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A GoSwitch price comparison search can help you find a better power deal. Compare Lumo energy plans, pricing policy and features with those of other leading energy retailers to locate savings on gas and electricity rates.

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About Lumo Energy

Lumo Energy is an extremely popular Australian energy provider with a huge customer base in Victoria and South Australia. Lumo Energy has been around for generations, yet moves with the times in offering better energy deals.

Lumo Energy electricity and gas services are reliable and affordable. You can even combine the two in a bundle deal for additional savings. Lumo offers for small business and residential customers are changing energy usage for the better.

In today’s energy market, new plans arrive often, and Lumo Energy is dedicated to updating and incentivizing energy offers that resonate with new customers. Find your ideal energy plan using the famous GoSwitch price comparison engine today.

Lumo Gas and electricity prices compare favourably in Melbourne, Adelaide, and other Southern Australian regions. It’s worth investigating retailers who offer bundle gas/electricity deals so you can take advantage of energy utility during different seasons. Lumo energy plans cover all bases with attractive tariffs, competitive pricing, renewable energy incentives, and targeted gas plans.

Service Areas of Lumo Energy
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Lumo Energy plans include

Lumo keeps energy plans transparent and easy to understand. Choose from ‘Value’ or ‘Movers’ plans to suit your personal style. These plans include:

  • no exit fees
  • cooling-off period
  • solar power incentives
  • 24/7 MyAccount
  • eBilling available

The Lumo Movers plan is particularly attractive for people who move house often. With this plan, there are no connection/disconnection fees, and no contract terms for electricity or gas.

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Lumo Electricity prices

In a deregulated energy market it’s no surprise that Lumo Electricity prices are highly competitive. Energy retailers and energy companies look for unique ways to attract customers, and lower energy prices are the aim. Victorians and South Australians are big users of energy products, and lowering energy rates is a top priority; an initiative supported by GoSwitch. Lumo Energy is a leader in small business and residential customer energy supply, with some of the best electricity rates available in Victoria and South Australia.

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Energy Market Power Lines

Lumo products and services

Lumo is an energy industry specialist, with decades of experience serving Australians. Lumo is owned by the Snowy Hydro system, one of Australia’s most successful renewable energy sources. If you are considering making the switch to Lumo, take advantage of the free GoSwitch price comparison service to ensure maximum potential savings.

It takes only a few minutes to compare Lumo with other leading Australian energy retailers, and the GoSwitch service is 100% free. Simply enter your postcode and some household information, and start comparing the hottest energy deals straight away. If you require electricity, gas, or both, Lumo is the answer.

Lumo and Natural Gas

The Australian natural gas network serves huge areas of Victoria, South Australia, NSW, Queensland, and the rest of Australia. Lumo serves South-East Australia with reliable, safe natural gas ready for cooking, heating, cooling and other uses. Approximately 20% of Australian homes have natural gas connected, so it makes sense to take advantage of bundle gas/electricity deals and receive your statement on one convenient power bill.

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Connect electricity when you move home

Moving House

Moving house can be a stressful time. There are a lot of details to consider, so it may be a good idea to start with a checklist. Consider using email in communications with service providers and government organisations so you can receive information wherever you are. Here are just a few service providers you will need to keep updated.

  • The post office
  • Banks, financial institutions, credit card companies
  • Electricity and gas providers
  • Internet and mobile phone providers
  • Government and insurance agencies
  • Schools and education facilities

It’s a good idea to plan ahead and let the various organisations know when you are moving. At this time, you can also arrange to disconnect/reconnect phone lines, internet, electricity, gas, and solar power, so everything is ready for action at your new address the day you move in.

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Payment options with Lumo

It’s all about convenience with Lumo. Take the hassle out of monthly payments with online and direct debit options. You can also use eBilling to receive your energy bills in your inbox instead of a letterbox. Here are other bill payment options available.

Direct debit: Automate payments and never forget a bill.

BPAY: Use the biller code and your reference number located on the bill.

Phone service: Lumo customers have 24/7 automated phone service.

EvenPay: Pay equal amounts in regular instalments to avoid unexpectedly high bills.

Pay by cheque: Post a cheque with Australia Post.

Pay at Australia Post: Visit your Australia Post office and pay by cash, cheque, or EFTPOS.

Centrepay: Arrange regular energy plan payments through Centrelink.

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Getting connected with a great energy deal with Lumo Energy

This is the easy part when you have GoSwitch on your side. Our price comparison search engine provides easy-to-understand information about competing plans and offers. We put the power back in your hands for tailoring the best possible energy plan with features that include:

  • Single rate tariff
  • Flexible tariffs for peak, shoulder, and off-peak energy use
  • Solar feed-in tariffs
  • Competitive usage and supply charges
  • Bundle deal gas and electricity bill
  • Electricity plans for every size household or small business
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Choosing Lumo

At GoSwitch, we believe in providing customers with all the information required for making an informed purchasing decision. We offer highly competitive energy plans from well-known retailers and stand behind our energy partners. Your choice of Lumo for Vic or SA electricity or gas is a sound one, backed by dedicated GoSwitch professionals.

GoSwitch earns a commission from energy retailers for establishing new contracts. Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction, so we naturally uncover every opportunity to save you money, at zero cost to you.

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How to find out more about Lumo

The search for a better energy plan can take days. It can be a complex, confusing waste of time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. GoSwitch takes the stress out of the energy search in real-time, delivering a range of plans to suit your needs. The entire process takes only a couple of minutes, and you can speak to a GoSwitch energy expert who will explain the Lumo product advantages and potential savings in the language you can understand.

How GoSwitch can help

The entire GoSwitch mission is to help. We perform a vital online service that helps people keep abreast of the changing energy industry and make cost-effective energy contract choices. We help by providing Australia’s best energy price comparison service absolutely free of charge. If you are tired of electricity and gas bills that take too much of your hard-earned money, allow GoSwitch to give you a little back. Helping is our business.

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FAQ’s about Lumo Energy Plans

Lumo is a highly trusted and well-respected energy supplier in Victoria and South Australia. Reliable, cheap energy is in demand and Lumo energy plans consistently shave major savings off the government standing offer.

Lump Energy is owned by Snowy Hydro. In only a little over ten years, Lumo has grown significantly, and now delivers around 2% of all Australian household and small business electricity and gas. Lumo maintains solid partnerships with electricity distributors such as Citipower, along with other major Australian gas and energy generators.

The easiest way is to use the GoSwitch price comparison service. The entire process can be performed from the comfort of home, and a GoSwitch call centre representative is on hand if you have any questions. Use the powerful search engine tool to refine your search for the best available deal and ongoing energy savings.

In a deregulated energy market, the cheapest electricity deals come and go. You will ultimately save more money with a deal tailored to your specific needs. Utilize the GoSwitch service to take advantage of savings incentives. Narrow down your search by asking yourself a few questions.

  • What type of residence is it?
  • How big is the residence?
  • How many people live there permanently?
  • Is it a quiet or busy home?
  • Is natural gas connected to the property?

If you want a better energy plan with your present retailer or are considering a new plan, make the change with GoSwitch and start saving today.