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If you are looking for a better electricity plan, it’s time to compare Blue NRG plans with other leading retailers. Secure the right electricity deal for your home or small business with GoSwitch.

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About Blue NRG

Blue NRG was founded in 2012 to deliver specialist electricity retail plans to small and medium-sized Australian businesses. Blue NRG provides electricity to businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, the ACT and South East Queensland. Blue NRG delivers a wide range of value-added products and services designed to improve energy efficiency.

Service Areas of Blue NRG
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Pricing with Blue NRG

As a proudly owned Australian business enterprise, Blue NRG understands what it takes to run a successful business. Businesses of all types choose Blue NRG for reasons that include:

  • Competitive energy plan rates
  • A friendly local team based in Melbourne
  • Consolidated bills for managing multiple business locations

In addition, Blue NRG offers a tailored energy health check for your business. GoSwitch is proud to partner with energy retailers that help you make informed product decisions for saving on energy bills.

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Business electricity plans and packages available

In a highly competitive electricity retail market, every company strives for an advantage with special deals and incentives, and Blue NRG doesn’t disappoint. If you are a small or medium-sized business looking for a better energy deal, use the powerful GoSwitch energy price comparison service to explore your options.

Along with Blue NRG, GoSwitch partners with other major electricity providers including Energy Australia, AGL, and Dodo. GoSwitch can offer you pricing options tailored for your business and postcode in Sydney, Melbourne, South-East Queensland and other GoSwitch coverage areas. Our business electricity plans and packages are among the best available, so make the switch with GoSwitch and start saving straight away.

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Solar power energy plans

Solar feed tariffs

Blue NRG provides a number of electricity plans that include the option for lowering business energy bills with solar feed-in tariffs. These plans are available in NSW, QLD, SA and VIC. To ensure you get the best available deal, you should also consider usage rates and supply charges (tariffs).

Tariffs are charges for the energy you use. These include daily supply charges from regional distributors, plus energy retailer charges specific to your business. Tariffs for a tailored energy plan may include:

  • Supply charges
  • Single rate tariff 24/7 (fixed rates)
  • Time of use tariffs (peak, shoulder, and off-peak)
  • Controlled load tariffs for stand-alone appliances
  • Solar feed-in tariffs
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Where does Blue NRG operate?

Blue NRG operates in Vic, NSW, Qld, and South Australia. Take advantage of Blue NRG business electricity deals wherever you are, and when your business is ready to expand interstate, Blue NRG can go with you for even more savings. Customers Blue NRG works with include:

  • Commercial businesses
  • Food, beverage, and retail
  • Automotive and service stations
  • Schools and not for profit organisations
  • Body corporates and accommodation
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Connect electricity when you move home

Switching or moving properties with Blue NRG

With GoSwitch, you can switch providers for better electricity prices in a few simple steps.

  1. Create an energy usage profile.
  2. Compare energy deals using the GoSwitch price comparison service.
  3. Set up your new account assisted by a GoSwitch call centre energy expert.

It really is that easy, plus the GoSwitch service is 100% free and the savings are all yours to keep.

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Other features offered by Blue NRG

The deregulated Australian energy market has resulted in intense competition between retailers. GoSwitch will undertake an energy comparison of electricity retailers and gas providers on your behalf so you can easily compare plan features and save on electricity bills. Here are some contract features worth investigating.

  • Easy payment by direct debit, credit card, e-billing, BPAY, and more
  • Online account access for additional convenience
  • Discounts off the market offer
  • Smart meter energy usage
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Call centre assistance
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What else Blue NRG offers

With Blue NRG’s My Account platform, you have access to your smart meter’s interval data.

  • Track your daily electricity usage
  • Access your historical billing, with a full breakdown of electricity costs
  • Set up alerts such as High Bill, Invoice Due Soon, Usage Report, and Phantom Power
  • Consolidate multi-business sites into a single account login
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Find out if Blue NRG is the right supplier for you

Finding the right supplier for small/medium businesses and residential customers is easy with GoSwitch. Simply enter your postcode to get your search started and locate competitive electricity rates from leading Australian energy retailers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Blue NRG Plans

Blue NRG is proudly Australian owned with a head office in Melbourne, Victoria, offering competitive electricity plans to small/medium-sized businesses.

Blue NRG is a business energy retailer servicing small to medium businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, South-East Queensland and South Australia. It is privately owned by Green Generation Pty Ltd. Find out more about Blue NRG electricity plans and rates.

The competition is fierce, and the cheapest energy provider can change month-to-month. To ensure you are getting the best available electricity deal, check back annually with GoSwitch for a price comparison search.

This will depend on your location and specific energy contract. Blue NRG offers a range of electricity contracts for small and large businesses, with plans tailored to suit your needs. Explore GoSwitch electricity rates online from the comfort of your own home.