The How, When & Why of Melbourne Electricity Comparison

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Whether you are with your particular electricity company because of an effective door to door salesperson, a catchy corporate jingle or it’s a case of “that’s who we’ve always gone with” chances are that you are not on the most effective deal for your household and are therefore paying more than you should on your electricity bills. 

While we all know that we should be comparing Electricity Providers to try to find a better deal,  knowing what you should do and actually following through with it are two very different things. GoSwitch make it easy to look for the cheapest electricity in Melbourne. 

In the past, you would have had to roll up your sleeves and wade through the numerous Electricity Providers catering to the Melbourne market. With so many different providers, each with their own promotional rates, discount rates, peak and off-peak times, cost per kilowatt-hour and pay on time discounts, you could be forgiven for thinking that it is all too much. Thankfully, there is now an easier way to compare Electricity Providers.

Now that comparison is as easy as uploading an electricity bill and answering a view basic questions, there are many reasons why it is time to review your electricity provider:

  • Moving to a new house: You will already be calling your Electricity Provider to disconnect from the previous property and connect to the new one. Why not make sure you are getting the best deal at the same time?
  • The cancellation or expiration of a discount rate: Discount rates come and go, compare to make sure you are on the best discount rate available right now.
  • Bills that keep creeping up: No one wants to pay more to their Electricity Provider than they must. Compare to get a deal that takes into account how your household uses electricity and get ahead of electricity bill shock.
  • A change in preference. Do you prefer your power company to be based in Australia? Do you have a preference for the location of customer service call centres or hours of operation? Would you prefer your electricity to be sourced partly or wholly from greener renewable energy options like solar, wind or hydroelectricity? A change in preference can be the perfect catalyst to switch.
  • A bad customer service experience: There is no need to stay with an electricity provider that doesn’t share your values or appreciate you as a customer.
  • More than 12 months with the same provider: Markets, prices and deals change all the time. If you have been with your Electricity Provider for longer than one year, it’s time to review. Comparing is simple, quick and free and can save you more than you think.
  • Combine and save: It can be a good idea to bundle your gas and electricity together in order to make extra savings. GoSwitch can help you look for the cheapest gas and electricity in Melbourne. 

Whether you own or rent your property, whether have a household or small business, whether you have solar panels or want a larger percentage of your power sourced from renewable energy sources, comparing and switching your Electricity Provider can be a simple and quick process.  Whatever the reason might be, the best time to compare your electricity provider is right now. Compare Victoria’s electricity providers today.