Average Electricity Bill Sunshine Coast

The average electricity bill on the Sunshine Coast is influenced by a range of factors. Independent retailers offer highly competitive deals designed to lower your electricity bill and GoSwitch partners with the best retailers in the business.

Average Energy Bill Sunshine Coast

State Average Energy Bill (2019/20) Average Energy Bill (2022/23) % Change
SE QLD (Sunshine Coast) $1,334 $1,144 Down 14%
ACT $1,967 $2,011 Up 2%
SA $1,884 $1,680 Down 11%
NSW $1,292 $1,263 Down 2%
VIC $1,132 $960 Down 15%

Is yours an average electricity bill? - you are paying too much!

If you are paying average rates (tariffs) for electricity supply and electricity usage, there is a good chance that GoSwitch can find you a better energy deal. In the deregulated energy market in South-East Queensland, the average simply isn’t good enough. Read on to find out how you can get lower power bills in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, and other Qld regions.

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Working out the average electricity bill people are paying in the Sunshine Coast

A free GoSwitch energy price comparison search will reveal great energy deals from well-known retailers in your area. When you understand your energy usage, you can adapt with a personalised energy plan that suits your specific circumstances. In order to get a better energy deal, you should consider the number of appliances in your home, along with their age and energy efficiency. Other considerations include:

  • The number of people in your home
  • The size of your home
  • The location of your home
  • Age of residents
  • Household income
  • Home use: busy or quiet?
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What is the average electricity power bill?

The average annual electricity bill in Queensland varies, mostly according to the age of the energy user. It’s not uncommon for people aged 40-49 to pay more than $1,500 annually, while those aged 70 or over often manage to pay as little as $800 annually. Energy usage plays a huge part in overall power costs, especially when it comes to households with multiple occupants.

Queenslanders expect value for money, and there are real opportunities for business and residential customers to slash energy costs. The Australian Energy Regulator ensures a fair playing field for retailers, and GoSwitch delivers price-cutting advantages for accessing the cheapest electricity available from well-known Australian energy companies.

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Increase in electricity prices

Although electricity price increases are expected over time, there are ways to keep energy usage costs down. The energy market has changed in recent years, and customers can now undertake an independent price comparison search for the best gas and electricity deals in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and other Australian states and territories.

Competition is fierce between retailers, and there are dozens of energy plan features and incentives to consider before signing up for a new energy deal. GoSwitch can locate better deals for you, and the savings are all yours to keep.

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Going solar – does that save on your average electricity bill?

Solar energy can power a lot of household appliances, tools, lighting etc. In addition, progressive energy retailers buy electricity back as solar feed-in tariffs to be used in the grid. The Sunshine Coast is an ideal location for going solar, and GoSwitch will identify electricity providers and distributors who focus on solar energy and renewable energy as part of your cheaper electricity plan.

Solar can be an attractive finishing touch for your home. Renewable energy lowers monthly bills, and a new solar system will pay for itself over time. Here are some good reasons to consider solar power for your home.

  • Save on monthly electricity bills
  • Sell solar panel energy back to the grid
  • Use or sell solar energy with zero wastage
  • Be less reliant on the electricity grid
  • Improve the resale value of your home
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Understanding your electricity usage and your bill

Electricity plans are independently governed by electricity retailers and energy providers. Supply charges and usage rates are also affected by location and the cost of electricity supply infrastructure. Here are some basics for understanding the pricing structure, electricity usage, and your bill.

Pricing: Energy providers offer one-off promotional rates, special discount rates, peak and off-peak price rates (tariffs), rebates, cost per kW/h, and lots more incentives.

Fees & Charges: These include early cancellation fees (exit fees), late payment fees, credit card payment fees, and other penalties. GoSwitch will help you avoid unwanted costs.

Contract type: Contract incentives include a fixed-price period, zero exit fees and other features designed for your household and lifestyle.

Payment method: Options include bill smoothing to avoid unwanted bill increases. You can also choose billing frequency for paper and electronic bills, and other payment options.

