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Victorian energy and gas prices are geared toward achieving some of the cheapest deals available. Compare plans with energy providers and retailers for gas and electricity in Victoria with GoSwitch.

Compare Gas and Electricity Plans with GoSwitch

The opportunity to save money by switching gas and electricity plans in Victoria has never been better. GoSwitch understands the equation, quickly becoming the favourite Australian energy price comparison service. With GoSwitch, you get up to the minute information about highly competitive energy plans for your postcode.

If you decide to change to a new plan, a GoSwitch energy expert can assist you every step of the way for a smooth transition. If you want to cut back on energy usage and energy bills and are ready to make a change for the better, GoSwitch is here to show you how, absolutely free of charge.

Energy and Gas Consumption

Australian homes are high consumers of electricity and gas, so every effort that can be made to reduce energy and gas consumption and annual costs is a smart move. Gas & electricity supply and distribution in Victoria are major operations involving Government and private industry.

Your energy bill contains usage charges, regulated by the government, and energy retailer charges related to your specific contract. Government usage charges are linked to your postcode but can fluctuate in line with Australian energy markets and overall electricity usage rates. Energy retailers factor in these usage rates when offering new deals, and our comparison service will help you locate highly competitive deals for your postcode.

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Gas and Electricity Pricing

The deregulated energy and electricity markets in Victoria are highly competitive industries. Retailers offer tempting deals, and energy users also have the option of accepting the Victorian Default Offer (VDO) specifically designed to protect residential customers from escalating energy prices.

It’s also worth noting that the household power (mains power) we use arrives via a massive distribution network originating in power stations. Electricity is delivered to the Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs by CitiPower, while the outer suburbs and greater Victorian regions are served by Powercor, and the ACT is served by Evoenergy.

Localised electricity distributors include OVO Energy, Jemena Energy, and GloBird Energy, while some distributors such as Ausnet connect customers to electricity, solar, and gas networks. Your energy retailer is the link for getting the best deal from distributors and governments, so it makes good sense to let GoSwitch help you choose a suitable deal.

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Gas and Electricity Charges

There is a lot to consider when comparing electricity prices and bundle deals for gas and electricity. The GoSwitch price comparison service takes you directly to highly competitive deals in real-time, allowing you to fine-tune a potential contract to your specific needs. We give you the advantage of personalising energy plans by adapting to charges that can include:

  • single rate tariff 24/7
  • time of use tariff – peak, shoulder, off-peak
  • controlled load tariff – used for specific appliances
  • bundle deal for gas & electricity
  • solar feed-in tariffs
  • supply charges
  • renewable energy surcharge
  • rebates and incentives

By structuring your household or small business energy usage with the free GoSwitch service, there is potential to save hundreds of dollars on energy bills annually.

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The Energy Pricing Structure

The cost of power in Victoria is attributed to two types of charges, daily supply charges and usage charges. Both of these charges are a factor in your power bill.

Daily Supply Charges : Governed by electricity networks. They can be influenced by the type of tariff you are paying.

Usage Charges : Determined according to the amount of electricity or gas power you use, and the way you use it. These charges are in addition to supply charges.

The pricing structure of your plan can be changed by taking advantage of usage charges and contract incentives. GoSwitch will show you how to compare the structure of gas and electricity deals in Victoria so you can make the right move at the right time.

Bundle Electricity and Gas Plans

It makes perfect sense to bundle electricity and gas plans. Close to 20% of Australian homes have both gas and electric appliances, and it’s good to have options. For example, gas advantages can include a targeted gas flame for high-heat wok cooking or instant hot water for jumping straight into the shower. Gas can even be used for refrigeration, so there is a lot to consider when personalising a home.

You may also have the opportunity to capitalise on power savings with solar panels for solar feed rebates, and it is always worth paying a little extra for environmentally sustainable energy generation such as wind power. The choices are all yours with GoSwitch, and best of all, our service to you is 100% free. We earn a commission from electricity and gas retailers for establishing new contracts, so it is in our best interests to ensure our customers can save money on a better deal.

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Terms and Conditions – what to look out for

With so much to consider, price comparison is complex. Terms and conditions can be confusing, and most of us don’t want to dedicate days to the search. Power contracts include features, incentives, and charges that affect the total bill, so GoSwitch will put you in the picture. Here are some contract features we can help improve.

