy rebate, gas rebate and other concessions.

Solar power energy plans

Rates and Tariffs in each State

GoSwitch takes every savings opportunity into consideration before offering you choices from the best available deals. Origin energy customers take advantage of some of the best rates available in Australian states. GoSwitch can tailor your energy usage plan in lots of ways to accommodate your style.

Low electricity usage : Suitable for single person dwellings where most nights and weekends are spent at home, with one washer/dryer load per week.

Medium electricity usage : A good match for 2-3 people in a regular household who are at home some nights and weekends.

High electricity usage : Most suitable for busy 4+ member households where someone is usually home and electric appliances are used often.

The electricity or gas plan you choose will affect your total bill. Customers take advantage of Origin Energy incentives such as:

  • Direct debit and credit card payment options
  • Greenpower renewable energy from sustainable sources
  • Special one-time plan discounts
  • Everyday rewards plans
  • Adaptable usage and supply charges
  • Contactable and helpful customer service
  • Easily switch between Origin plans for a better deal

Choosing the best Origin Energy plan

Fast-track your search for the best Origin Energy plan using the GoSwitch energy price comparison tool. The personalised options keep coming with Origin, so you can manage energy use your way. Here are some useful tips worth considering.

Origin Energy Solar Plans – You can sell the electricity you generate as solar feed-in tariffs. If solar is connected at your address, excess power generated can help lower your electricity bills.

Natural Gas – Combine electricity and gas in a bundle deal. Save on usage charges with all-in-one power and take advantage of gas/electricity joining incentives.

Green Energy – Origin Energy is Australia’s largest green energy retailer. Consider the environment when choosing a new energy plan.

Energy Usage – As part of your price comparison search, it’s worth taking note of:

  • The type of home you live in
  • The size of your home
  • The number of permanent household residents
  • The way your home is used: quiet or busy?
  • The time of day that people are home and using appliances
  • Smart meter, natural gas, and broadband connections on site

Switch to Origin Energy online with GoSwitch

Your search should include a personalised power deal for your home and lifestyle, and this is where GoSwitch comes into the picture. GoSwitch locates new and better energy plans in real-time, absolutely free of charge. We earn a commission from energy retailers such as Origin Energy for establishing new contracts.

Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction, so it’s in the best interests of GoSwitch to find the best possible deal for you. If you are looking for a better basic plan, lower flat rates, and saver opportunities well below the reference price, you have come to the right place with GoSwitch. Explore options online for better deals in NSW, Vic, Qld, and other Australian states.

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Origin Energy Plans FAQs

GoSwitch offers an entire range of residential and small business Origin Energy plans. We take the guesswork out of price comparison and help you make an informed decision based on your energy requirements. We have the best available Origin Energy plan just for you.

Origin Energy is a Trusted Brand Award winner in 2019 and 2020 and has been an Australian favourite electricity supplier for decades. Origin Energy offers a wide range of energy plans, savings incentives, bill payment methods and sustainable solutions for a greener Australia.

Savvy shoppers use the GoSwitch comparison search engine to compare energy plans. You can save time and money with GoSwitch, and the entire switch can be performed from the comfort of home. Comparing energy plans has never been easier. Here are some simple steps for online GoSwitch price comparison.

  • Enter the postcode requiring electricity or gas connection
  • Enter if you receive feed-in tariffs from solar panels
  • State your choice for electricity, gas, or a bundle deal
  • Select your home or property type
  • Select an energy usage profile for your household

GoSwitch is Australia’s number one energy comparison site for all the right reasons. The GoSwitch search engine is used by Australians every day to save money on power bills. If your current energy plan is costing too much and you are looking for better pricing, it’s time to start your GoSwitch price comparison search.

At GoSwitch, we constantly monitor the best available energy deals from highly regarded retailers. Our winning reputation allows us to negotiate exclusive deals with Australia’s best energy suppliers, and the savings are all yours to keep. At GoSwitch, we are dedicated to finding the right electricity plan energy deal for you.