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NSW residential and business energy users expect premium service from electricity suppliers. New South Wales energy providers are up for the challenge with wide-ranging plans, and GoSwitch will help you find the best available deals.

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About New South Wales

Electricity Suppliers and Plans

In the deregulated electricity market, independent retailers and providers set their own user charges and supply charges. The GoSwitch online electricity comparison service gives you a clear picture of the best available deals, helping you make an informed decision if you are considering a new energy contract.

With GoSwitch, a complex energy price comparison takes only a few minutes and there is no obligation to change from your present electricity plan. If you find a better deal, you can switch to a better electricity supplier in NSW in 3 simple steps.

  1. Get started by making an energy usage profile for your home or small business. Include your peak and off-peak electricity use times, plus your overall billing cycle energy usage.
  2. Compare energy deals by using the GoSwitch energy price comparison service. Get fast access to energy deals that suit your needs.
  3. Set up and save by accepting a better offer. Your GoSwitch energy expert can help every step of the way, absolutely free of charge.
Service Areas of New South Wales
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Electricity suppliers providing cheap electricity rates in NSW

NSW rural, regional, and city customers have access to a number of well-known and highly regarded electricity providers. The state is also served by major energy distributors such as Ausgrid, and pricing is overseen by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). Whether you live close to the Sydney CBD, Newcastle, on the coast, or in the outback, electricity retailers are ready to shake up the market with saver rates and incentives. Some of the best electricity suppliers in NSW include:

  • Energy Australia
  • AGL
  • Dodo
  • Origin Energy
  • Powerdirect
  • Lumo Energy
  • 1st Energy
  • Ovo Energy
  • Blue NRG

Electricity providers in NSW and comparison rates

There are dozens of ways to tailor electricity and gas charges to suit your household or small business. In addition, there are lots of electricity retailers vying for small business and residential customers. With so much to consider, there is no alternative to an energy price comparison search, and Go-Switch is the go-to Australian comparison tool. During your price investigation, there are some questions worth asking.

  • Are there incentives to stay with my current NSW electricity supplier?
  • What incentives do other electricity suppliers offer?
  • Are there conditions attached?
  • Are the savings for the entire contract?
  • What happens when the contract incentives expire?
  • Which plan offers the flexibility I need?
  • Are there carbon-neutral, greenpower, and solar power options?
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Combining Gas and Electricity – Benefits of combining your plan

GoSwitch partners with leading Australian electricity providers who offer incentives for combining gas and electricity in a bundle deal. With some GoSwitch partners, you can even combine electricity + gas + broadband + home phone for additional savings.

Well-known providers of both electricity and gas in NSW include AGL, a proud energy retailer for generations of Australian families. In today’s competitive energy market, many providers offer both electricity and gas in NSW, and the choices are all yours for the best electricity and gas plans for your home or small business.

Renewable Energy – Benefits and Comparing providers

NSW is sunny most of the year, making it ideal for solar energy feed-in tariffs. Electricity suppliers buy electricity back to be used in the grid, allowing you to save money on monthly electricity bills. Australian governments also offer rebates from time to time for new solar panel customers.

GoSwitch can compare energy providers and electricity suppliers anywhere in NSW, and factor in a solar power system price comparison search. Here are some reasons customers are going solar.

  • Save on monthly bills
  • Sell electricity feed-in tariffs back to the grid
  • Solar power can be used or sold, with zero wasted energy
  • Become less reliant on the electricity grid
  • Good quality solar panels last for 25 years
  • A well-built solar system will increase your home’s resale value
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Benefits of having a Smart Meter

Smart meters are easy to install and simple to read. Your new home or rental may have a smart meter already installed. A smart meter will help you fine-tune your household electricity usage, with advantages that include:

Accurate bills – Your smart meter can send billing information directly to the retailer.

See your usage – Track energy use in real-time using ‘smart display’

No meter readings – You don’t require a service person to read your meter

See your credit – Check your credit status via the smart meter display.

Easy top-up – You can top up your credit by phone, online, or at your retailer.

Adapt your energy use – Take advantage of peak, shoulder, and off-peak electricity rates.

Understanding your Electricity Bill and Pricing

GoSwitch assistance includes locating energy contract tariffs, charges, features, and incentives that can influence your total energy bill. We help you compare your current contract with the offers of competing electricity suppliers and let you decide if you want to make the switch to a better deal. Compare electricity plans and providers in NSW with GoSwitch, and find out about:

  • Fixed rates (single rate tariff)
  • Time of use tariffs (peak, shoulder, off-peak)
  • Controlled load flat rate fees for hot water
  • Cost per kW/h New South Wales
  • Supply charges and usage charges (tariffs)
  • Energy concessions (energy rebates)
  • Pay on time discounts + flexible payment options
  • Contract length and exit fees
  • Connection/Disconnection fees

Additional ways to get a better energy deal include combining electricity & gas, ‘one-time only’ joining incentives, direct debit bill payment, and green energy initiatives for carbon-neutral sustainability. Get better energy plans from distributors, energy companies, and electricity suppliers in NSW using the free GoSwitch price comparison service.

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How GoSwitch can help you find a better deal

As Australia’s leading energy price comparison site, GoSwitch is committed to helping people get better electricity prices. We work with trusted electricity distributors and retailers so you can have confidence in your new energy contract. At GoSwitch, you can even speak with an energy expert who will assist in lots of ways, including:

  • Sharing tips for saving money on your electricity bill in NSW
  • Locating the best available NSW electricity deals
  • Helping you when switching electricity providers in NSW

You can even use the free GoSwitch search when making an interstate move to Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, or the ACT. If you are looking for a fast, convenient, and profitable comparison search tool, GoSwitch is the one for you.   

FAQs About Comparing Electricity Suppliers In NSW

There are lots of electricity retailers in the NSW distribution network, and many of them offer deals well below the default market offer. However, the best electricity supplier is the one that provides the right mix of savings and incentives for your postcode.

GoSwitch partners are specifically chosen as the best electricity providers in NSW. Our deals are consistently among the best in the business, and Australian energy consumers are the big winners.

It’s not uncommon for the cheapest electricity company to change month-to-month. The deregulated electricity market in NSW, Vic, Qld, and other Australian regions is highly competitive, so it’s worth checking back with GoSwitch periodically for cheapest electricity deals.

With so many electricity suppliers and plans to choose from, you need a powerful search tool to cut through the chatter. GoSwitch is the answer, delivering better energy deals every day, and when you make the switch with GoSwitch the savings are all yours to keep.