Finding the Best Electricity Deals in Brisbane

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Brisbane’s sunny weather is great for the weekends, but it doesn’t always make it easy to save on electricity. Air conditioning can stack up, and you don’t want your energy bill to come as a surprise every month. Fortunately, you can find a better deal if you do some shopping around. GoSwitch is here to help you find the best electricity deals available in Brisbane.

Understand your existing plan

Start with your current plan and look at what you are paying. Understand how the bills are broken down and understand your average usage. Past bills are usually what you can bring to other providers to help you make a conscientious decision. 

What’s your current electricity usage?

When you’re looking at your existing plan start comparing monthly electricity usage with the number of people in your household. This usage will help you understand how many watts you get in a dollar, and you can use this information to compare with other providers and deals. It’s also a good way to investigate whether you may be able to reduce your usage but swapping out to energy efficient light bulbs, managing usage of appliances and looking at what appliances can be switched off at the wall when not in use.

Are there extras or discounts?

Everyone loves a discount, and providers want to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Most providers will have something that separates them from the others, and they’re always happy to find an eligible plan, discount or extra that gets you the best possible deal. Ask your existing provider and ask prospective providers what is available. 

Check your region

Don’t forget, not every provider will be available in your area, so take some time to see who can service you. You might be happy with your current plan but find that it’s not available in your new suburb. Regions do have different rates, and this can impact your deal so take a look using a comparison tool what you can get.

Request a price breakdown

If you love details you may find benefit in asking for a price breakdown. This shows you exactly what is factored into your rate, and will help you compare differences and similarities with other providers. Of course, you want to have a knack for details.

Find out about contracts

Make sure you get a contract that suits your preferences, whether that’s quarterly bills, month to month or any other options available. Ask about exit clauses and any other fees to expect when you commit to a contract.

Customer service

We always recommend you take a look at how your provider approaches customer service, whether that’s by chatting with a representative or through looking at their reviews. How do they handle changes in your contract? Or fees when moving home? Can you rely on them to help you if your financial situation changes, or if you need to delay or change payment? It’s all about meeting your personal needs, that’s what great customer service is about after all.

Rebates and concessions

If you are a low income earner you may be eligible for certain rebates and concession, which will help you pay bills and keep your average spend lower. Ask your provider what is available for you.

Online platforms

Sometimes comparing providers can be a lot. And with moving and the complexities of life, sometimes you just want someone to take control of the details. Fortunately, there are comparison sites that help you get the best deals while saving you time. GoSwitch helps Brisbane households get the best possible deals on their gas and electricity.

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