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With GoSwitch, you can compare leading gas suppliers and the cheapest electricity prices in your local distribution network. Our comparison tool helps you compare rates, locate cheap deals and find a provider for some of the best plans Melbourne and regional Victoria has to offer. You can even combine electricity and gas in a single plan for added convenience. 

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How do combined gas and energy plans work?

Electricity and gas plans include daily supply charges and energy usage charges. A major advantage of combining gas and electricity bills is that you receive your entire bill on a single easy-to-understand invoice. Avoid billing confusion with a competitive electricity and gas provider, courtesy of GoSwitch.

The GoSwitch energy comparison service is a fast and convenient way to search for a cheaper energy deal. We compare discounts, savings and perks available from energy retailers, and pass the savings on to you for no additional cost.

Viewing and comparing electricity plans

Here are some major reasons Australian customers are comparing electricity and gas with GoSwitch.

1. Find a better plan: Your current energy plan may feature discounts that end after a period of time, or when your present contract ends. This is an ideal time to compare residential customer and small business offers from a number of energy retailers.
2. Explore better usage charges: Your energy bill is comprised of supply charges and usage charges. In a deregulated energy industry, these charges vary from one provider to another, so it is always worth checking for more competitive energy prices.
3. Investigate incentives and discounts: Energy companies strive to deliver the best possible deal, and special discounts and incentives can make a big difference to your yearly energy costs.

Customers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and other Australian regions are all saving money by making the switch with GoSwitch.

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How to find the best gas and electricity deal

There is a lot more than just time of day rates to consider when looking for a better electricity or gas usage rate, and the process can become complex and confusing. The GoSwitch alternative, on the other hand, takes only a few minutes of your time from the comfort of your own home. We do the math for you and you can speak to one of our customer service professionals who will guide you through the entire process. It really is that easy, and our service is 100% free to use.

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The gas and electricity market in Melbourne

Melbourne is a major metropolis, so it is no surprise that leading energy retailers such as Energy Australia, AGL and Dodo offer some of the best deals available. When reviewing energy plans, it’s worth investigating the offers of major brands with a history of customer satisfaction.

Natural gas provides close to a quarter of energy needs in Australia, and there is no doubting the performance advantages of certain gas appliances, so now could be the right time to search for gas and electricity energy providers who are committed to giving you a better deal.

How to compare the cheapest gas and electricity plans in Melbourne

Electricity retailers attract new customers and retain current customers in lots of ways. If you have been with the same company for more than a year, or your present contract is about to end, it’s time to contact GoSwitch to establish the new deal you deserve.

Here are some pricing considerations we investigate on your behalf:

Tariffs: These are the various ways electricity and gas retailers charge customers for consuming power. Tariffs include:

  • Single rate tariffs that remain the same 24/7 regardless of how much power you use
  • Time-of-use tariffs that change during peak, off-peak, and shoulder times
  • Controlled load tariffs mostly applicable to specific appliances such as a hot water cylinder
  • Feed-in tariffs that deliver savings by selling solar power energy back to the grid

Rebates: Save even more money on power bills with energy efficiency incentives, renewable power incentives, solar energy incentives and more. With the right electricity and gas deal, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars annually.

Energy market deals: Your total bill is a combination of fixed distribution charges from energy distributors, plus charges from your chosen energy retailer. The electricity you use is measured in Kilowatt-hours (kWh). Gas and electricity providers in VIC, NSW, and other Australian regions deliver savings in lots of ways, including:

  •  Discounted and competitive supply and usage charges
  •  Incentives and bonuses for switching plans
  •  Discounts for combining electricity and gas plans
  •  Early payment discounts
  •  Direct debit payment discounts
  •  Renewable energy alternatives
  •  Other special terms and conditions

If you are on the lookout for a better gas or electricity deal in Melbourne or regional VIC or wish to combine both gas and electricity on one easy-to-understand bill, get started today with the handy GoSwitch comparison service.

