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The GoSwitch energy comparison engine allows you to compare rates and prices to find the cheapest electricity and gas in Queensland including in Sunshine Coast. If you are looking for cheaper deals than the default market offer, and want the best available provider for your home and lifestyle, make the switch with GoSwitch

Benefits Of Combining Gas And Electricity

Combining gas and electricity is an appealing idea. It makes sense to structure power bills with a single provider. With only one invoice all gas and electricity billing information is easily retrieved, with less likelihood of you missing a payment date.

Keep an eye out for sign-up discounts for combining fuel sources. Some energy providers also deliver internet services, providing an opportunity for more discounts. It’s worth understanding that the cheapest electricity retailer may not offer the cheapest gas, or vice versa. Use the GoSwitch comparison service to balance all costs find the right energy deal for you.

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Compare combined gas and electricity plans in Queensland

The energy market is deregulated in Brisbane and South-East Queensland. Electricity and gas providers compete to deliver superior energy plans for residential customers and small businesses. GoSwitch is the go-to price comparison service for all the right reasons, including:

  • Partnerships with leading Australian energy retailers
  • 5-minute online comparison for your postcode
  • Expert call centre energy professionals
  • Combined plans for perfect Queensland energy use style
  • The opportunity for big annual savings
  • 100% free service every step of the way
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Find the cheapest plans

GoSwitch can easily find some of the cheapest available energy plans for your postcode. However, the cheapest plan might not suit your home. Take the time to explore supply charges, usage rates, and time-of-use plan flexibility before making a decision. There are a lot more ways to save money by tailoring your energy usage and account, and the powerful GoSwitch engine takes only a couple of minutes to deliver real-time offers from leading electricity and gas retailers.

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Choose from a range of retailers

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) sets a reference price for retailers in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, and other parts of regional Queensland. With GoSwitch, the choices are all yours from highly-regarded Australian companies known to offer a fair deal. Here are some pricing incentives, conditional discounts, and contract types to consider.

  • Tariffs: fixed-rate, time of use, controlled load
  • Direct debit bill payment discount
  • Exit fees
  • No lock-in contract
  • Rebates
  • Sign-on incentives
  • Bundle deal incentives
  • Renewable energy green-power incentives
  • Everyday rewards

What is the Australian Energy Regulator

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) sets the default market offer (DMO) that effectively serves as a price cap for energy distributors and retailers. The DMO is a safety net for consumers, who can then choose their own electricity and gas plan with confidence. Savvy customers take advantage of the GoSwitch service to find out exactly how much can be saved annually on power bills.

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Usage Rates and charges explained

Usage rates, also called tariffs, are the way you are charged for using electricity or gas. Choosing the right tariff for you home can help reduce energy bills. Electricity tariffs include:

Single rate tariff: No peak or off-peak periods. You pay the same rate 24/7. This is a good option if you are home a lot in the evenings Monday to Friday and need to use appliances at these times.

Time of use: The price of electricity varies at different times of the day. Rates include peak, shoulder, and off-peak. This can be a good plan if you are home during the days or on weekends. You will require a smart meter to carry out time-of-use readings.

Controlled load: This is often the best solution for some appliances, such as a water heater or underfloor heating. The rate is charged specifically for individual appliance energy usage.

Demand: These tariffs are charged on top of supply and usage charges. Demand tariffs are a measure of kilowatt (kW) usage. For example, demand is high when many appliances are running at once. Retailers have different ways of charging demand tariffs, so make sure to speak with a GoSwitch energy specialist if you have any questions.

Gas tariffs: Natural gas users can expect to pay usage charges and supply charges. Usage charges are the tariffs for gas you actually use, while gas network supply charges are ongoing daily tariffs, regardless of how much gas you use.

Green Energy

Best Solar Provider Options

Governments in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales offer financial incentives for establishing domestic and small business solar power. Solar energy can also be re-sold back to the grid for feed-in tariffs. A quick search using the GoSwitch comparison tool will locate gas and electricity deals that include solar panel options and sustainable energy solutions for your area.

As the Sunshine State, Queensland is perfectly situated to lead the way with alternative energy solutions. GoSwitch can help you reduce your carbon footprint by establishing a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly energy plan for your home or business.

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GoSwitch Comparison Service Advantages

The GoSwitch comparison service will save you days of confusing and complex searching. The energy industry has been transformed with deregulation, and there and now lots of retailers offering highly competitive gas and electricity rates. Major GoSwitch advantages include:

  • Compare rates from major companies such as EnergyAustralia, AGL, Ergon, and Energex
  • Get real-time search results according to your postcode
  • Use the GoSwitch service in Qld, NSW, Vic, and other Australian states and territories
  • Speak to a real energy service professional for ideas and assistance
  • Lock in a better contract with zero fuss, online, and absolutely free
  • Start saving immediately, and appreciate lower energy bills
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Compare plans in three simple steps

Queensland, NSW, and Victorian residential customers can locate better energy prices and switch retailers for a profit, and it makes perfect sense to use the GoSwitch comparison service to find the best deal for you. We find energy plans according to your postcode in a few simple steps.

  1.  Make an Energy usage profile, including your type of dwelling, the location, the number of appliances and their use, the number of people in the household, and the use of the house. You can then use your energy usage profile to explore electricity and gas plans.
  2. Check out potential deals according to your postcode. It only takes a couple of minutes, and you can start saving straight away.
  3. Accept an offer for a better gas deal, cheapest electricity rates, or a bundle deal. If you decide to make a switch, GoSwitch can take care of business on your behalf, and the savings are all yours to keep.

GoSwitch earns a commission from energy retailers and energy distributor partners for new gas and electricity deals. Our business is built on customer satisfaction, so we explore every opportunity to get the best deal for you.

How GoSwitch can help you save on energy deals

There is potential to save monthly with a new energy deal. Retailers offer special contract features to entice new customers and retain old ones, and there are some questions worth asking to put yourself in the picture.

  • Is the discount only a sign-on incentive, or for the entire plan?
  • Are there exit fees included?
  • Can I bundle electricity, gas, and internet together?
  • Can I transfer my current plan to a new home?
  • Can I connect solar panels for feed-in tariffs?
  • Are all charges GST inclusive?
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Frequently Asked Questions About Gas and Electricity In Queensland

There are lots of Queensland energy retailers boasting the best deals and money saver features. The market is constantly changing, and that’s where a real-time GoSwitch price comparison will give you a competitive advantage.

Firstly, it’s worth understanding that the cheapest gas and electricity provider may not be the best one for you. GoSwitch partners with environmentally responsible energy distributors and retailers who focus on clean energy solutions, including EnergyAustralia, Dodo, Sumo, AGL, and other highly-regarded companies. The choices are all yours for the best possible energy deal.

The average annual electricity bill in Queensland is close to $1,240. The average gas bill is around $690 annually. Gas and electricity are competitively priced, giving customers smart options for gas, electricity, or a combination of the two.

The answer is easily discovered using the GoSwitch price comparison tool. Gas and electricity prices are a big deal for regular Australians, and saving money is a very real possibility. Your gas and electricity usage can be revamped and optimised courtesy of GoSwitch, so take advantage of our free service today and start saving straight away.