Top 10 Tips to Save on Electricity

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18 April 2024 6 mins read

With the COVID-19 pandemic still keeping most Aussies inside, wallets around the country have tightened significantly. Yet just as Aussies scramble to tighten their belt, it’s quite likely that their power bill has seen a noticeable bump.

For those studying, or working remotely, this difference could even be as high as 10%. With computers, televisions, appliances, and lights all being used far more than usual. It’s no surprise more and more Aussies are looking for ways to save on their electricity.

Thankfully, there are some clear-cut ways to decrease your power usage right now and get your bill back into the budget.

Check Your Fridge

For many, the biggest draw of any household will be the appliances. The king of these will be your fridge, operating 24 hours a day to keep your food cool and fresh. Whilst many modern fridges are designed to conserve power, any fridge can develop a seal break and start sucking far more power than is normal.

A seal break refers to the seal around the fridge, or freezer, door. This long strip of rubber makes sure that once you close that door, the cold stays in. If there is a break in that seal, cold air will escape, and cause the fridge to work overtime to compensate.

You can buy a replacement seal from any home hardware, or appliance store.

Thermostat Discipline

The thermostat is something that is often set up and then forgotten about. However slowly this could be chewing up far more power than necessary. The optimal setting for your thermostat is between 18 and 21 degrees.

Cold Wash Your Clothes

Cold washing your clothes will avoid the hot water system having to heat water. A cold wash is, in most cases, just as effective as a warm one. Minus tacking a few nasty stains. By cutting out heating washing, you’ll save a nice cut on your power costs.

Close Your Doors, and Draw your Curtains

By forming the habit of closing doors to areas you are not using, and closing the curtains in colder months, you will significantly lower the stress on your internal heating. No matter if you’re using a thermostat, or a room heater, you will require less power to heat up your area, and enjoy a little relief.

Upgrade the Powerboards

If you are like most Aussies, then you have an army of power boards around your house. Many of these will be over a decade old, all stuffed away and hidden, wasting a ton of power.

Modern power boards have evolved into smart docking stations. They come with features to limit power draw, put appliances into sleep mode, and regulate the power being delivered.

All of this adds up to a noticeable saving on your quarterly power bill.

Avoid Machine Drying

If the fridge is the king of energy consumption in appliances, then drying machines are the world-class sprinters. These machines use up a massive amount of energy in a very short time.

With many Australians stuck at home, take some time to hang your clothes instead. Avoid using the drying machine if you can. Cutting out this luxury can be a pain, but in the end, you will see a drop in your quarterly bill as a reward.

Install Solar Panels

Whilst not an option for many, such as renters, for those that own their home, solar power is a massive saving. With a decent up-front cost of installation, most solar panel companies state that you will save the cost of the panels in under a year.

Whilst a solar setup will not completely remove your power bill, it will reduce it to a fraction of its previous amount. If you have the ability to invest in solar, with so many competitive businesses competing for your money, it won’t be hard to find a great deal.

Let the Sun Help you Save

Take a moment to walk around your house, and see what lights are being used. You will notice that, during the day, many of the lights you are using could be replaced with an open curtain.

So, like your mother always said: Open a curtain and let some sun in here!

Reducing the amount of time your lights are on,will directly translate to saving on your electricity. All you needed was an open curtain, and a little sun.

Compare Plans – Find a Better Deal

One sure-fire way to get savings on your power bill, is to look out to the market and find a better deal. There are a variety of tools online to help you compare the electricity plans on the market, and give you the best information to make an educated decision.

There are also a range of consultants that you can call, which will work with you to find the best plan for your needs.

Install Roof Insulation

Heat escapes through the roof, meaning that many households will run their heaters for longer to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house. A solution to this problem is to invest in good roof insulation.

By having insulation installed, you can expect to enjoy a saving of 20% on your heating and cooling costs. The investment, much like solar, is a little bit higher than some might be able to afford. Yet given some time, it pays for itself.

Are you Ready to Save?

With so many helpful methods to reduce your electricity costs, you’re now on your way to tightening that belt one extra notch. Always remember, that the best course of action is to first look for a better deal on your power, and work up from there.

Saving on power is often about the little things. With a little attention to detail, you will be surprised how low that quarterly bill can go!



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