Electricity: Get connected.

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In the stress, rush and excitement of moving to a new house there are many activities that must be taken care of to ensure a smooth move. None of these are more important than arranging for your electricity to be connected so you have power when you first open the door to your new property.

Whether you are buying or renting, understanding the process of having the electricity connected could be the difference between a warm meal with the lights on, in front of the television on your first night or an unintentional candle-lit evening and up to several days without power.

The good news is that having the electricity connected and available on moving day is a fairly simple process, but it pays to plan and be organised. Below we detail the process to follow and expected timeframes when it comes to connecting power at your new property.

Getting Connected

Getting the power connected at your new property is a straightforward process and one that is made simpler by giving your chosen electricity provider as much notice as possible. It is suggested to contact your provider between one to two weeks from the date you will be moving in. You will need to advise some details including the new address, the date you require the connection and if you are moving to a new provider after finding a better deal, some personal details may have to be confirmed.

Tips for a successful move:

  • Give your electricity provider plenty of notice, the more the better
  • Ask for the connection to be established one day prior to moving in
  • Make sure there is clear access at your new property to the power meter, your real estate agent will be able to assist
  • Use the move as an excuse to review your electricity provider to make sure you are on the best deal for you


The timeframes to get the electricity connected vary amongst different providers, with some advertising next day connection, others requiring up to one week and the rest with a range of timeframes in between.

To ensure that you are not impacted by any unforeseen delays it pays to give your electricity provider plenty of notice. Advising your provider between one to two weeks out from the day you need the power switched on will ensure that lights work when you first arrive. While for many providers this will be more time than necessary it is better to be prepared and organised than to be without power.

If you really want to make sure everything is set to go on moving day, an additional call to your power company out to confirm everything is in order is also advised.  


While we have spoken extensively about connection its essential that you remember to have the power disconnected at your previous property. Failure to do this could mean you are paying for power at both properties for a time and receiving two bills.

The process to disconnect to also simple; contact your electricity company at least a week from when you are to move out and arrange for the disconnection to occur the day after you leave.

Summing up

Moving can be a stressful, fun and exciting time. However, a small amount of planning and organisation will ensure that not having an active electricity connection does not contribute to your stress.

Moving can also be a fresh start and while you are contacting you electricity provider to arrange connection and disconnection it can also be a great time to review and compare your current provider with the leaders in the market to make sure you are getting the best electricity deal possible for your new household.