  • Supply charges (time of use)
  • Usage charges (peak, shoulder, off-peak)
  • Cost per kWh (kilowatt hour)
  • Standing offers
  • Contract length
  • Payment schedule
  • Rebates
  • Exit fees

There are many more ways to tailor your new energy plan with GoSwitch, so get started with our comparison tool today.

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Understanding your Electricity and Gas Bill

The deregulated energy market in Victoria provides a competitive marketplace for major electricity retailers. Competition is strong between companies that offer discounts and incentives. However, there are also Victorian Government laws in place determining the billing information received online or in the post. A contract will include:

Contract term : Lock-in for a period of time, or no lock-in contract
Cooling off period : A 10-day window for a full refund if you change your mind
Eligibility : For example, your postcode will determine the energy providers in your area
Terms and conditions : Related to individual plans and bundle gas and electricity deals
Contract length and expiry : Contract term, exit fees, payment schedule
Incentives : Can include pay on time incentives using direct debit payments
Updates : Keep in touch online or via post with regular communication and updates

It’s not very expensive to disconnect and reconnect electricity or gas from one home to another. The entire process takes only a couple of days and can be coordinated along with your move. Adopt a new contract to suit your changing lifestyle with GoSwitch.

Making Electricity and Gas Comparisons

If you are relocating anywhere in VIC, NSW, QLD, or SA, you will come across options for gas and electricity appliances and services. It makes sense to make comparisons, particularly when both types of energy are extremely useful. The power you choose will be determined by the type of home you live in, the location of your home, and the way your home operates.

It’s also important to take your own style into consideration. For example, you can choose to pay less by using electricity at off-peak times. We make comparisons easy at GoSwitch, so you can get on with living your way.

GoSwitch Comparison Services – finding the Cheapest Retailers

With GoSwitch, there is no getting side-tracked with gimmicks. We take you straight to the best deals from highly regarded energy suppliers. Finding the cheapest retailer might be relatively easy, but finding a retailer that ticks all the right boxes for your specific household is more complex. We cut through the chatter and deliver cost-effective deals online, and you can even speak to an expert energy consultant in real-time to help you fine-tune the plan.

GoSwitch can help you in lots of ways, such as:

  • Locating a range of energy and gas providers in Victoria
  • Showing you how to switch plans and providers
  • Showing you the benefits of various plans and providers
  • Benefits of combining your gas and electricity bills
  • Locating some of the cheapest electricity and gas rates available
  • Partnering with highly regarded retailers for a confident switch
  • Locating discounts, incentives, rebates and savings associated with all plans


Viewing and comparing electricity plans

At GoSwitch, you get to factor-in GST and any other info you need to get an accurate costing. Whether you are looking for smart meter advantages, money saver opportunities, or long-term energy-saving initiatives, GoSwitch has some of the best deals available, so start exploring your energy options today!

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Gas and Electricity Plans In Victoria FAQs

There are a lot of choices, including the Victorian default offer. The GoSwitch comparison service gives you real-time access to competitive plans from leading electricity and gas retailers. Simply type in the postcode of your home, plus a little more information, and we will provide you with quotes from companies that include Energy Australia, AGL, PowerDirect, and Dodo, to name a few.

Victorian gas and electricity travels through various distribution and delivery networks on its way to homes and small businesses around the state. Apart from those mentioned above, great providers GoSwitch works with in Melbourne, Greater Victoria and Regional Australia include:

  • 1st Energy
  • BlueNRG
  • SUMO
  • OVO

Energy is generated in power stations, while natural gas is piped incredibly long distances. There are lots of distribution networks and retailers covering urban and rural Victoria. Major energy providers offer a range of incentives and discounts, and GoSwitch can help you make a money-saving gas or electricity plan change in only 5 minutes, at zero cost. Simply type in your postcode and follow the online prompts.

There are two charges associated with gas and electricity power bills in Victoria: supply charges and usage charges. There are many incentives offered for taking advantage of energy prices. A deregulated energy market means you can personalise your plan with:

  • electricity only
  • electricity and gas bundle
  • electricity/gas and solar panels
  • solar feed offsets back to the grid
  • environmentally sustainable power initiatives

If you are looking to find a more competitive energy plan, try GoSwitch today!