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The GoSwitch energy price comparison service compares the cheapest electricity rates for Victorians. Use the powerful GoSwitch search engine to compare electricity prices in Victoria and start saving on monthly power bills.

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Find and Compare the Cheapest Electricity Prices in Victoria

Whether you reside in the Melbourne metro area or in regional VIC, GoSwitch is your go-to source for finding the right energy deal. We evaluate the offers of major electricity and gas retailers, comparing them against the reference price, and include exclusive intro offers, sign-up bonuses, rebates, and much more. With GoSwitch, both residential customers and small businesses can significantly lower energy bills and create a more energy-efficient environment.

Which Provider Has the Cheapest Electricity Rates in Victoria?

In Victoria’s deregulated electricity market, energy providers are constantly innovating with new customer incentives. With a multitude of discounts, bundle deals, and special offers available, choosing the right one can be daunting. GoSwitch partners exclusively with Australia’s most reputable electricity retailers, ensuring you can trust your new energy deal. If you’re considering switching to a better contract or a new energy provider, GoSwitch is here to guide you. Consider asking these questions when discussing options with your GoSwitch energy expert:

  • Are there incentives offered by my current Victorian electricity supplier?
  • Do other suppliers/retailers offer incentives and discounts?
  • Are there conditions attached to the incentives?
  • Are the savings for the lifetime of the contract or just a portion?
  • What happens when the incentives expire?
  • Which plan offers more flexibility for Victorians?
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Comparing Popular Energy Providers in Victoria

GoSwitch partners with energy retailers that offer flexibility. The savings can add up to a significant amount annually. Check out popular GoSwitch partners that include:

Energy Australia – A major Australian energy provider for decades.

AGL – A leading energy service provider for gas, electricity, and telecommunications delivery.

Dodo – Dodo offers fully integrated electricity, gas, and internet services.

1st Energy – Highly competitive power deals in Victoria and other Australian states.

Blue NRG – Blue NRG delivers tailored small business energy services.

OVO – Launched in 2009, OVO offers 100% renewable energy as a standard.

Sumo – Streamlined and flexible plans with no lock-in contracts.

Origin – A favourite trusted energy retailer Australia-wide.

CitiPower – A key electricity distributor in Melbourne’s inner suburbs and western region.

Switch Electricity Suppliers or Compare Your Current Rate

Changes in the Victorian energy market have made new options available beyond the Victorian Government’s default market offer. Many people now use GoSwitch to find better electricity deals. Here’s why many Victorians are switching:

Moving to a New House: Get a plan that fits your new home perfectly.

The Discount Rate Expiry: It’s easy to switch providers with GoSwitch and avoid any exit fees when your current contract ends.

Bills that Keep Creeping Up: Find ways to save money and keep your energy bills low with GoSwitch’s comparison search.

A Change in Preference: Your needs matter to us. We find energy companies that match your lifestyle.

A Bad Customer Service Experience: It’s important to have a reliable energy provider. We connect you with companies you can trust.

More than 12 Months with the Same Provider: Prices change. If you’ve been with one provider for over a year, check out your options to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

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How GoSwitch Can Help You Find Some of the Cheapest Electricity Rates Available in Victoria

GoSwitch’s comparison tool is your trusted Victorian price comparison search engine. Finding cheaper electricity rates is easy and only takes three steps:

Get Started: Create a profile of your home or business’s electricity use. Record your peak and off-peak usage and the total energy used during the billing cycle.

Compare Deals: We use precise comparison technology at GoSwitch. We look through all available deals to find the best savings opportunities for you.

Set Up and Save: If you find a better electricity offer, a GoSwitch expert will help you set up the new account so you can start saving right away.

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Best Energy Deals Available in Victoria

GoSwitch tailors top electricity and gas plans to meet your specific needs. Our partners offer bundled packages that combine electricity, gas, internet, and phone services to provide even better value. Your current plan is a great baseline for comparing what other providers offer.

Monitoring your electricity use daily, weekly, monthly, and annually is a smart approach. If your energy consumption is higher than expected, it’s the right time to set up a GoSwitch energy profile. This can help you cut down on usage and find the best energy deals in Victoria. Our essential services extend beyond Victoria, with GoSwitch partners also operating in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), South Australia, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), making it easier to manage your utilities during an interstate move.

