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About Alinta Energy

Alinta Energy is Australia’s largest energy providers, with more than 4 million customers. They are fully integrated in generation, distribution and retailing

Alinta Energy has recently diversified into energy products such as heating & cooling and hot water solutions. As well as this they are Australia’s largest green energy retailer, so make sure you consider this when choosing a new energy plan.

Alinta Energy are regularly updating their energy plans, so to ensure you are on a competitive plan, be sure to regularly compare them with other retailers in the market.

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What is an energy provider comparison?

A comparison of energy is essential as it provides insight into what you’re really paying for. Competition in the market is rising continuously, and as a consumer of electricity, choosing a cheaper package can save you a lot of money. Before making a decision, you should carefully study all the offers available in the market.

Understanding Gas and Electricity Charges

The electricity bill can be complicated without an easy guide. Summary of invoiced amounts, average unit cost, system charges: what are they? Here is a clear and simple explanation to learn how to read your electricity bill.

The electricity bill doesn’t have to be a mystery! Although it is written in a complex way, it is enough to know some simple definitions to be able to understand it. Furthermore, the billing scheme is always the same regardless of your supplier, the electricity bill doesn’t change.

It is established by the Regulatory Authority for Energy.

Why is it important to know how to read your electricity bill?

Reading your electricity bill means understanding what you are paying for and therefore how you can save money by lowering consumption or by choosing an affordable electricity rate.

When choosing an energy plan, you’ll need to consider:

Daily Energy Supply and Usage Charge

You might not be aware that many energy expenses are out of your control. For example, the daily supply charge is the fixed cost your provider charges just to supply energy to your house, every day. This charge is incurred regardless of how much energy you use. Network charges are also significant, which cover maintenance works. This can sometimes make up to 50% of your bill!

How do you use energy around your home?

Your energy usage habits will play an important role in determining which provider is right for you. You may also consider implementing new habits around saving energy, with a large focus on being efficient in your use of power. Small things like switching off lights and using cold water in the washing machine can make a huge difference when added up overall.

Solar and renewable options

The use of technologies that use renewable energies, as in the case of solar systems, are cutting-edge solutions for home energy.

The installation of a solar panel on the roof, on the balcony, or in the garden of your home, allows you to produce the energy necessary to heat the water and the interior of the house.

Not only will this save you significantly in energy bills, but you are also doing your part to reduce CO2 emissions and slow climate change. With new renewable innovations and technologies introduced each year, this is a growth industry that will become the most efficient, affordable, and safe energy solution in years to come.

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The technical aspects

One of the first elements to be evaluated when comparing energy providers is related to the power of the meter. In domestic users, this ranges from a minimum of 1.5kW to a maximum of 6kW and this power must be chosen according to the energy needs to be met. At the same time, it is also possible to choose between the type of energy used. Renewable sources, for example, may offer several advantages that should not be, especially with a view to future investment, undervalued.

In the comparison phase, the time bands of the energy tariffs must also be considered. Many suppliers offer lower prices during the night or on weekends. There is talk of monetary, bi-hourly, or multi-hourly bands. This rating depends on the number of family members and how long they spend at home. There is no absolute value, but everything must always be traced back to actual consumption.


Fees are an important factor in determining your overall energy expenses. While finding the cheapest offer is not always the key to reducing your bills, general fees do add up and are worth considering. Think about credit card processing fees, early exit fees, or late payment fees. Although many fees are unavoidable, you can reduce some by settling up your bill automatically and making sure you research the specific fees charged by each supplier.

Contract, or no?

Using a lock-in contract can give you peace of mind knowing that your energy bills will be consistent for the duration of the contract. This can be advantageous for those dealing with a strict budget. Alternatively, a no-lock in contract deal gives you the flexibility to switch whenever you choose. However, your bill will fluctuate due to changing rates. It is essential to consider this in order to make an informed choice about the best provider for you.

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Alinta Energy is aware of the growing needs of the market in terms of service quality, which is why this company is primarily aimed at customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of the services provided, establishing, documenting and keeping a Quality System updated.