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It’s easy to compare Newcastle energy plans with GoSwitch. Our powerful energy price comparison search engine will find the cheapest electricity from established retailers, and show you how to get a cheap plan for your home.  

Cheapest electricity rates in Newcastle

Although price is the number-one consideration, the GoSwitch service includes much more than just the cheapest electricity rates in Newcastle. Competitive energy retailers are vying for business, and GoSwitch teams up with the leading distributors and retailers to offer deals that are personalised for your household.

In addition, GoSwitch locates contract savings and incentives to fine-tune your contract for genuine price comparison. The entire GoSwitch service is 100% free, and the savings are all yours to keep when you get better electricity rates in Newcastle, Sydney, NSW, Vic, Qld, and other Australian regions. Finding the best electricity deal with GoSwitch couldn’t be easier.

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Comparing Energy Plans and Prices Online

With a deregulated energy market and retailers offering diverse energy plans, an online price comparison is the way to locate better deals. A GoSwitch search takes only a few minutes, and we deliver accurate results in real-time. You can even speak with a call centre energy expert to discuss your energy deal options and move forward with confidence.

At GoSwitch, we aim to deliver the cheapest possible energy rates for Newcastle customers. As Australia’s trusted energy price comparison service, GoSwitch has more great deals than anyone else, putting the power in your hands to save money on electricity bills.

Electricity Retailers To Look For

The energy market is highly competitive, with a lot of energy companies and electricity retailers to look out for. GoSwitch partners with the most trusted, reliable, and competitive NSW electricity retailers with a reputation for customer satisfaction. Our partners include:

  • Energy Australia
  • AGL
  • Dodo
  • 1st Energy
  • Blue NRG
  • Sumo
  • OVO
  • PowerDirect
  • Origin Energy
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Electricity usage and plan information– What to look for

It’s natural to want a better energy deal for your Newcastle home or small business. A GoSwitch search will compare electricity rates and gas plans on your behalf. Simply enter your postcode to find retailers in your area, and speak to a GoSwitch expert if you need to know about:

  • Fixed usage rates vs time-of-use rates
  • Government incentives and rebates
  • Sign-up benefit period
  • Kilowatt per hour (kW/h)
  • Lock-in contracts
  • Single rate tariffs
  • Renewable energy incentives
  • Smart meter advantages
  • Exit fees
  • Solar power feed-in tariffs
  • Direct debit pay-on-time discounts

There are many more ways to save, and GoSwitch will show you how to get a deal well below the reference price.

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Making Energy Affordable

Affordable energy is the goal, and GoSwitch is the comparison tool for genuine price comparison. As the favourite energy price comparison service in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and other regions, we have the established connections to make your switch a profitable one.

In addition, our partners include retailers with a focus on green-power initiatives, renewable energy and carbon-neutral electricity supply. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) oversees power distribution, but you can adapt energy use to suit your lifestyle with GoSwitch and make a real difference.

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Electricity Bill – What it shows you

An electricity bill consists of two main types of charges (tariffs).

Supply charges from major New South Wales electricity distribution networks such as Ausgrid.

Usage charges from your local electricity retailer. Specific usage charges are outlined in your bill.

Your electricity bill will show you details of your plan. If you are considering changing plans or retailers, it’s a good idea to compare your current electricity plan with those of competing retailers.

Different Energy Providers – what they offer

Every energy provider will claim to offer the best electricity prices and energy usage charges. However, not all contracts are created equally. That’s why GoSwitch works with major energy providers you can trust. If you are looking for the best possible off-peak rates, controlled load rates, a better pricing structure, cheaper energy bills and best offers for residential customers, GoSwitch energy providers are the first choice.

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How Go Switch can help you find a better deal

If you want to save and switch to the cheapest available rates, GoSwitch can help.

Get started by making an energy usage profile of your home or small business.

Compare deals using state-of-the-art GoSwitch comparison technology.

Set up and start saving for a smooth electricity deal transition.

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FAQs About Finding the Cheapest Electricity Plan in Newcastle

The cheapest electricity provider or retailer changes often. New energy plan features and incentives are regularly introduced, so GoSwitch recommends you check back annually to update your energy contract and ensure you are getting the best available deal.

GoSwitch partners such as Energy Australia, AGL, Dodo and 1st Energy are regularly at the top of energy price comparison lists. Choose from a GoSwitch energy provider for a good deal and more savings opportunities.

The average electricity price in Newcastle is close to 25 cents per kilowatt-hour (kW/h). At GoSwitch, we believe you can always do better than average, and we look for every opportunity to save you money. And remember, the GoSwitch service doesn’t cost a cent.

Electricity contracts generally provide options for time-of-use charges (peak, shoulder, and off-peak). You can save money by structuring electricity usage around off-peak times, for example, doing the clothes washing on weekends and showering in shoulder time. Whatever your style, GoSwitch will show you how to save with some of the cheapest electricity Newcastle has to offer.