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Powershop is one of Australia’s largest energy providers, with a service that includes carbon-neutral plans. A GoSwitch comparison search will help you compare Powershop energy plans with the rates of other leading energy retailers.

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About Powershop

Powershop sells energy to homes and small businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, South-East Queensland, South Australia, and New Zealand. With 4 million customers in Australia, Powershop is also a leading renewable generator and carbon-neutral energy retailer. Powershop is owned by its parent company Meridian Energy and supports a renewable energy future for Australia.

Service Areas of Powershop
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Comparing Powershop Gas and Electricity plans

Using the GoSwitch energy price comparison search engine, you can investigate the rates, features, incentives and services of leading Australian energy companies. Compare Powershop deals against GoSwitch partners such as Energy Australia, AGL, and Dodo, and learn how to save money on power bills.

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Features of Powershop Plans Available

In the deregulated Australian energy industry, gas and electricity retailers strive for advantages over the competition. Plan features and pricing incentives of various plans may include:

  • Adaptable user charges (tariffs) for peak, shoulder and off-peak times
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Zero exit fees
  • Pay on time discounts
  • Direct debit discounts
  • Bundle electricity & gas deals
  • Smart meter convenience
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Energy rates with Powershop

It’s important to understand energy rates when comparing providers. For example, Powershop and other leading gas and electricity retailers deliver usage rates below the Victorian default offer reference price for guaranteed savings on energy bills. Your household or small business energy rates (tariffs) may include:

  • Supply charges from regional distributors such as Ausgrid
  • Usage charges for the amount of power you use
  • Single rate tariff 24/7
  • Controlled load tariff for stand-alone appliances
  • Solar energy feed-in tariffs
  • Cost per kWh (kilowatt hour)
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Saving by combining Powershop Gas and Electricity plans

Bundle gas/electricity deals save money. Highly regarded GoSwitch partners offer discounts for combining gas and electricity services at your home or business. Some providers also factor broadband services into the equation. In addition, all relevant information regarding energy charges and associated fees can be found on the same bill, so you are less likely to miss a gas or electricity bill payment.

Viewing and comparing electricity plans
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Where does Powershop supply electricity to in Australia

Powershop is a big player in the Australian energy retail market. Australian services include customers in Vic, NSW, SA, and South-East Qld. Powershop is an Australian energy powerhouse offering competitive rates on electricity usage.

If you want to compare your Powershop energy usage rates with the rates of other retailers, simply enter your postcode into the powerful GoSwitch search engine, and check out some of the best available rates to suit your home and lifestyle.

Fixed price vs variable plans with Powershop

An easy way to tailor your energy usage is by comparing the relative advantages of fixed price vs variable plans. With GoSwitch, you can even speak directly with a call centre energy expert. Here are a few scenarios to understand about your home energy usage before fine-tuning your new plan with our comparison tool.

Low electricity usage: Locate great energy plan options for solo persons who are home most nights and weekends, with only one washing/drying load per week.

Medium electricity usage: Find the right plan option for 2-3 people who do several loads of washing per week and are home some evenings and weekends.

High electricity usage: Secure a cost-saving plan for 4+ member households where appliances are used often and someone is usually home.

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Solar power energy plans

Powershop supporting renewable energy

Australians are moving toward renewable energy solutions as an alternative to coal-powered and hydro energy production; a move supported by Powershop and GoSwitch electricity retailers and gas providers.

Green energy solutions include solar power feed-in rebates for selling electricity back to the grid. Other initiatives include wind farms and green power offsets at no extra cost, where your entire energy usage can be countered with environmentally sustainable initiatives.

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Switching to Powershop

GoSwitch helps customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and regional areas to find better energy deal prices, including GST. The process takes only a few minutes, and the entire GoSwitch service is 100% free. Here is how to make the switch in three simple steps.

  1. Make an energy usage profile for your home or small business.
  2. Compare highly competitive deals from leading electricity and gas retailers.
  3. Fine-tune your new plan with the assistance of a GoSwitch energy expert.
Switch to a Cheaper Electricity and Gas Plan
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Tips when switching energy providers

Before committing to a switch, it’s worth asking your GoSwitch consultant a few questions.

  • Are there new incentives offered by my current energy retailer?
  • What incentives are competing retailers offering?
  • Are there conditions attached to the incentives?
  • Are the incentives available for the lifetime of the contract?
  • What changes to the contract take place when incentives expire?
  • Do the discounts apply to the entire bill or just a portion?
  • Which plan offers flexibility without unwanted fees?
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Frequently Asked Questions About Powershop Energy Plans

Energy retailer and power company prices are constantly fluctuating, including the offers delivered to Powershop customers. GoSwitch partners are chosen for reliability, service, value, and customer satisfaction. Search with GoSwitch and find value-added power saver energy plans for gas and electricity.

The cheapest energy provider changes month-to-month, as competing retailers such as AGL and Dodo come up with innovative plan strategies. That’s why GoSwitch recommends checking back annually for a comparison search to ensure your plan is the right one for your home.

Cheapest often comes with a catch, so you are better served by investigating ‘best value’ electricity and gas plans. The best plans can be tailored to suit your lifestyle, such as bundle electricity/gas deals with guaranteed savings off the reference price.

It’s as simple as a GoSwitch search. Nobody likes to pay more than they need to for electricity, and GoSwitch will show you lots of ways to save. The GoSwitch service is 100% free to use, and the savings are all yours to keep.