How to Save On Energy Bills This Summer

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18 April 2024 3 mins read

There’s nothing better than sunny days, warm nights and perfect beach weather. Aussies love a good summer, but among the great weather, beach days and celebrations comes climates that might have you using a little more energy than you might normally. If you’re trying to save a few dollars on your energy bills this summer, take a look at some of GoSwitch’s top tips on saving on summer bills.

Regulate temp with curtains and windows

It’s especially tough if you are in a home where insulation might not be as ideal as you want, but take advantage of your windows and curtains to regulate indoor temperatures. Open your windows in the evening and at night to take advantage of the cooler breeze. When it’s the morning, keep curtains closed in your bedroom to maintain that cool temperature. If you’re not at home all day, keep the curtains and windows closed until you’re back in the evening.

Use a timer on your A/C

It’s always easy on hot nights for you to want to keep the air conditioning blasting all night, especially since a hot night can impact your sleep significantly. But when you do this you’ll find your energy bill jumps up pretty high. If you like the coolness when you’re drifting, keep A/C on, but then set a timer so it switches off later on at night.

Use LED lights

If you haven’t already switched out your lights to energy saving LED lights, now is the time to do it. LED lights last a lot longer than traditional globes and save on electricity.

Cleaning and maintenance of cooling

Old cooling systems can cause an upsurge in the price of your energy bills, which is why it’s always good to get maintenance scheduled yearly. It’s also important to clean your cooling system. Dust can build up and block cool air from passing, which can in turn result in the system trying a lot harder to reach the ideal temperature.

Take advantage of daylight

The great thing about summer is the extra daylight – so use it to your advantage! Keep your blinds open when it’s cooler during the evening and skip on excess usage of artificial light.

Avoid the oven on extra hot days

The hotter the home the more you’ll want to blast fans and air conditioning, so there’s no need to add extra heat to your home on the warmest of summer days. Try out some meals that don’t need to be heated, or if you need to heat anything up, consider the microwave.

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