Managing Energy Bills: Choosing Monthly or Quarterly Plans

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There are a lot of factors that you may want to consider when choosing your energy provider, and one of them is how you manage your bills. Some people prefer monthly plans to help them regularly manage their spending, while others enjoy quarterly plans that mean they don’t have to think about their bills. There are benefits to both, and it’s good to talk to your supplier about what you prefer.

Available bills

Essentially it’s the difference between 4 bills a year or 12. Most suppliers will give you both options so consider what works for you. You may prefer 4 bills but it will mean it’ll be a bigger number as opposed to 12 spread out. So if your monthly bill is $100, a quarterly bill will stack up to $300. It’s a case of whether you prefer spreading out your costs over the year, or have the ability to play in a bulk price.

It is not unheard of for some suppliers to offer annual billing, which some may prefer.

Do you have a smart meter?

If your property has a smart meter you can potentially estimate bills based on monthly usage. This is a great way to predict your spending, however this estimation may not necessarily be the exact bill you receive.

So monthly or quarterly bills can help you best manage your finances each month, but are there other ways you can better manage your energy usage? Is you are looking to save money, we have a few tips and tricks for making the most out of your bills.

Rebates and concession

Low income earners are eligible for certain concessions which can help you pay your bills on time. If you need support to pay your monthly bills, your provider should be able to assist you in applying for certain rebates.

Are there available discounts?

One thing providers like, is a multi-use customer, so if you have electricity and gas to pay, it’s a good idea to get it from the same provider. Lots of providers bundle prices in this case, so you end up saving more than if you were to split them up! You can also ask providers what discounts or extras you are eligible for, the likelihood is there is something they can find that’ll help you save.

Start reducing your usage

Are you overdoing your air conditioning during summer? Maybe you use too much gas during the cold winter nights? What about your appliances that aren’t in use?

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