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Average electricity usage kW/h

Electricity usage is measured in kW/h (kilowatts per hour). Average energy bills are an average reflection of what households pay to cover kW/h electricity costs. There are two main factors that determine the average costs:

  • Electricity Usage: Small households of 2 or 3 people typically use less energy than larger households. The amount of energy used by a property is also dependent on factors such as the energy efficiency of appliances, how often the appliances are used, and whether you have a swimming pool.
  • Electricity Prices: The kW/h price you pay for power is the other major factor influencing energy costs. A good deal on electricity will naturally result in your household getting a better energy deal.

If you’re keen to cut electricity costs and lower energy bills, the power is in your hands to find a better deal with GoSwitch.

What you need to know about energy usage

Energy usage costs are a combination of fixed daily supply charges from regional electricity distributors and variable usage charges from your local retailer. These charges, known as tariffs, can be tailored to suit your home or business, with options that include:

Single rate electricity tariffs: With a single rate tariff, the kW/h rate remains the same 24/7.

Time of use business electricity tariffs: Variable kW/h rates are applied at different times of the day. These tariffs include peak hour rates, shoulder rates and off-peak rates.

Controlled load tariffs: This rate applies to stand-alone appliances such as a hot water cylinder that can be separately metered.

In addition, Sunshine Coast and South-East Queensland electricity retailers offer a variety of discounts.

Conditional discounts: These electricity bill discounts apply when contract conditions are met, such as on-time bill payment.

Guaranteed discounts: These electricity deal discounts are applied to your contract without additional conditions.

Choosing the right energy provider, energy retailer and electricity plan can result in significantly cheaper energy costs. Make the switch to a better plan with GoSwitch.

Small business averages, rates and tariffs

Small businesses on the Sunshine Coast can also take advantage of the GoSwitch service to locate savings on supply charges and usage charges. It’s a good idea to compare recommended energy retailers with your latest energy bill to locate genuine savings.

Most retailer bills include the amount of power used, how much it costs in kW/h, and how your usage has changed over time. The powerful GoSwitch energy price comparison tool will locate savings in real-time, so you can make the switch to a better small business plan without any interruption to your business.

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Residential averages, rates and tariffs

Knowing your average energy bill rates and tariffs is a good start toward establishing a better deal for your home. It will help you determine if your bills are accurate, or if you are paying too much for household energy supply and usage.

However, GoSwitch believes ‘average’ means you are paying more than you need to. We will help you find better than average energy deals, and our service to you is totally free to use.

GoSwitch earns a commission from retailers for establishing new energy contracts. Our success is based on your satisfaction, so it is in our best interests to help you get the best available deal.

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Retailers to consider

The GoSwitch service includes partnerships with leading Australian electricity retailers with a reputation for competitive pricing, flexible deals and customer satisfaction. The GoSwitch service is available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and other states and territories, so you can take the GoSwitch service with you on an interstate move. Our highly regarded partners include:

Simply enter your postcode to find retailers for your location. The GoSwitch search engine will do the rest, and you can even speak with a GoSwitch energy consultant for tailored energy solutions that suit your home, business, and lifestyle.

Viewing and comparing electricity plans

Get your average – Compare plans with GoSwitch

At GoSwitch, we recommend that you check back annually to compare energy deals in your area. The market changes fast, with new incentives and price structures on offer. It only takes a few minutes to compare plans and get a better electricity deal, so don’t put up with an average power deal – search for a better one with GoSwitch.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Average Electricity Bill In The Sunshine Coast

Average power bills vary. However, if you want to get better than average power bills, start your search with the GoSwitch price comparison service, and find out just how much you can save annually.

This will depend on your location. Electricity costs are a combination of electricity connection, delivery and usage charges, including the development of infrastructure such as power poles and pipelines. GoSwitch will have the answer with the click of a mouse, from the comfort of your own home.

Simply enter your postcode and create an energy usage profile for your household or business. The GoSwitch comparison tool will do the rest. Our service to you is totally free, and the savings are all yours to keep.

This will depend on the nature of your household, including the number of residents and the appliances you use. Features such as a swimming pool will add to costs, while solar panels can lower costs. You can even opt to pay for carbon offsets to achieve zero-carbon electricity. The choices are all yours with GoSwitch. Check out the typical pricing structure.