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Victorian customers compare electricity with the GoSwitch energy price comparison service. You can significantly lower energy bills by finding the cheapest electricity for your postcode, from leading electricity suppliers in Victoria.  

Compare Electricity and Gas Plans

Compare electricity plans and prices in Victoria

Victorians have a lot of electricity supplier options in the deregulated energy market. Whether you live in rural Victoria or closer to the Melbourne CBD, you will have energy provider choices to suit your household or small business. It’s easy to save money by taking advantage of the latest offers from Victorian energy suppliers.

  • Regularly review and compare your current electricity deal with other available deals.
  • If you find a more suitable electricity offering, make the switch with GoSwitch.

Cheap electricity rates Victoria

Anyone can do a comparison of energy providers and electricity prices. You can compare energy companies online from the comfort of home, and get personalised energy price comparison results for your postcode including in Melbourne. With GoSwitch, the entire process takes only five minutes, and our service to you is 100% free.

We team up with Australia’s leading energy suppliers and retailers, and the savings are all yours to keep. Cheap electricity rates in Victoria are a very real possibility.

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Electricity suppliers in Victoria and comparing plans available

The deregulated energy market is highly competitive. As a safety net, the Victorian Government provides the alternative Victorian Default Offer. However, a GoSwitch search will locate deals below the market offer from our well-known energy partners.

EnergyAustralia: A major energy provider in South-East Australia helping customers lower electricity and power bills.

AGLA company with a proud 184-year history of delivering gas, electricity, and telecommunications services.

DodoA leading Australian energy provider and major retailer fully integrated with electricity, gas, and internet services.

1st EnergyOffering great power deals in Victoria and other Australian states since 2014, with a growing customer base.

Blue NRG: Tailored energy services providing cost-effective solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

OVOOffering 100% renewable energy as standard, OVO is a carbon-neutral green energy retailer for a healthier planet.

SumoProudly Australian-owned, with a dedication to uncovering savings opportunities without lock-in contracts.

Other well-known Victorian providers and retailers include CitiPower, Powercor, and Qenergy, to name a few.

Benefits of having a Smart Meter

Smart meters are popular with Victorian homeowners. A smart meter can help fine-tune your electricity usage. Here are some advantages.

  • Accurate bills – Your Smart meter can regularly send billing information to your retailer.
  • See your usage – You can visually track energy usage in real-time.
  • No meter readings – No need to schedule an appointment with a meter reader.
  • See your credit – Check your credit balance via the smart meter display.
  • Easy top-up – Top up by phone, online, or at your local retailer.
  • Adapt your energy use – Structure energy use around peak, shoulder, and off-peak times.
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Solar power energy plans

Renewable Energy – Benefits and Comparing providers

GoSwitch gives you the opportunity to use renewable energy and make a real difference to the environment. Explore GoSwitch energy plan options and offset your carbon footprint. Solar energy is a money saver in Victoria, where there is plenty of heat and sunshine most days of the year.

We partner with retailers that pay solar energy feed-in tariffs for energy sold back to the grid. After initial setup, a solar power system will begin to pay for itself with lower monthly electricity bills. Here are some solar advantages worth considering when comparing providers.

  • Save on monthly electricity bills
  • Sell solar energy feed-in tariffs back to the grid
  • Use or sell solar energy, with zero energy wasted
  • Become less reliant on electricity network infrastructure
  • Purchase a quality solar panel system that can last for decades
  • Increase the resale value of your home
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Tips for saving money on your electricity bill in Victoria

There are lots of energy-efficient and water-wise tips for saving money around the home. In addition, modern appliances come with an energy-star rating for comparing product efficiency. You should factor in your money-saving tips when negotiating with electricity suppliers, and use the GoSwitch price comparison search to tailor the deal. Personalise your GoSwitch search in a few simple steps.

  1. Enter your postcode
  2. Enter your use of solar panels for feed-in tariffs
  3. State your preference for electricity, gas, or a bundle deal
  4. Select your home or property type
  5. Select an energy usage profile for your household

GoSwitch works in real-time to locate the best available energy plans in your area. If you’re not satisfied with your current energy provider and are considering a change, we can help you take advantage of savings incentives.

