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Looking for better prices on your energy? When you use comparison sites you can save plenty on your electricity and gas bills, and cashback options mean even more savings.

What is cashback?

When you consider plans you may be eligible to receive a portion cashback. This is usually the case if you choose multiple services or lengthier contracts.

How does cashback work with energy comparison?

When you choose a service, your cashback will be calculated so you are aware of what exactly you will be getting back. Once purchased customer service will give you the allocated cashback.

How to compare energy providers

We all know there are plenty of comparison sites out there, and it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one. So, when you are looking, here’s a few things to consider:

Want to compare your current plan?

If you are moving house, or interested in comparing your current plan, we can help.

Look at your current usage

Your current usage will help you gauge how much you are spending now and what options you have. Understand your household usage, number of people in your household and how much you spend each month to compare with other providers.

Look for extras and discounts

Providers want their customers long term, and because of this they’ll usually offer discounts and extras to help you make a decision. Some providers offer bundle prices when you choose gas and electricity while others may offer a discount in other ways. You should ask your current provider or prospective provider whether you are eligible for any extras.

Request a price breakdown

A price breakdown lets you investigate the details that make up your energy rate. These details are a great factor to compare with other rates, as it gives you a proper outline of what exactly you are paying for. Check on differences and similarities with other suppliers.

Look into contracts

What contracts are available with your provider? What are the payment options and exit clauses? You want a plan that works with your needs, so ask about available contracts before signing up.

Customer service and flexibility

Customer service should be a supplier’s top priority. Flexible providers focus their contracts and plans on the customer needs, so you should make sure you ask a few questions about how you can check up on your usage, how you can pay your bills and what plans best meet your current needs. Check up on reviews as well.

Rebates & concessions

If you’re a low income earner, you may be eligible for rebates or concessions. When comparing providers check out what you are eligible. A provider should be able to help support you through this process.

Overwhelmed with the details?
Take advantage of a comparison tool

Comparison platforms are designed to simplify the process of getting a good energy deal. With so many suppliers out there, it can be hard to know what to choose. Luckily, GoSwitch is equipped with energy specialist experienced in finding great energy plans. We know it can be a lot, so try with our platform to see how simple it really is.

Choosing GoSwitch

Why are people choosing GoSwitch? We focus on getting you a good deal, and stick to it.

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Start comparing with GoSwitch

We’re here when you’re moving house, changing providers or just browsing. Take a look at the available providers in your suburb and fill in your details for a comprehensive recommendation on your energy. We are here to help!