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Fixed vs Variable Rates

Electricity charges, known as tariffs, include fixed daily supply charges from regional distributors and variable usage charges from electricity retailers. Here’s how these tariffs can be tailored to your home or small business:

Single Rate Tariffs: The kilowatt-hour (kW/h) rate stays constant, regardless of the time of day.

Time of Use Tariffs: Rates vary at different times, divided into peak, shoulder, and off-peak periods, allowing you to save money by using electricity at lower-cost times.

Controlled Load Tariffs: This specific rate is ideal for standalone appliances like hot water cylinders that are metered separately, offering lower rates during certain times.

Additionally, your search for the right tariff might include exploring government incentives for renewable energy solutions like solar panels, as well as rebates that provide financial relief to pensioners and low-income households.

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Understanding Pre-paid Energy Plans

With a pre-paid energy plan, you pay for your energy usage in advance. This arrangement typically estimates your future energy consumption based on past usage or the usage patterns of similar-sized households. If you consume less power than the estimated amount, the remaining balance can be carried over to your next billing period. Pre-paid energy plans include GST and are designed to prevent unexpected high costs, or ‘bill shock’, at the end of your billing cycle.

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How To Read Your Energy Bill

Your energy bill provides detailed information, including energy usage charges and kilowatt-per-hour (kW/h) charges. Here’s a breakdown of what else you’ll find on your bill:

The Contract Term: While locking in a plan may have advantages, a no-lock-in contract might better suit your needs. GoSwitch gives you the freedom to choose the best option for you.
Cooling Off Period: Electricity retailers offer a 10-day cooling-off period, giving you the flexibility to change your mind or adjust to new circumstances without penalty.
Terms and Conditions: Contract terms can vary significantly. GoSwitch helps you navigate these to find potential savings.
Your Eligibility: This is crucial for bundling electricity and gas. Availability may vary by location, particularly for natural gas.
Incentives and Features: Your plan might include benefits like flexible contract terms, pay-on-time discounts, off-peak saver discounts, and direct debit payment discounts.
Contract Updates: The best energy retailers proactively inform you about new savings opportunities and updates to available plans.

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How Is Electricity Charged in Victoria?

Electricity in Victoria is charged by the kilowatt per hour (kW/h). Retailers adjust their standing offer kW/h usage rates to attract new customers. Alongside these rates, electricity providers offer a wide range of discounts and incentives to make their plans more appealing. Conditional discounts are granted when specific conditions are met, such as paying your bill on time. Meanwhile, guaranteed discounts are applied for the entire term of the contract without the need for fulfilling additional conditions.

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GoSwitch’s Essential Tips When Moving House

When you’re moving house, your GoSwitch call centre energy expert is ready to assist with the transition, whether you’re staying with your current retailer or switching to a new one. Here’s how GoSwitch can support your move:

  • Going green with carbon-neutral incentives
  • Investigating solar feed-in tariff savings
  • Using a smart meter for tailored energy use
  • Seeking electricity provider discounts, rebates, and incentives
  • Considering a bundled deal for your electricity and gas bills

GoSwitch can help you compare new deals with the Victorian default offer (VDO). Guaranteed savings on electricity usage make switching a smart move. What are you waiting for? Try GoSwitch today!

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FAQs about Comparing Electricity Prices in Victoria

The cheapest rates fluctuate constantly in Victoria’s competitive market. The best approach is to create a personalised plan for your postcode that fits your lifestyle. GoSwitch can help you find and compare retailers to find the perfect electricity plans.

Top-tier retailers with strong reputations often offer the best rates. GoSwitch partners exclusively with trusted companies, ensuring you find competitive rates and save on your electricity bills.

With so many providers, comparing prices can be overwhelming. GoSwitch simplifies the process, offering clear recommendations from leading electricity retailers so you can make informed choices.

Getting a better electricity deal is simple with GoSwitch’s price comparison tool. It takes just minutes, and the savings are yours to keep. Let GoSwitch streamline your electricity pricing experience.