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Combining Gas and Electricity – Benefits of combining your plan

Close to 20% of Australian homes have both electricity and gas services, so a bundle electricity/gas plan can be a smart move. Energy retailers offer incentives for combining electricity, gas, internet, and home phone, and GoSwitch can make it happen.

Both electricity and gas have specific advantages. For example, natural gas shines when used for targeted gas flame, instant hot water, and home heating solutions. A bundle deal means your entire energy bill is all in one place for convenient reference and taking advantage of new deals and savings opportunities.

Compare electricity plans and providers in Victoria with GoSwitch

The cost of living in Melbourne and regional Victoria can quickly add up. It’s worth taking a few minutes to compare electricity suppliers in Victoria and investigate new incentives so you can save money. Every energy provider or electricity supplier creates their brand based on plans that can lower monthly bills, and GoSwitch partners include Australia’s most highly regarded energy suppliers such as EnergyAustralia, AGL, and Dodo. We can locate better deals and help you make the switch with confidence.

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Understanding your Electricity Bill and Pricing

You may come across some unfamiliar terms when looking at energy bills and pricing structures. A GoSwitch call centre energy expert can connect with you over the phone or online to discuss electricity bill pricing and plans for your home or small business. Information and assistance can include:

  • Understanding flat rate fees, time-of-use fees, and controlled load fees
  • 12-month contracts, no lock-in contracts, no exit fees
  • Flexible payment options + pay on time discounts
  • Supply charges and usage charges (tariffs)
  • Electricity cost per kW/h Victoria
  • Energy concessions
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The difference in Plans and what to look out for

Electricity suppliers in Victoria offer financial incentives to secure new customers and retain older customers. It’s worth taking a few minutes to ask some questions about the different plans and features.

  • Does my current Vic electricity supplier offer incentives for me to stay?
  • Do other electricity suppliers offer incentives?
  • What conditions are attached to the incentives?
  • Are the incentives for the lifetime of the contract?
  • What happens when the incentives expire?
  • Can I combine my electricity and gas bills?
  • Which plan offers greater flexibility?
  • Am I eligible for electricity or gas rebates?
  • Are there solar feed power and carbon-neutral plans available?
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How GoSwitch can help you find a better deal

There are dozens of ways customers can trim power bills in Victoria. The GoSwitch comparison tool will identify savings and cost-cutting opportunities for household or business energy. We compare the deals of highly competitive electricity distributors and electricity retailers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and other Australian states and territories.

In addition, with GoSwitch you can speak to an energy expert who will help fine-tune your new account for optimum savings. Make sure to ask about:

  • Electricity distributor electricity supply charges
  • Electricity provider incentives
  • Smart meter advantages
  • Flat rate tariffs and time-of-use tariffs (peak, shoulder, off-peak)
  • Bundle electricity + gas plans + internet + phone
  • More ways to save on your energy bill 
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Frequently asked questions about comparing electricity suppliers in Victoria

The electricity market is constantly changing, and there is no single cheapest provider in Victoria. It’s a good idea to secure a great value energy deal with a trusted retailer, and revisit your contract annually to fine-tune the contract terms, conditions, and incentives.

The easiest way to find out is with a GoSwitch energy price comparison search. We can find the best electricity rates for your household based on your postcode, user profile, and preferences such as solar energy electricity and carbon-neutral initiatives.

The cost changes constantly according to Australian and international electricity price pressures and regulator fluctuations. However, with GoSwitch you can be sure to find electricity offers that are well below the Victorian Government default offer (VDO), with the potential to save hundreds of dollars annually on power bills.

With GoSwitch, you can compare in 3 easy steps online from the comfort of your home.

  1. Make an energy usage profile for your home or small business. Include your electricity usage peak and off-peak times and overall energy usage during the billing cycle.
  2. Use the GoSwitch energy price comparison service to find great value energy deals from Victoria’s leading energy retailers.
  3. If you accept an offer, your GoSwitch call centre energy expert can help you set up the new account free of charge.

The GoSwitch service is 100% free and the savings are all yours to keep. GoSwitch earns a commission from electricity suppliers for establishing new contracts, so it is in our best interest to find great energy deals for you. Search for a better electricity or gas deal with GoSwitch today.