What about all the different providers in Melbourne

The deregulated energy industry is highly competitive in Melbourne, with every provider looking for an advantage. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) works to keep prices fair for Melbourne consumers by regulating electricity networks and gas pipelines. The Victorian Government also provides the option of the Victorian Default Offer that is reset every year to offer a fair deal to Victorian energy users. This default offer is also known as the Standing Offer.

Alternatively, you can negotiate a more flexible market offer by switching retailers or establishing a better plan with your present electricity and gas providers. At GoSwitch, we put the power back in your hands to find the right deal for your household and lifestyle.

Along with investigating many ways to save money, we also highlight areas where you may possibly be asked to pay extra, such as:

  • Early exit fees
  • Late payment fees
  • Credit card payment fees
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Tips when comparing retailers in Melbourne

Here are some important tips and strategies for personalising plans with Melbourne electricity and gas retailers to ensure you get a highly competitive deal.

  1. Review your current plan: If you are considering a change of energy provider, make sure you take exit fees from your current plan into consideration. Review any short-term and long-term incentives included in your plan so you can make a realistic price comparison.
  2. Pay outstanding bills: You will need to clear outstanding debts or overdue payments before you can switch energy retailers. This doesn’t include your current billing cycle.
  3. Tailor your plan: You can personalise an electricity and gas plan to meet your specific needs. Things to take into consideration include your postcode, the type of residence you live in and the number of people in your household.
  4. Compare energy bills: If there have been no major changes in your household, you should be able to estimate potential electricity and gas usage by comparing bills from the previous year. This will include seasonal influences on your energy use.
  5. Compare energy plans: The GoSwitch energy comparison service will help you select a competitive energy deal that suits your style. GoSwitch makes energy price comparison easy, saving you a lot of time, and potentially shaving hundreds of dollars off your electricity and gas bills.

  1. Consider a smart meter: A smart meter is an electronic device for monitoring power usage at your home or small business. Here are some smart meter advantages:
  •  You will receive accurate energy usage billing information
  •  You can monitor your usage with a smart display that delivers real-time updates
  •  The information is sent digitally, without the need for anyone to read your meter
  •  Information displayed can include remaining credit and credit balance alerts
  •  An additional option for topping up credit in real-time

GoSwitch can help you look for the cheapest gas and electricity rates for your postcode. Our price comparison service takes only a few minutes, and you get to speak with an energy specialist who can guide you through the tariffs and incentives to help you maximise gas and electricity usage savings. We know what you need to know when switching gas and electricity services, so don’t hesitate to contact GoSwitch when you are ready to make a change for the better.

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Your Cheapest Electricity and Gas Provider Melbourne Questions Answered

Cheapest doesn’t always translate to the best in the energy industry, but GoSwitch will help you find the right electricity provider for you and your family. We offer enticing power deals from leading electricity and gas providers Australia-wide, including Melbourne, Sydney, and other major Australian cities and regional centres. Explore your options with GoSwitch and start saving today.

Certain aspects of your deal will be governed by your postcode. You should also understand the differences between energy distributors such as AusNet and Citypower, along with retailers that include Energy Australia and AGL, as your total bill is a combination of distributor and retailer charges. Avoid confusion or delays by allowing GoSwitch to perform the calculations for you, 100% free of charge.

Nobody likes to spend more than they have to, and in an energy-driven environment, savings can make a huge difference. In a deregulated energy market, it is not uncommon for savvy consumers to switch gas and electricity suppliers at the end of the contract timeframe in order to capitalize on savings incentives. With GoSwitch guiding you every step of the way, it makes perfect sense.

There are numerous ways you can save by switching plans. GoSwitch receives a commission for establishing new deals or negotiating a better deal with your current energy provider. We are in the business of saving you money. Melbourne and regional Victorian customers are the big winners in a deregulated market, so what are you waiting for; get in touch with GoSwitch and appreciate a new stress-free energy plan tailored just for you.